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Charlie Manuel: Pickin’ and a Grinnin’
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If you didn’t think the players and coaches care about All Star Game, then you’d be mistaken, friend. Just look at that grin! Like he just discovered oil. Or cotton candy.

Photo courtesy the official Twitter account of your Philadelphia Phillies. @philaphillies

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  • echz

    Is that Charlie Manuel or Cotton Hill?

  • Cotton Hill

    I killed fity men!

  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    do all of em keep the silverado?

  • Phils Phan

    @ Cotton Hill:

    Motherfucking +1!

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Is that mid Urkel-snort?

  • Chris

    Is his fly down?

  • Dave

    When you see “Charlie Manuel” and “Pickin” in the same sentence; you almost don’t want to scroll down and see the visual. Thankfully it wasn’t what I expected.

  • will.H

    pretty sure Charlie Manuel was born in the back of a pickup truck. He’s so comfy

  • bleggy

    at least conceived…

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    If it weren’t for my Braves the NL would be losing right now.Just saying.

  • Amandah

    He’s wearing his best Kramer shirt.



  • Watrick

    Yeah, because Rolen’s hit and Byrd’s walk weren’t as important either…. That’s why RBI’s are a strange stat.

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    Brian McCann MVP of the AS Game.
    Prado will be the MVP of the WS when we win it at home.

  • ohai

    totally getting a custom made fathead of this picture of charlie.

  • Nick



  • TonyIsDynamic

    Doc should have won that game.

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    NL wins woohoo! Should have been Doc, but Tyler Walker gets the win.

  • Suze

    This game was won by Charlie’s stellar managing.

    Way to break the streak, Charlie!

  • maria

    I hated that Charlie took him out in that spot, but it’s good to see the NL finally fucking win.

  • Phils Phan

    Give that man another ride in a pickup truck!

  • Suze

    I LOVED that Charlie gave Roy the hook.

    I didn’t want him pitching at all, to be honest.

  • Watrick

    Rosenthal just asked Wainwright if there was talk about the NL losing since 1996 on the bench. Wainwright’s response:Well, I was in the bullpen, so I don’t know if they were talking about it on the bench. Rosenthal is an idiot.

  • BravesNLChampions2010


  • Andrea


  • Bozo

    Anyone else want to beat the crap out of Chris Rose with a baseball bat? He asked Mcann about home field advantage and completely wrote off the Phillies(he didn’t mention the Cardinals either) from being in the postseason.

    Marlon Byrd should have won the MVP I think. Set up Mcann’s double with a great at-bat, and the defensive play of the game. If Byrd doesn’t force out Ortiz then A-Rod probably would have been up with 2 men on and 1-out against Broxton.

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    Y’all are just mad because you know that the NL winning the AS Game means nothing to the Phillies. No way they even make the post season.

  • Adamr14

    Charlie outmanaged girardi… wish he coulda done that in october

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    Bozo: Everyone except the delusional Phillie’s fans know that the Braves have NL on lock this year.

  • Phils Phan

    The Braves, like Larry Jones inside his mistress, peaked too soon. And, like Larry Jones, the Braves will feel the consequence come September.

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    Uh, hey, everybody! I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

  • phillygirl

    Awesome picture of Charlie. He looks like a little kid in a candy store.

  • Suze

    Even if the Braves make the postseason, they’ll be out in the first round.

    And LOL at the idea of home field advantage being significant to the Braves.

    How can a team that does not even sell out playoff games have real home field advantage?

  • BravesNLChampions2010


  • BravesNLChampions2010

    I had zits as a high schooler and hooked up for the first time when I was 19. My life stinks. At least I had the Braves. They made me happy. Unlike the girls in my highschool, who made fun of my horrible complexion.

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    Jealousy sucks…like Howard as the DH and Roy’s pitching tonight. The Phillie’s contributed absolutley nothing to NL team in the AS game this year.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Their manager won the game.

    Shut it.

  • maria

    Other than Charlie and co. managing the game, they contributed nothing.

  • BravesNLChampions2010


  • BravesNLChampions2010

    What did Ryan do tonight? What did Roy do tonight? Nothing. Charlie took him out because he was about to get rocked. I’ll give Charlie some credit I guess but seriously Brian McCann won this game.

    Since Bobby is retiring after our WS win this year he won’t be able to manage the AS game next year. The Phillies will be irrelevant again since their fans are quickly hopping off the bandwagon so hopefully there won’t be any Phillies starting in the AS game. Can’t wait.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Changing my name to BravesWSChampions2010

  • BravesNLChampions2010

    The All star game is pointless and meaningless, I like to pretend this one good stretch of play means the whole season. I ignorantly overlook how the season started and will probably turn out. I mean it’s easy to come on here and brag when my Racist Tomahawk Throwing, Bobby Cox wife beatin braves are ahead, but I’ll just leave you guys alone when we fall out of first. Thats how I roll.

