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Chase Utley Is Excited To Be A Champion
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At the conclusion of today’s parade, the World Fucking Champion Philadelphia Phillies were introduced one-by-one to the raucous Citizens Bank Park faithful. One of the last players to step to the podium was the usually mild-mannered All-Star second baseman, Chase Utley…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest World Series speech in the history of sports. Kids, make sure to cover your ears. If you’re in the office, turn the volume down a smidgen.


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  • phloridaphilsphan

    This speech made me cry. So beautiful!

  • Tommy


  • ray


  • MrGotz

    World. Fucking. Champions. Legendary.

  • Matt

    i nearly pissed myself when he said that. great stuff.

  • Jake S

    Better then “I had a Dream Speech!”

  • Robio

    It’s official, all my children will be named Chase.

  • InnerNinja

    It is a fitting addition to the tough guy lexicon of Philadelphia vocabulary, which already includes such luminary phrases as “Yo, Adrian!”

    Now we have claimed the F-bomb for ourselves.

    Chase, you rule. We’ve all had enough of the vapid, Disney-fied, family-friendly commentary. This is for Phillies fans all over the world:

  • Brian Hall

    I just got back from the parade, if that’s what you call millions of drunk people pissing on everything in site. Seriously, that was the most FUCKED up shit I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  • Ed O’Brien

    Sad day when we still have to use profanity to achieve our status. Utley must have forgotten about his teammates families who were there and all the rest of the younger kids watching. He did not heighten the moment but took away from it. Shame that for the moment he actually thought that it would be cool to say that. It was Rollins, Howard, and the rest who put the class back into the organization that Utley’s comment almost took away.

  • jim winter

    Perfect speech .When do the t-shirts come out?

  • Mike

    even funnier is how slow Feliz is to react… seems he didn’t understand it

  • Optimus

    I laughed at this because when they won the series, I started screaming “WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS”, seeing as how unbelieveable the situation was. Who knows what Chase was thinking, maybe he loves to say “Fuck” near mics, example: The HR Derby.

  • Phils Phan

    @ Ed O’Brien:

    I’ll cover your ears next time. With my palm and my taint, respectively.

  • Rick

    “Sad day when we still have to use profanity to achieve our status. Utley must have forgotten about his teammates families who were there and all the rest of the younger kids watching. He did not heighten the moment but took away from it. Shame that for the moment he actually thought that it would be cool to say that. It was Rollins, Howard, and the rest who put the class back into the organization that Utley’s comment almost took away.”

    Or, it’s just a word. The man was happy (possibly even a little buzzed) about lifting the burden not only off his own shoulders, but the shoulders of millions of people who’ve had to deal with the label of loser because they’re fans of the Phillies.

  • Tommy

    get a grip ed

  • Mike

    Probably not the best choice of words, due to the stage of it and all, and I can see how some people would be caught off guard, but after making that play at the plate to save a run, he could have gone up there and called all of us s**theads, dropped his pants and mooned us, and it wouldn’t matter.

  • The Phunyun

    I wonder who’s going to pay the FCC fines.

  • Anthony H

    Chase said all the right words no doubt…i almost fell off my chair when i heard that and then yelled it to myself! how can you not love philly!

  • Tug Haines

    LOL @ Ed O’Brien. This ain’t Mayberry, son!!!

  • FuquaManuel

    I love the reaction of all of the players behind him, especially Hamels, Howard, and Werth. I have a feeling that he was planning to say this for the whole parade and these guys were in on it.

    I suggest that henceforth the 2008 Phillies be remember as the “World Fucking Champioins”.

  • yellowbird

    ed, you couldnt be more wrong.

    that being said,

    a legend is born.

