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Cole Hamels Wears Police Vest On TV, Is Incredibly Pleased With Self
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In the third inning, during Mick Billmeyer’s chat with the booth, Cole Hamels donned the fluorescent vest of one of Boston’s finest in the dugout and tried – unsuccessfully – to keep a stoic look while standing behind Billmeyer. Evidentally, it’s the funniest idea he’s ever had.

hamels vest 3

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  • morandiiiniii

    He is trying to make a statement about how to provide “run support”.

  • Sergr

    He must have heard LA on the radio today saying they need to loosen up

  • Gothapotamus

    I thought Mick was bound to get a hot foot with Hamels creeping around like that.

  • Wheels on the Bus

    If he wanted a gimmick, he should have kept the mustache

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