  • BravesWSChampions2010


  • BravesWSChampions2010

    The AS game means home field advantage ( have you seen the Brave’s home record this year? Only TEN losses at home). They can win it at home this year for Bobby. Oh and falling out of 1st? To who? Mets will choke, and the rest of the teams in our divison are terrible ( including the Phillies.)

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “Charlie took him out because he was about to get rocked.”

    Nah he took him out because he was at 17 on two days rest but ok! Your reason works too.

    ps it doesn’t

  • TonyIsDynamic


  • BravesWSChampions2010

    I find it really funny that even though the Braves have completley owned the Phillies this season you all think they stand a chance. I also think it’s funny that you all come at me or pose as me saying “Im gay,fat,have acne etc” yet you all hardly stick up for the Phillies…cause you know I’m right.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    or because I’m a retarded troll and don’t actually listen to any of your points…

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Pretty sure he gave up 2 hits and his only out was a pop up. Couldn’t K anyone.

  • Greenman!

    I think I only have to address this once, I hate the Braves and all but what truly makes them awful is their stupid Tomahawk Chop they continue to do and they don’t consider it racist at all. Putting genocide aside, I’m sure the Cherokee, Apalachee, Hitchiti, Oconee, Miccosukee and Timucua Indians think it’s hilarious and all in good fun.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Roy Halladay career vs. Braves: 3-0, 2 ER.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “Pretty sure he gave up 2 hits and his only out was a pop up. Couldn’t K anyone.”

    Musta missed his strikeout of Konerko…

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Goodnight and good luck to the Phillies the rest of the season.They’re gonna need it with that “offense” (can we even call it that?) and their weak ass pitching staff. LOLPhillies.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “weak ass pitching staff”

    vs. the best offensive team in the Majors. 3 of 4 games:

    Kendrick: 1 ER
    Halladay: 0 ER
    Hamels: 1 ER


  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Roy is overrated. Like I said goodnight and good luck to your joke of a team.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    The best modern day pitcher Roy Halladay is just terrible!!! How do you start him you idiots? he is so bad!!! Howard can’t hit anything except for a third of the time! So awful! You only manage to sweep the Reds when have 5 players on the DL!!!! Braves could do it with 10!

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “Roy is overrated”


    Lifetime ERA of 3.35

    Active leader in complete games and shutouts with 56 and 18

    I’m not even calling you a fat pizza face. I’m making you look retarded with facts.

    Sweet dreams of Roy Halladay shutting your faggot team out again and again.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Yeah those faggots who swept the Phillies in June and took 2 of 3 last week :)

  • TonyIsDynamic

    I personally love “we could do it with 10 on the DL!”

    Larry’s been playing like he’s been on the DL for the last 5 years.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Those faggots who won the AS game for the NL this year :)
    Those faggots who are in 1st place :)
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Keep hating.I’ll just smile.

  • Greenman!

    Halladay sure is overrated! durrrrrrr!

    You might as well just call Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens awful while your at it too redneck.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    # 55 wasn’t really me dude but I agree :)

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    You know what? I don’t really think Roy is a bad pitcher but the media makes it seem like he is unhittable. He isn’t unhittable & his perfect game was against the Marlins (LOL). He atleast deserves to be on a 2nd place team.Unfortunatley he is pretty much in the same position he was in with the Jays…except the Jays got him run support. He’ll be watching the post season from home just like the past 10+ years.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “Those faggots who won the AS game for the NL this year
    Those faggots who are in 1st place ”

    Wait, the National League is in first place? I turned the game off after it finished. Are you trying to tell me that they formed a ROUGE TEAM?!

    THEY’RE GOING TO TAKE OVER BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TonyIsDynamic

    If he’s so unhittable, why do the Braves only have 2 runs scored against him in 4 career starts?

  • Greenman!

    oh no! its a rogue team tony!!! we’re all screwed!!!!!

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    IDK just one of the odd things about baseball. Why did the Phillies almost give some rookie a perfect game ? If only Chooch didn’t come off the DL that day…the Phillies would have been the laughing stock of baseball…oh shit they already are.

    No the Braves are in 1st place…duh :).You hate cause you’re mad.

  • TonyIsDynamic


    Way to admit you’re someone here. And no, I hate cause you’re here.

    But really, you’re someone here.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Cause I said “Chooch”? Who doesn’t know his nick name?

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Go to bed, Eric.

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    My name is Dan…..
    Why would a Phillies fan hate on a Phillie’s fan blog ? I have friends who are fans,my team plays them how many times a year ?,I unfortunatley live in the area.I was bound to hear his nick name at one point.

  • Greenman!

    Um you’re retarded. Have you not been paying attention to Dallas Braden or Gallargah? Pitching is the best it has ever been in the history of baseball. It’s weird how really well farmed pitchers get perfect games after the steroids have all worn off. But you’re a dumb fuck and don’t pay attention.