  • dave

    “Sad day when we still have to use profanity to achieve our status. Utley must have forgotten about his teammates families who were there and all the rest of the younger kids watching. He did not heighten the moment but took away from it. Shame that for the moment he actually thought that it would be cool to say that. It was Rollins, Howard, and the rest who put the class back into the organization that Utley’s comment almost took away.”

    ed you couldnt be more wrong if you tried. you say it didnt highten the moment…yet it got the loudest cheer. you say rollins and howard put the class in that utley took away…did you happen to see howard and hamels get interviewed saying how much they loved that he did that and that they all wanted to but didnt have the guts chase had? and werth, howard, hamels and the rest of the team jumping up and pumpin fists when he said it? guess not. this was pure genious on utleys part…its what we all were thinking, how great the moment was… we are WORLD PHUCKING CHAMPIONS!!!! god that was an awesome speech!! perfect for philly!!

  • fletch

    I’ll go ahead and agree with Ed. As a lifelong Phils fan I can appreciate the emotion behind the win, the day and the statement, but it was crass. I like Utley better as the quiet, lead-by-example guy.

  • Lou Marson

    unbelievable. everyone and there mother was saying this during the parade, if you can’t explain to your kids that people swear, but its still not good for them to swear, then you are a shitty parent and an even worse phillies fan. this is one of the best moments in phillies history. Chase is a god.

  • eric


  • Jefferson

    1950: Whiz Kids
    1980: Fizz Kids
    1983: Wheeze Kids
    1993: ?
    2008: Fucking Kids!

  • djmarco

    93: roids kids

  • Gilligan

    This was phucking fantastic. The greatest moment I have ever seen in any of the stadiums. Chase summed it all up here.

  • leroy moyer

    chase had the intestinal fortitude (maybe guts is a profanity to some) to say the 3 words that epitomized the great feeling us phillie fans had in our hearts and were afraid to utter. thank you, chase, for putting the crowning touch on a great chapter in philadelphia history.

  • Daniel Gallo

    We r finally World FUCKIN Champions

  • m lawson

    Did you take note of the emotion behind the words? Chase plays with heart, head and soul. Taken together, what one sees is his enormous talent and skill. Yesterday Chase weaved the words that drove another line drive over the right field wall bringing us out of our seats to feel and revel in unrestrained pride and love for our team, city and, yes, ourselves. My thanks to Chase Utley and the 2008 World -Phuckin’- Champion Philadelphia Phillies!

  • Art

    Beautiful! And I can’t wait ’til he gets announced in the season opener next year:
    “At second base… Chase Fuckin’ Utley!”

    My prediction: In Philadelphia, for years to come, the letters WFC will be just as understood as WTF.

    And, if the Phanatic ever speaks, I definitely think these should be his first words.

  • joe w

    Note to Ed Lawson in the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka: ” Lighten up Francis”

  • Gary Kerchner

    This kind of language has always been a part of baseball and still is even in this PC sociity we live in today. To pretend it isn’t or that your kids have never heard this word is nieve. Hell as a kid baseball teaches you to effectively curse. That was real emotion and feeling.

  • scooter

    Hands down best sports celebration speech (live tv too) of all time.

    25 yrs. 25 fucking years without a championship. Any true Philadelphia sports fan felt exactly what Utley said. If you have a problem with the profanity, Move to Wasilla, Alaska. This aint Kansas or Mayberry. Your in Philadelphia!!! Trust me, your kids hear alot worse. Be a parent and explain what this was all about if you had a problem.

    Priceless…. Phucking priceless!!! Utley you have brass balls and I have much respect for you.

  • joe zickel

    After listening to all the bird-brains saying “TAKE THE SUBWAY!”; my 12-year old daughter and I did……the regional rail line, subway, and the El. Well………anyone who took any of these modes of transportation will be able to appreciate that the Utley comment was pure milk toast. The day the that I am able to ride the subway; on any day; let alone a day like yesterday, and not hear that word ( and much worse) a million times; is the day I’ll take Chase to task. Never happen. And, I’ll never take SEPTA again!. But I’ll listen to Chase Utley all day!.
    Peace out.

  • maria

    That was great. I can’t believe they didn’t censor it. Definitely caught me off guard…in a good way.

  • Chewy59

    Well, the t-shirts are now available lol…

  • Shabba Rommel

    Winning a Championship after a Quarter of a Century…Incredible

    Winning a Championship after a Quarter of a Century at home…Awesome

    Winning a Championship after a Quarter of a Century at home and having Chase Utley publically comment on it…PHUCKING PRICELESS!!!

