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Chase Utley scheduled to have an MRI on right thumb tomorrow
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According to Michael Barkann on CSNPhilly’s postgame live, Chase Utley will receive an MRI on his right thumb tomorrow afternoon. Utley suffered the injury sliding into 2nd base in the 4th inning when he was thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double. He stayed in the game, but was pinch-hit for in the 9th inning by Dane Sardinha.

Dear Lord, please say there is nothing wrong with Chase’s thumb. He kinda needs it.

[Watch the play here]

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  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    Mark Grudzielanek.

  • Swift

    Yeah, that sure would suck hard balls now wouldn’t it?

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Heyward’s got an MRI on his thumb too, guys!

  • TonyIsDynamic


  • dlhunter

    It’s ok guys, we’ve got plenty of options at second. Namely, Juan Castro. Or an empty oil drum. Flip a coin.

  • dlhunter

    I almost forgot, this guy comes with the oil drum:

  • Adam Eaton

    I heard Cliff Lee COULD play second base if we needed him to. Thanks a-fuckin’-lot Ruben. Way to ruin the season.

  • will.H

    i say sprained ligament, if he tore it the hand probably would have swelled to the size of an egg. i’ve sprained/torn ligaments in my thumb, that’s easily 2-4 weeks shut the fuck down, maybe 6 weeks back on the field, depending on the degree. Not to mention surgery is a possiblity. Just a guess. ah nuts. Let’s not overreact just yet.

  • Jason Bintliff

    This is not good at all.

  • Bozo

    I’d really like to beat the crap out of Tim Hudson(and every other Brave) with a baseball bat right now.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Utley played the rest of the whole game. I think he’s fine.

    I just knocked on some wood.

  • Bozo

    Can I still beat the crap out of Tim Hudson and every other Brave? You can throw eggs at them while I do it.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    I’d rather beat the shit out of the arrogant Braves bloggers than the players tbqh…

  • will.H

    tony stop touchin your dingdong

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Heyward just went to the DL with apparently the same injury Utley has.


  • Jess

    I blame Jeff Francoeur for all of this.

  • Bozo

    I want to beat the crap out of their fans too, did you see that guy behind home plate in the white shirt? Fucking bitching and moaning on anything close to the strike zone.

  • Bozo

    And you have to want to beat the crap out of Tim Hudson after hitting Polanco. I would not have been upset if Strasburg broke Hudsons hand or elbow with a 100mph fastball.

  • Watrick

    If you watch Utley, he runs towards the mound before turning to first base. It sucks that I know this because of Bobby Valentine, but it’s true. It could have cost Utley getting to second in time. Sucks.

  • Natalie


  • Vote Polanco

    Hopefully Chase is alright but if he misses time does Polanco move to second? Are Castro and Valdez significantly better at third than at second?

  • blackinmind

    can it be said that this is the most injured phillies team or was there worst times?

  • Sara

    I agree with Jess.

  • Greenman!

    Uts will be fine, no bitching or whining from people that called him Ughtley during the slump k?

  • Undocorkscrew


    Yes, it’s the same injury but the Braves front office and training staff said this is more of a precaution than anything. He injured it over a month ago, could barely grip a bat properly, yet the allowed him to play through it……….which I’ll never agree with. Hopefully he can come back strong for the 2nd half.

    And why the hate for Tim Hudson?

    Not to rub it in, but the Braves are getting Jurrjens back Wed and Kawakami is being moved to the pen. I certainly don’t expect a sub 3.00 ERA again, but can he really be worse than a guy that’s 1-9? It’s an upgrade any way you look at it. Nothing against Kawakami, he was/is an effective #5 guy, but this was a no-brainer. Plus it gives them another quality arm in the pen.

    Then we consider the shape of their farm and young pitching. If the Braves feel they need a piece at the deadline(they do need a legit outfielder), they have plenty of pieces to do it with.

    Heyward was in a month-long slump, yet the Braves remain in 1st place. And it was a brutal slump, so technically they upgrade that for the 15-day period with Diaz, Hinske, or Melky……and I seriously doubt any of them do any worse than Heyward over the past month or so. Chipper is also heating up, and despite his struggles…….he has the 7th best OBP in the NL. But it’s good to see him swinging like he used to.

  • Bozo

    Why the fuck are you even on this website? You must be one of the fucktards that work for ESPN and sucks on every teams cock that they want to hype up.

  • Tyler

    Dude we don’t really give a fuck about the Braves unless it involves them losing.

  • Rube is Lil Ed Wade

    Polly back at 2nd if utley out for a few weeks. Just hope they don’t call up Dobbs if he goes on the DL. Mentally I could never handle the Return of the Gregg Dobbs saga

  • Gaze_NJ

    Why is Utley even trying to stretch that into a double? If the throw was on line, he was out by a mile. Tie game, zero outs, and one of the hottest hitters on the team up next. I could see if this was 2 weeks ago and he was just trying to light a spark, but it just wasn’t necessary after the weekend.

  • Watrick

    @Undo-In a way I want to apologize for the rude comments from my fellow Phillies fans. Your posts are intelligent and rarely bragging, just for discussions. Some people can’t handle that someone might root for another team, or that people are just baseball fans with one team that they root for more than others. But, then again, there’s been a lot of dumb commentary that have started popping up on this site in the last year or so.

  • Tyler

    Meech were you in Section 143 on Sunday?


    Nah, I was in 141 on Saturday.

  • Tree

    Bozo, that guy in the white shirt was so annoying last night. I was yelling at him through the whole game.

  • crazy4swayze

    i heard he was really pissed after getting called out on that play and he punched the same chair that madson kicked.

    the point is, they should really move that chair. or replace with a la-z-boy or something more cushy.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    With all due respect – I love the God that is Chase Utley – but he’s made more errors this season than last. Even before this thumb injury, he has not been hitting well, he has not been doing much of anything well. He just didn’t get up to his usual God-like behavior yet. And yet, according to the stats (unbelievable to me but that’s what they say) the team is playing where they were or close to where they were this time last yr. Point is they’ve been playing passably okay w/o Utley being where he needs to be and they’re still viable. So maybe Utley sits this injury out and comes back a new player in time to do some good? All right I’m reaching but there has to be a light at the end of this tunnel at some point.

  • Amandah

    An injured thumb is bad news for me….What the hell is he gonna plug my turd-cutter with while I climax now?



  • Tyler

    oh thats what I meant. I was 143 on Saturday. Surrounded by Jays fans.

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