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Charlie Manuel’s Before & After Nutrisystem® Diet Pictures
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I felt an updated post on the weight loss status of Charlie Manuel was in order for a couple reasons.

Reason number one was because I got this nifty little before & after screen grab from SportsNite on CSNPhilly this evening, and b.) I incorrectly reported Charlie’s “after” weight as 215 lbs. yesterday.  Apparently, I used the wrong starting weight from his diet — which was said to be 274 lbs. back in May — but it turns out he actually weighed 286.  I got this new information courtesy of NBC Philadelphia where Dan Stamm had a 5-part series last week chronicling the offseason of the Phillies skip.

From part three:

Charlie tipped the scales at 286 pounds last winter before going on a Nutrisystem diet and exercise routine.

And part four:

Manuel will arrive at Clearwater for Spring Training weighing in just around 230 pounds — an amazing 56 pounds lighter than he weighed less than a year ago.

So there.  I stand corrected and you got a bonus picture out of the deal.

If you would like to read NBC Philadelphia’s 5-part series, follow these links…

Part 1 | Diet Puts Charlie Back in the “Swing” of Things
Part 2 | For Charlie’s Off-Season, It’s Game On at the Gym
Part 3 | The “Skinny” on Charlie’s Diet Challenges
Part 4 | Losing Makes Charlie an Even Bigger Celeb
Part 5 | The Skinny Skipper’s 2010 World Series Prediction

  • t-mac


  • fuck the mets

    I can’t wait for Wheels to not shut the fuck up about this for the first 3 months this season.

  • Jake

    What a sexy little number our manager has become.

  • OutlawPete is back and has a blog (click name!!!!)

    Wow good for Charlie. What a difference. I wonder if his head will still bobble when he comes out of the dugout.

    On another note, I have started my own Phillies blog and can’t wait to host ChatLive chats with you guys this season. I was wearing my Phillies coat for the first time in awhile today and remembered all the fun times we had last fall.

  • Bridge to Lidge

    Now his walks to the mound will be a helluva lot faster

  • maria

    Good for him, especially at his age. It almost makes me want to actually do something too. Almost.

  • MOAB

    no one likes a fat chick, maria

  • Dan Gross

    Andy Reid has to be a bit jealous

  • ill

    You named your blog the400level? How original!

  • Joe D

    While I’m really happy Cholly did this for his health I can’t help but be a little saddened by it. He won’t be as menacing when he comes out to argue a call now. I say by mid April fans will be clamoring for the pear shaped body to make its return.

  • GTO

    He looks like a scary fat ghost in the 1st photo, and a stud in the second. I will take the Cholly who is svelte and will be able to manage our Phillies longer because of better health.

  • Gaze_NJ

    How many calories do you burn bobbing your head during the 45ft walk from the dugout to the mound?


    At least fifty, Gaze. At LEAST.

  • Watrick

    What happened to the other comments? It says there’s 13 comments when I look at it from the main page, but when I click on it, there’s only 7.


    REFRESH, Watrick. It’s the circled-arrow on your browser, or you could simply hit R5.

  • Watrick

    Ok, now I can see the comments… weird.

  • Watrick

    Yeah, I was clicking from the main page and all, I guess I just thought that would have did the trick. Guess not.

  • Brandon

    When I first saw the pictures I didn’t even think it was him.

    Good for him. Give him his own nutrisystem commercial

  • JB


  • cholly chick

    this is bad for the economy… commercial breaks are gonna be a lot shorter between pitching changes with charlies faster strut to the mound

  • Nationals#1

    not the same cholly :(

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    The amazing thing is, the program really works … no matter what people say about it.

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