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Chan Ho Park Is A Champagne-Popping Maniac
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I fully understand if a journeyman MLBer who has finally reached the World Series after 16 seasons of coming up short wants to go a little overboard in the celebration, but for some reason, I didn’t really expect that type of behavior out of Chan Ho Park. Well, after watching a nice fan made production of his celebratory actions, I couldn’t have been more wrongerer.

The pride of South Korea stood on top of the Phillies dugout and used a champagne bottle like a cot damn fire extinguisher soaking every fan in sections 115-118. It looks like one of those fans was taping it on his little camcorder, spliced in some shots from The Pen, some AP images, and some celebration footage, set it to some catchy hip-hop music, uploaded it to YouTube, and now we can all enjoy.

Chan HOOOooooooooooo

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  • #1 Yanks Fan

    Yanks in 5… Phils fans are low life scum

  • Anthony from Ozone Park

    phils pitching is weak.. Lidge and his disgusting looking mole will blow at least one save. Yanks in 5.

  • Tug Haines

    Haha, I love Chan HOOOOOoooooooo.

  • manhattan dave

    yanks fans are praying for Pedro to pitch game 2, so we can chant “who’s your Daddy” and than have Pedro admit once again he’s our daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocksniffer

    Since when did the projects in Yonkers have Internet access?


    #1 Yanks Fan, Anthony from Ozone Park, and literally 30+ other commenting names over the past couple months have come from the same IP address:

    You’re crazy, maing. Go kill yourself.

  • beelove

    aww, it looks like some yankees fans discovered! welcome to phillies baseball, you chelsea cutie pies.

    chan HOOOOooooo.

    by the way, there was a movement in sec 107 and surrounding areas at game 5 of the NLCS, singing “chan HOOO, chan HO chan HO chan ho” to the tune of mets’ fans “joSEEEE, joSE joSE jose”. i think chan ho deserves his own chant, but one set to the tune of jose reyass’ isn’t gonna cut it. thoughts?

  • Minty Fresh

    the beard.

  • Jdashdog

    Fuck that IP address

  • Tug Haines
  • HP

    trying to get people to sing Chan Ho to the Ole song… got it to work at a bar, now gotta get it started in the WS.

  • Joe

    where’s the J.A. Happ Rookie of the Year article? Announced this morning on Mike and Mike. Gotta get another t-shirt up there too. J.A. R.O. F’n Y.

  • DP

    Chan Ho’s the man. He did a nice job in the pen this year and deserved to pop a little bubbly. I was worried he would be sulky after losing his starting job but loved how he fit in with the other pen personalities and really embracing his role.

    Love the angry Yankee fans. Of course their angry/anxious b/c all the pressure is on them. If we win, we beat the big bad Yankees and this team goes down in the history books (back-to-back etc.) If we lose, Yankees don’t gain anything other than another notch on the belt and “bragging” rights that the highest payroll in MLB beat yet another underdog. Sucks to be a Yankees fan. They’re lucky the Angels imploded. The Angels could just have easily won that series and we’d be talking about “welcoming” Bobby A. in the good old Philly way.

    Bottom line, Yankees are a good team but Phils in 6. People are getting carried away that these are the ’98 Yanks.

  • Flash McFly

    last night i had a dream that the phils and yanks were playing in the world series. but instead of a best of 7 baseball series it was a bunch of random contests between team members. the only one i can really remember was the beard growing contest…we need bruntlett on the goddamn world series roster

  • bigmyc

    It’s great that all the Yankee fans are coming out to appreciate Philly baseball through it’s blog sites and the sentiment of Philly baseball Phans. They have finally earned the right to play the World Fuckin’ Champs and it should be a good, entertaining series.

    With that said and to all the Johnny Come Yankers; go suck on your neighbor’s matzo balls. These Yankees haven’t done bubkas in nine years, including two very large fails to a Curt Schilling lead Diamondbacks team and a Marlins team whose collective salary was roughly close the total salary of 25 Denny’s dishwashers. Lemme get this straight; the Yankees are suddenly relevant and these fans wanna come here and talk crapola? Whuh?