  • Norma

    Best speech of the day! Only Chase had the guts to put into words, what every member of the team was thinking. Chase Utley…..”YOU ARE THE MAN!!!”

  • Fish Man

    Chase’s speech was pure emotion… fantastically REAL… and dead on how everyone felt !!!!

  • thunderstick

    It was no big deal when Dick Cheney said it in the senate.

  • Jenny

    Somebody send Ed a t-shirt.

  • Paul

    I think it was fitting that after Chase took so much heat for slipping up and saying it at the all star game, that he purposely said it yesterday. It was like a big Fuck You to the critics, and a big Thank You to the fans who backed him the entire season. Chase, you could of drop kicked a baby into left field and i would of still cheered you. GO PHILS

  • Ken S.

    The word is inappropriate under any circumstance. Classless for a guy who I thought was classy! I hope he is fined by MLB

  • betsy

    What is “class” or “classy” anyway? Does class mean you hide your emotions, say the corporate thing, say the thing that makes sure that no one mistakes you for a “lower class” so you are able to get tons of endorsement deals and keep suburban families smiling and buying merchandise. If that is “class”, then I want no part of it.

  • sdk

    Ed and Brian Hall.. stay at home and turn off your TV’s you fucking losers

  • Bill

    yo change the font on those items selling with the famed WFC – don’t match for shit

    the entire day was majestic – I was there from noon into halloween night…. brilliant fuckin day

  • Brian Hall

    sdk go fuck yourself tough guy. I have no problem with what Utley said. You obviously weren’t at the parade, cause if you were, then you ‘d understand how mishandled the whole thing was. How about when they tell everyone to take public transportation. Then they decide to stop picking people up at the train stations, but continue to sell tickets. How about people like Meech who walked out of his office at 12:00 on 15th and Market and was denied getting on the subway. How about getting some bathrooms out at the stadium, I counted 50 and there were half a million people down there. I can keep going if ya want sdk and if your gonna talk shit don’t hide behind a fake name pussy.

  • RB

    This Was Classic. It will go down as one of the greatest moments in World Series History.

    To think that with Technology these days, I watched it from my Computer 1200 miles away, and The World got to see What Phillys all about !!

    Awsome Job 2008 World Fucking Champions of Baseball !!!

  • John K

    Ed O’Brein….cut the holier than thou crap!!!!!

  • Rory

    Someone Needs to make a Tshirt that on the front says World Champions….

    and on the back Have it in Caps “WORLD PHUCKING CHAMPIONS” – Chase

  • Rory

    I desigined a Tshirt, just go to and search for WFC08Chase and you should find it, if you like it, buy it, hope everyone enjoys

  • FuquaManuel

    Dear Ken S.

    Fuck you!



  • sdk

    Brian – Hi douchebag, I actually work on 13/market and live in roxborough. I with 10 of my friends got down to center city at 10 AM with no problem. The bathroom situation kind of sucked but something as stupid as that would hardly be “the most fucked up shit i’ve seen in my life”. If the highlight of your day was moaning like an old whore about the inconvenience of where you could pull your little johnson out to piss – you need a reality check buddy. Yesterday was all about the Phils, and the quarter of a century wait for a championship in our city. Grow up.

    and FYI, ‘sdk’ are my initials. i’ve gone by this handle for 15 years.

  • AJ

    just recorded it and set it as my ringtone

  • How do you spell retard?

    Have to agree with Ed, that was fucking innapropriate. There could have been little motherfuckers that couldn’t fuckin’ believe what they just fucking heard. Their fucking innocence is fucking ruined.
    There was a guy two people next to me at the fucking parade that fucking pissed in a fucking water bottle. I was the only one on Broad and fucking Locust that thought it was fucking funny, though.

    But Chase, watch your fucking language. There’s ladies present.

  • Philsfan1959

    Move over Lou Gerhig , Chase Utley now has the best line ever historic

  • jeff myers

    Let’s be honest. Chase said it best. It was real. I jumped up involuntarily when I heard it. Look at the reaction. It was a perfect exclamation point. Those who say it is “sad” should get a life–or better still just stay in the hypocracy of their respective churches.