    You just get phone calls from your buddy Cletus how the team did and you jump up and down with joy. Just go, we are tired of your stupidity and lack of insight. We have a designated Braves fan here and he is much much more intelligent then you. Good day you piece of shit, die in a car fire, etc etc

  • J

    Can someone please get rid of this tool? He’s ALMOST making me wish we didn’t even win the AS game so I wouldn’t have to read his shit posts on here.

  • Phils Phan

    It’s easy to IP ban him. It’s more difficult when he posts from a wireless device (denoted by his inability to use spaces) as the IPs change and likely if the Fightins’ bans a range, they’ll also ban bona fide posters.

    Like the Mets trolls who occasionally appear, let him go. By September he’ll be crying when his team misses the playoffs. Again.

  • Nick

    Guys we can’t even compete.

    They have Omar Infante.!!!

  • BravesWSChampions2010

    Dude I really need to go to bed, my hot girlfriend is telling me to get off the Phillies blog for once in my life. Catch you guys on the flip side.,0.jpg

  • Caseey

    BravesWSChampions2010 is the Joe Buck of

  • Eric

    You guys need to stop engaging the trolls. Interacting with this kid cannot seriously be entertaining any of you.

    But listen, if you’re going to even acknowledge him, just point out how stupid he is and move on. He says we have no offense and the Braves are loaded. Yea, we’ve scored more runs on the season than Atlanta has. Just point out the flaws and move on, calling him names isn’t exactly slowing him down kids. Good night.

  • The Killer Zs

    Meech, you made the paper. By actual name. Not “popular phillies blogger.” Of course, there is the obligatory “living in your mom’s basement” comment, but it is there.

  • Mrs.Happ

    Gee, somehow I’m not inspired to spend my evenings trolling on other teams’ fan blogs… Go figure.

  • Bud

    Haha, this is one of those times where a person hates something so much that they devote lots of time and energy into trying to knock it down…only to find that once they know more about it they actually kinda love it.
    For BravesWSChampions2010 this could refer to the Phillies…or to manlove. Only time will tell.

    (he called him Chooch)

  • BJ

    “That’s a good one, Hank’s Wife. A woman fixing a car, that’s like a pig trying to read!” -Cotton Hill/ Uncle Cholly

  • NicciG

    it’s really funny how someone can just all of a sudden talk shit when their team (the Braves) haven’t done jack shit in a couple years…just because they are doing good NOW, doesnt mean they will go anywhere later…and then they say the Phillies suck…………..when we’ve been on a roll since 2007…back to back to back NL EAST champs…..isn’t the NL East the same division as the Braves? where were they these past 3 years? obviously not NL East Champs………i guess he needs a reality check on what his team has done compared to what the Phillies have done in these past 3 years.

  • John Rocker

    Hey BravesWSChampions2010 , you’re white trash.

  • Chipper Jones

    Hey BravesWSChampions2010 , you’re white trash.

  • Otis Nixon

    Hey BravesWSChampions2010 , you’re white trash. And do you have any cocaine?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Bud- You’re right there is a definate underlying love being suppressed.

    Fans of teams use the cute little nicknames to speak oh the players they follow, but would just as soon find a demeaning play on an opposing players name. Blohan, Gayvid, ARoid, etc.

    Even those who have nicknames as a given name Chipper – Larry for instance, the opposing fans would call out Larry-Larry.

    Yes it appears that BNLC2010 (I refuse to use the new name that he bestowed upon himself like he’s some sort of Chad call me Ochocinco) is dealing with a closet problem and will never be truly happy until he steps out and admits to himself and then his world who he really is.

    His anger at himself is what feeds his trolling and when he embraces his manlove/Phillieslove he will no longer have the need to lash out at those truly loves and wishes to have love him back.

    Poor little troll, poor, poor, little troll.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    ^should read – those he truly loves- (sorry)^

  • Watrick

    There’s this great, and incredibly unknown and under rated band called Unitas, who are from the south. They have this great song that starts off, “It’s October, and the Braves… another season over before it should. But it’s my yearly reminder that another hot summer can end soon.” Of course this was written when they used to win the east and do nothing with it…

  • Tess

    I don’t get what’s wrong with him saying Chooch though.

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Are you guys really still fucking talking about this waterhead?

  • al


  • George Steinbrenner

    Yeah – talk about me! I’m still dead, ya know.

  • will.H

    you sound like a gay

  • Billy Martin

    George you can’t fire me from Hell at least. What’s Yogi’s ETA?

  • George Steinbrenner

    Yogi’s dying to come, be he won’t arrive til he gets here.

  • Undocorkscrew

    Again, can’t believe people are engaging this twat.

    But to whoever it was that said Byrd deserves the MVP………seriously? Yes, he had a great at bat to get on base in the 7th and made a key defensive play in the 9th, but McCann knocked in all 3 runs with two outs late down 1-0. It wouldn’t have made sense to award anyone else. I’m not saying that as a Braves fan either. It’s just obvious….

    But I admire Manuel leaving McCann in there against a tough lefty when he hasn’t been fairing too well against them this year.

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