    Great, so at least this year, baseball may come down to whose owners have the deeper pockets? There’s a great contest for ya. Why don’t we just pull a random line of Phillies Phans and Yankee fans and see whose 401K is more meaty? The hell with that, we should just tape measure the offices of Giles and Steinbrenner and see which one is larger. That way, we could find out where that World Series Trophy could fit better. I don’t have a problem with paying players to bolster a team…but don’t come at me to talk shit about a team that was assembled from the single bank account of a Steinbrenner.

    So, if you really wanna represent that “team” of yours to the fullest, try to do it with some class and a little dignity and not harken to battery throwing, stadium fire lighting, neighborhood rioting, schmucks that most of the country has grown to know.

  • SJ


    I believe it was the MLBPA RoY, which I assume is less significant than the one voted on by the writers sometime in November. Still impressive.

  • Meg

    @bigmyc I couldn’t agree with you more. Nothing I love better than showing up a Yankees “fan” who doesn’t even know what a starting line up is.

    It’s also pretty pathetic if you think about. Who has the time or energy to search the internet for Phillies fan blogs, and then post annoying comments in favor of the opposing team? Seriously, #1 Yankees fan/Anthony from Ozone, get a life dude

  • MRT

    I’ve become completely infatuated with Chan Hooooooooooo. I caught a game in September from the 1st row above the Phils bullpen at Nats Park and Chan Ho was the best… giving fans (including me) BP balls, joking with people in the stands and in the bullpen, and just doing a lot of strange, but amusing things… like fashioning a spear out of a stick he found and pretending to stab Kyle Kendrick. The whole bullpen was cool, but I discovered a new love for the bearded South Korean…

  • Saint

    haha – looking at the yahoo pictures the night the phillies clinched and couldn’t help but notice every 4th photo was of Chan Ho opening another bottle of champagne with his teeth in a different location (on the field, on the dugout, in the clubhouse, etc).

    but he truly deserves it – he’s one of 4 MLB pitchers to start against all 30 teams… and he is the only one without a W.S. ring.

  • shipsass

    an ARIN search of suggests that our Yankee visitor is working at a Federal Court facility in Washington, DC. I wonder if he’s using taxpayer-funded equipment and time to post about the Yankees?

  • Jdashdog

    The Angels committed 8 errors and the Yankees were able to score 5 unearned runs in that series – yet most of the games were pretty cloe. Just sayin…

    I’m extremely confident our boys are ready to do some work in NYC. Once he sees this lineup again, CC will get some traumatic flashbacks from last year and shrivel up like a Mets fans’ jorts that were in the dryer too long. AJ Burnett? Does he really scare anybody. We’ve gotten to him before. Petite has been in this position before, but again – does really he scare you? Position by position I’d say the Phils have the edge everywhere except 3rd, but don’t discount Pete’s D. I think this one comes to who the real team is. The Phils aren’t a bunch of guys forced together because they’re viewed as some of the top players in their positions. The Phils were cultivated, then peppered with some like-minded talents that embody the heart of this city as well. It shall be a glorious fall classic for the City of Brotherly love.

  • Watrick

    Let the “You Took Steroids!” chant start with the first pitch by Petite, and keep repeating it over and over again. Think that will get into his head? Of course, we can do it to A Rod, as well. But, too many people forget about Petite’s little needle in his butt.

  • bigmyc

    Well, I don’t think that the Yankees are that formidable of a team in the sense that they are unstoppable, but should this particular installment of the Fightin’s take this series, it would be a true testament to their place in baseball lore.

    While the Yanks aren’t Murderer’s Row exactly, they are a tough squad built from some very high profile and successful players. They did win over 100 games and their pitching staff was built to go deeply into postseason. The flip side is that without A-Rod’s contributions, at long last, they might be getting set to play a game 7 with the Angels tonight or even be at home listening to the Phillies-Angels WFS match ups.

    A series win over this newer version of the Bronx Bombers would be just what Charlie and his Phillies Legacy needs.

  • Sara

    i wish i were kidding when i say chan ho park is my favorite phillie based on personality.

    do you think he’d hang out with me?

  • bigmyc

    Use the Kimchi…

    Channer is a sucker for the Kimchi.

