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Charlie Manuel has no time for superstitions
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It’s official, folks. The Philadelphia Phillies have now won 10 straight games and are the first Philadelphia sports franchise to do so since the 2000-01 Sixers reeled off 10 straight to start the season that year.

Of course, when winning becomes so commonplace for a team like it has for the Phillies lately, reporters are bound to ask questions about their nightly rituals and whatnot. Well last night, Charlie Manuel was asked if he had any superstitions. For some odd reason, I found his answer hilarious:

In case you missed it, his response was, “No, I’m not that way. I make sure I come across the Walt Whitman Bridge though.” Now I don’t know if Charlie isn’t exactly sure what a “superstition” is or if he was messing with the guy, but going over the Walt Whitman Bridge just constitutes taking the quickest route possible to work. Now if he would take the Ben Franklin Bridge every day and backtrack to the stadium? NOW we’re talking superstition. But as it stands, that’s about as superstitious as getting a shower every morning or eating something when you’re hungry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… I wish Charlie Manuel was my grandfather.

Video from CSN Philly

  • phil lee

    Mets VP for player development Tony Bernazard challenges Binghamton Mets to fight

    That is a great headline right there.

  • Scott B

    Its a close race between Charlie and Andy Rooney being my grandpa. Cholly wins but this is still amazing…

  • Jennifer

    I used to think about fixing up Charlie with one of my grandmothers (both of them are widowed and very single), until I realized that Charlie is not nearly as old as he looks. My grandmoms both have about 20 years on him and he’s only 6 years older than my happily married mom.

    What I’m saying is, I hope Charlie likes older women and will marry one of my grandmoms and take me out for ice cream.

  • Chris

    God I love Charlie…

  • jd

    wait, am i to infer that people shower every day?

    hmm….i thought that’s what saturday night was for.

  • Nell

    Does anyone watch his post game interviews? I don’t know if someone already said this or not but I think there needs to be a t-shirt with Charlie saying…”He pitched good…everything’s good…we are playing good.” He seems to say that all the time. I love it…Uncle Charlie is great (or good as he would say)!

  • Nell

    Wow…forget about that first sentence completely…the video was taken from a said “post game interview”…sorry!

  • Chris

    @Nell I have always looked at “pretty good” as Charlie’s catch phrase. He always refers to things as “good” or “pretty good” and I love it.

  • phil lee

    Funny, I always thought Charlie’s catch phrase was “Like, you know”. Must say it upwards of 100 times per press conference.

  • Mr. Bryan

    I love the mail bag during the Charlie Manuel Show. Someone sends him a question, Tom reads it, and Charlie talks for two minutes and doesn’t even touch on the subject matter of the question. It’s a hilarious clusterfuck.

  • obligatory fist-pump

    Charlie on Shane: “Well as far as center-fielders go, uh bbyuhh outfielder playin’ the middle of the field… for a guy playin center, uhh bwell uhh I’d say he’s doin pretty good.”


  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    WOOOOOHOOOOO! I finally won the Stump the Fans question yesterday! HAHAH!

  • w

    “I’m not superstitious… but I’m a little stitious”

    – Michael Scott


    Don’t hold your breath, Swift. I won sometime in May and still haven’t received a cot damn thing.

  • Gonzo

    Way to go Swifty. That was a tough one. Only got 3 outta 4.

    oh, and I am convinced that you can only win once. I am certain I should have gotten a couple more being as a couple times I emailed the answer before he was done asking the question.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @meech: It doesn’t surprise me. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m just glad to have managed to get a win.

    @Gonzo: I got lucky with the question, I was randomly Wikipeding the Cubs the day before, and read about their four Cy Young winners. So I knew the answer immediately.

  • Chris

    B:0 S:0 O:2 – Philadelphia Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel ejected by HP umpire Dan Iassogna.

  • myers admirers

    I think you need a “I wish Charlie Manual was my grandfather” tag

  • Gonzo

    @Chris: Bako fouled tip a ball and the catcher short hopped it. The ump claims it didnt hit the ground for strike 3. Chollie argued and got tossed. Couldnt read his lips, but he intended on getting thrown out because he was tossed with the quickness.

  • Lynniemac

    @Swift: Congrats. I could only manage 2 out of the 4.

    @Meech: Contact the Phillies and raise some hell. I won in the beginning of July and had my prize pack less than a week later.

    @Gonzo: They may have changed the rules, but I know you used to be able to win more than once per season because I’ve done it.

    As for Charlie, I used to wish he was my grandfather, too, until I realized he’s actually a year younger than my father. And I always thought his catch phrase was “I felt like…” as in: “I felt like Blanton pitched good” or “I felt like we hit real good tonight”.

    And while I’m hitting way too many topics with one comment… I love the Charlie Manuel Show, but dear God in heaven I wish T-Bag would stop calling it “the Charlie Manuel Television Show”. Seriously, learn the name of the show and stop being redundant.

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