  • Ed O’ Brien Hater

    What a fucking asshole you and your mother are. We ARE the WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS mother fucker.

  • Philsfan1959

    Can’t wait till 09 when chase gets up & say’s back to back WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS!

  • Mitch Hamels

    first time on this site. great stuff. great phucking stuff. can someone tell me what the deal is with gillick’s comments about charlie being called fuke or whatever?

  • AHiredGun

    Rory: FYI – I checked out the site and the design creation is not coming up.

  • GenericFanGroup

    Anyone that is complaining at all about anything that happened yesterday is not a true fucking fan. I understand parents not being happy about what Chase said but calling him a disgrace or treating him like he did something malicious is insane. If you were at the parade i’m pretty sure you heard many people saying WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS, but did you make a complaint about them no you didn’t but once a celebrity or sports person does it you light your torches and go looking for his head. As a parent you have a opportunity to teach your child a life lesson with this situation. Also anyone thats complaining about the trains and the lack of restrooms just have to realize that was a special occurrence and you have to take the good with the bad sorry.

  • PhilsPhanDad

    OK, all you jokers that are teeing off on Utley for his profanity laced speech – Get A Grip!!!!! While I would agree that I do not wish for my kids to hear that, I would play it for them versus cheering on those animals that celebrated the World Series win by throwing newspaper boxes through center city store windows, kicking in store doors, setting fires in the streets, and throwing bottles at the police.

    Mayor Nutter : “You can be joyous, you cannot be a jackass”
    Chase Utley : “World Fucking Champions!”

  • OldPhillyFan

    For all of you who were “offended” by Chase’s comments…..get a life! We have waited for 28 F***ing years for this Championship and I just wish the whole team had said it in unison…..
    WE ARE THE WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS! Chase, if you read this, you are the BEST and I think your words are as motivational as Ya Gotta Believe. So boohoo to all who thought he was out of place. I isn’t the first time you are gonna hear this word and it sure aint the last. And yes, we are the WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS!!!!!

  • Tug Haines

    Well said!

    Dear haters of appropriate profanity: Listen to your elders!!!

  • Kruker

    hey AJ, what program did you record with. im trying to get this as my ringtone also

  • Mr. Bryan

    Any way to get an MP3 of Chase’s speech?

  • John Dzwonczyk

    It reminds me of Don Earle, Flyers’ broadcaster’s famous Stanley Cup playoff radio quote (circa 1975) “IT HIT THE POST! IT HIT THE FUCKING POST!” I still have a hard time not repeating the phrase in the same intonation 33 years later if it happens in one of my kid’s soccer games. Problem is, here in Ohio, nobody but my neighbor, “Philly Steve” O’Shaughnessey knows what I’m talking about.

    I was broken hearted in 1964, I was at game 6 in 1980 and I’m glad for Phillies fans now.

  • lana

    Don’t know what’s more disappointing, Chase’s choice of words or that some people think it was laudable. If he wants to say “fuck” every other word in private, no problem–I’ve been known to say it too. But in public…nah, that’s just not classy. Hopefully soon he grows up.

    He’s still the premiere second baseman in the game, can’t take that away from him…but not the mensch I thought he was.


    To anyone who wants the mp3 of his speech, email me
    and visit my site for Phucking $hits and giggles.

  • Sw

    I guess only Philly could defend a guy for speaking like that in public, in front of kids. But it’s okay because parents should teach their kids that people swear? Sure, people swear, doesn’t make it right. I curse more than anyone, and I’m wrong. But I don’t do it on an open mic.

    But, no surprise coming from the fans where Joe Maddon’s family was peppered with open mustard packets, from the city with a judge needed within the stadium.

    You guys wanna know why this was the first title in over 20 years? Because it wasn’t deserved. Guys should act like they’ve been there before.

