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CSN cameras catch David Murphy trying to mack on Amy Fadool
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A few minutes prior to the big announcement that Joe Blanton was signed to a 3-year, $24 million contract extension, CSNPhilly went LIVE! to the press area where some of the reporters were scrambling to get a front row seat for the big event.

Notice I said some.

Others, like… uh I dunno, DAVID MURPHY OF THE DAILY NEWS (pictured in the hooded sweatshirt) were hanging out in the back of the room chatting it up with CSN’s Amy Fadool (on the right) and her unknown friend, who I can’t identify at this time but is probably just as hot as Amy.  Now I’m no body language expert, but from the looks of it, there ain’t no baseball talk going on there.

If I know Dave (which I don’t), he was probably talking about his fancy sportscar(s), celebrity friends, and penthouse apartment in Center City (which he may or may not have).  And if that didn’t impress the ladies, Murphy also showed off his superior reporting skills when he took charge and asked the first question of the press conference.  If I remember correctly, it was something about how Joe feels with the security of a multi-year deal, but that isn’t the point.  Women love a man that takes charge.  (I read that before)

So Dave, next time there’s a presser at The Bank, be careful when those cameras come on because there might just be a creepy blogger watching who has nothing better to do than take the screen shot and call you out on your flirtatious behavior.

UPDATE! The girl sitting next to Amy has been identified as booking producer for CSN, Colleen Wolfe. Who is, as predicted, also hot.

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  • Crane Kick

    Fantastic stuff.

  • Amanda

    I’m interested to see how this will effect the beat-off.

  • Lil’ Dave Murphy

    The other young lady appears to be Colleen Wolfe who is a producer at Comcast.

  • Lil’ Dave Murphy

    And Murph has no shot at either one of them. Not to say he doesn’t have game, compared to the rest of the beat which has no game at all, but not major league stuff like these young ladies.

  • will.H

    haha i saw this and knew one of you fools saw it too. I think even Barkann acknowledged it and told him to turn around.

    but, i really dont think that woman is amy fadool and neither is the one on the left

  • dlhunter

    andy martino’s hat has no comment.

  • Lil’ Dave Murphy

    Murph should have worn his Fonzi jacket

  • DaveTheSnake

    No one rejects DA HIGH CHEESE!

  • Shay Roddy

    This is in the running for my favorite Fightins post of all time. Don’t know why, just can’t stop laughing.

  • will.H

    and check out the guy in the front row taking a x4000 picture of the backdrop

  • joe wade

    do you blame the guy? i’d be attempting to mack on Fadool too.

    … and when i say “mack”, i mean have a conversation like this:
    “hey, Amy”
    “uh… do I know you?”
    “um, no but…”
    “yeah let’s keep it that way”


  • Lil’ Dave Murphy

    Is that Lauber in the front and if it is, who the heck is he tryin’ to mack on or better yet “Phill-In?”

  • Sundar

    HAHA! @

    Apparently Wolfe aka “Unkown Girl” reads the Fightins

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    That Colleen chick is giving me butterflies in my peter.

  • spacecoyote

    Excellent post… exponentially better now that we know she reads The Fightins. It’s stuff like this that will sustain us ’til Clearwater.

  • Scary Stalker Guy (apparently)

    Colleen’s Facebook pictures are awesome too… just sayin…

  • muscles

    Well maybe you should play it up to the camera a little more like your sidekick over there and you wouldn’t be unknown girl!

  • Watrick

    I met a guy that went out with Amy Fadol back when she was in Lexington. He’s no looker, either. It could happen.

  • fuck the mets

    It’s like watching Ryan Madson try to throw a two strike fastball. (Hey, doesn’t Cheesy kinda look like Madson in this shot?)

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    that’s exactly what i would do if i were in david murphy’s seat.

  • Adam Eaton

    Good luck. I didn’t know 1987 Honda Hatchback’s, Studio Apartments in Manayunk, and my boy Asher Roth counted as Sports Cars, Penthouses in Center City, and Celebrities. If I woulda know that, I totally woulda scored with that Amy chick! Fuck!

  • themajor

    throwing it out there… dibbs? that works right?

  • Jdashdog

    Colleen is a cutie. Me likey!

  • Crane Kick

    Colleen Wolfe is the reason High Cheese started spiking his hair again.

  • Tim

    They say that blogs can’t do original reporting and just process the news, but here we have proof to the contrary. That’s some excellent journalism skills. You not only uncovered the story, but you dug deeper to discover the identity of the unknown friend and confirmed, through independent and reliable sources, her attractiveness. Outstanding!

  • Amandah

    Dave totally squirted all over my tramp stamp last summer when I specifically said “Get it anywhere but on the butterfly”. Dammit, he just doesn’t follow directions with his erections.

  • bigmyc

    If Murphy was really gonna come at ’em like some power playa, he shoulda cleaned up a wee bit more. He might have some game, but he’s comin’ across like some hormoned up frat boy. That stuff doen’t work with the profemmes. They wanna see a little clout to go with the spout.

  • Jdashdog

    @bigmyc, where does a virgin like yourself get such information?

  • heyooo

    i think the girl your talking about is Meredith Marakovits, not Amy Fadool..


    That’s Amy Fadool, fool! It’s been verified and shit.

  • Crane Kick

    Meredith Maroavitzchsztztz can come hang out too she’s dope

  • will.H

    i think its tyler walker

  • Linds

    I went to LaSalle with Marakovitz. That lady (Fadool) is way too short to be Meredith.

  • DP

    This is the second best post ever. Voting for ballgirl post was #1. Shit, they had to close the boards. We need more of this type of news more often. BTW, +1 for Amy Fadool. Why does Barkan have to be a cockblocker?!

  • bigmyc

    Heh heh, Jdashdog. You miss what we had, huh?

    Well, I will return in kind;

    I get my information from cable programming that is deeply rooted in reality like Deperate Housewives and Californication and all that shit.

    If you weren’t too busy whippin’ your bean and draining your scrotius minimus to that stuff, you’d know what I know.

  • Amandah

    I also think that blonde is Meredith Marakovits. I’m a ballgirl-wanna-be and I’d love to chomp on her meat-curtains. Meredith is dirty, dirty hot.

  • Joe D

    Marakovitz is hot as all hell and I guarantee Foley and Michael Bradley were let go because they groped the hell out of her.

  • Wes Chamber-Maid

    Either way, I would love for a blonde, any blonde, to chew on my meat-chord this weekend.

  • Phylan

    Yo tug, this should get him bonus points in the beat-off

  • fuck the mets

    tough to count this in beat-off. don’t know for sure if it was 1, 2, or none.

  • HS

    meredith looks like a man.

  • bigmyc

    Murphy is turned the wrong way.

    Critical error #1.

  • Honey’s

    I think Murph still lives in Northern Liberties, and he parks like an asshole

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