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Charlie Manuel out-manages FSU with both hands down his pants
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The Phillies beat the Florida St. Seminoles in some pre-pre-season action tonight 13-6, but more importantly, Charlie Manuel was captured on film in the dugout with his hands down his pants. While blowing a bubble.

(photo via David Swanson/

UPDATED: Our manager was caught with his hands down his pants not once, but TWICE!

(photo via Miles Kennedy/

  • MaxL

    Charlie Manuel came here to kick ass, chew bubble gum, and put his hands down his pants. And he’s all out of ass.

  • will.H

    cock so big, he needs both hands.

  • Blaise

    I wonder if he knows people take pictures of him like this

  • joe wade


  • VanHellion

    philippe aumont gave up five of FSU’s 6 runs over the course of 2/3 an inning. I want cliff lee back.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    God FORBID an underdeveloped 21-year old pitcher trying to convert back into a starter has a few chinks in the armor. Cliff Lee’s gone, Philippe Aumont will develop into something awesome, and shut up.


    Excellent photo- it pretty much sums the game up. We have thoughtful and thorough analysis of young phil’s debut tonight. Might want to give it a shot.

  • Ricky Otero

    It was definitely a hands down your pants kind of night. Domonic Brown is awesome!! Really fun to watch, when he got hit by a pitch, you could tell he was pretty disappointing and wanted to drive in some runs. Took some time to sign some autographs on his way out but I missed the cut.

  • Shocksterman

    You gotta love Cholly.

    Thank God they are finally playing some baseball. Even if it is against the likes of…. um…. Anybody know any players from FSU?

    Whatever, it’s all good.

    Go Phils

  • Phylan

    Aumont was likely throwing mostly fastballs and not messing too much with offspeed stuff, like all guys in the spring exhibitions. I’ve been pretty low on Aumont but it’s just one spring training game, really nothing to evaluate him on.

  • Phylan

    Also, goddamn, Charlie Manuel loves managing with his hands down his pants

  • Griswold

    Lol the mets

  • Cliff Lee

    So I hear Philippe Aumont managed to get his ERA up to 67.50 tonight. Does that make it eligible for social security? (cue gentle laughter)

    No no, I’m only joking – but seriously, if he gets it up around 100, he should have enough points for a free flight home from Clearwater! (uproarious laughter)

    Good night folks, I’ve been great!

  • ICEhawk9

    That was like GOOD school, ya know?

  • Joe D

    TonyisDynamic is a serious cat. That kid that took Aumont deep was pretty fat though. If I managed this team I’d have my hands down my pants all the time too.

  • gm-carson

    How about a t-shirt of Chuck with hands down pants?

  • Phil ‘er up

    Say….did Charlie get a new watch?

  • Jdashdog

    Phylan hates everybody. Shut up Phylan.

  • I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay

    i assume charlie’s not doing modified tomahawk chop down in there?

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