  • MSM


    It’s pure emotion showing there and that’s what’s real, not some corporate line BS that people like to put up. Seriously, baseball players swear? No way! Having taught in a public school system, kids learn swearing a lot earlier than when they go to a baseball game. They learn it at home, or from their friends. Hearing it at a baseball game is hardly their first experience.

    Oh, and to note:
    1) The judge was at Eagles games (not Phillies), and is not there anymore. It was more a publicity stunt, because “Judge Seamus” is an attention begging douche.
    2) Check out the film from the Phils-Dodgers series in the NLCS if you want to see some people that should be herded up into pens. They were threatening people with knives, because, well, Chavez Ravine is a dumphole. Either way, every stadium has a few idiots who should not ruin it for the masses. Media who have brought up Santa’s snowballing or Michael Irvin are played out and need to get a real diploma.
    3) There are no mustard “packets” at CBP. Mustard is dispensed from large cannisters behind the areas you buy food. Joe Maddon tried every lame trick in this series to delay, show inappropriate gamesmanship (waste time on the mound often, as well as have them check Blanton’s cap) and paint the Rays as the poor innocents. Perhaps someone took a “handful” of mustard (um, eww?) and tossed it, but they’d have to have incredible aim, to be honest.

    Fan behavior and players cursing has nothing to do with championships won. The team that deserves it is the one that wins 11 games in the playoffs. Nothing less, nothing more. If you don’t like Philly (assuming you’re not from here as you identify as “only Philly”, meaning not the high and mighty you) then why are you posting on a Philly blog? Seriously. Do something more productive with your time.

  • Ernie Banks

    28 years? Cry me a frickin’ river.

    – Cubs Fans


    Awwww, poor you guys. You deprived people only got to witness the greatest athlete in the history of sports win 6 ‘chips in 8 years. :(

    I only feel bad for the cities of Cleveland and Buffalo.


    I think we need to give this guy a big PHILLY PHUCK YOU..

  • Eli Cash

    Fuck you Chicago. Didn’t you just win a world series? Ohhhhhhhh…. that’s right… it was the WHITE SOX. Awww, does that still hurt? Loveable losers my ass.

    Thank you.

  • TBone

    Big Bad Weiss!

  • Eli Cash

    Also – to SW.

    That “Maddon’s Family Gets Peppered with Mustard Packets Story” is bullshit even though everyone in America WANTS to believe it. They don’t even give out mustard packets anymore at Citizen’s Bank Park. They probably got hit with peanuts.

  • Pratik

    I love how people will shit themselves when someone says a “bad word.” And they always go play the the children card and whine over how the kids’ minds are now corrupted and forever lost. Please… I knew all kinds of curse words by the time I was in fourth grade, and I was in a private Christian school since first grade.

    If you are going to get mad over something that someone says, get angry over the intent/context with which they use it instead of getting mad at a certain combination of consonants and vowels.

    Anyway, that was pretty sweet what Chase did. Short and to the point.

  • Phil Nichols

    The solution is simple. Package Utley and the Phanatic in a trade for a second baseman who does not utter bad words, and a mascot who does not constantly thrust its naked pubis area in front of children.

  • Evan

    What do you expect, its 2008 do you see what our society is coming to? im 24 and Ive never seen such garbage in the world, like TV and radio and internet, If you don’t like do something to change it and stop complaining, don’t even tell me you all keep a safe eye on your kids like you should….he used the word in a positive fashion, so leavem alone

  • jrw

    Well…If you all think that profanity at a public sports event, yeah, even the big show celebration, is appropriate, and if you think that profanity is what lifted you out of feeling like losers…I am going to pray for you, because you are a troubled group!

  • Tony

    Not that I condone it (though I do feel it was great,) if we’re going to play the “kids” card, why were your kids skipping school? If you have that big of a problem with it, use it as an opportunity to explain it to your kids. This is just another excuse for parents to not parent their kids, they want everyone and everyting else to do it for them.

  • cujo

    Chase’s comment is SO Philly! The city and its fans are gritty,snarly,blue collar dirtbags but they do love their Phillies. The Giants will kick their iggles all over the place..Go Jints!

  • A True City

    Just goes to show the trash that comes out of that dump of a place.

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