  • Joe D

    What better time to post my favorite Chopper story of all-time:

    I can’t remember the year but it was in the Vet during Chopper’s first stint with the Dodgers. I was down at field level trying to get autographs with my brother with Chan Ho comes walking out down the line with a fungo and some balls. He then starts to launch balls into the 600 and 700 level with the fungo. Thankfully it was so early that not many people were in the stadium but how crazy is that. If no one is looking they could have gotten smoked. I was laughing so hard. He hit about 5 up there then kept going about his business. The guy is certifiably nuts I think…but I love him.

  • maria

    Chan Ho was the star of The Pen. He is my favorite South Korean.

  • BigMiles

    Do we have an option on the table for Chan Ho next year?

  • T-Mac

    Anyone else see this?? We might be waiting until Thursday to start the series

  • Sara

    did anyone hear about how everyone in the pen is spending a considerable amount of time helping him practice english? there was a story in the inquirer about him (on my birthday!)

  • eR0CK

    Did I mention I hate the Yankees:

    “We’re going to give the Phillies hell and we expect to win a championship,” said Hal Steinbrenner, Yankees general managing partner, according to the New York Daily News.

  • Jdashdog

    Well e, to quote Herm Edwards: “You play to win the game!” I can’t fault them for wanting to win. They’re just not going to. Phils in 5 or 6, depending on how well Cole “Bitch Boy” Hamels pitches.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Free black tacos after 6p.m. on halloween ya’ll.

    Get you some!

  • Watrick

    I’m going to a Halloween party that the theme is dead celebrities. I’m going as Harry, and someone else is going to be there as Whitey. The people’s house I’m going to will be two people, one a Phils fan, and the other is a Yanks fan. Usually, they are civil to each other, but not this week.

    (last year, I went as Jamie Moyer for the dead celebrity-I figured he was close enough to the age of death.)

  • DP

    @ eR0CK: Who’s Hal Steinbrenner? Tell him to try showing his face in the stands, not in the plush box, at the Bank. We’ll see if he’s still chirping after a little Philly curb job. Last I checked Hal hasn’t done shit b/c it was daddy who did the winning.

  • Benny Fresh

    American tacos go great with champagne I’m told…fear the beard

  • bigmyc

    Problem wit da black tacos is that they are from Taco Bell.

  • bigmyc

    Can anyone imagine the horror that would descend upon the Yankee nation if C.C. gets blown up? (thinking about the lovely silence that chokes out the Yankee masses).

    I’d make a motion for Jimmy to give up his spot as game lead off in order to send one, Brett Myers to the plate. With any luck, Brett will chime in with a repeat performance from the NLDS last year and make C.C. throw about 30 pitches before he gets to see Shane-O.

  • Joe D

    Shane will only need to hit the equivalent of a pop-up for it to go out in Yankee Stadium.

  • will.H

    i think Hal Stienbrenner is the guy that purposely gave his dad a debilitating disease so he could take over the lying, cheating yankees. no need to buy a championship when your slobbering daddy can do it for you

  • Lynniemac

    I read the headline as “Chan Ho Park Is A Champagne-Pooping Maniac”.

    And now to add to the baseball discourse (not really): is Brett Myers available to DH against CC?

  • Flash McFly
  • Tug Haines

    Good find, Flash.

  • kevin Sefcik

    great job flash very funny…just like you

  • TheYankeeRules

    Will.H, wtf kind of sh*t is that to say about a guy? Slobbering daddy? George bought a company “THE NEW YORK YANKEES” and spent as much money on it as he could under the NY Yankees’ budget. He spent money to improve his company, and his earnings have increased because of that. What company do you know of is successful while not improving itself? Major League Baseball is the corporate level of baseball leagues.

  • James Fayleez


    That is not Chan Ho. The Chan Ho I know has an EPIC BEARD and would beat that other person wearing the Dodgers uni down into a pile of dust.

    He would also grab meech by the throat and tell him that comparing his name to a Hacksaw Jim Duggan war cry is stupid and lame.

    Then he would go out an pitch a scoreless 7th.

  • DA-MAN

    Dude the Yanks have so many notches on their belts that adding you whiz-kids losers will just be a sidebar..oh, i hope you guys don’t think that the 2 outta 3 you took against us will mean squat…btw, the CC that you guys saw last year is definitely not the CC you’ll be seeing come Wed.
    to Mayor Fluffernutter, please limit all access to dwellings containing more than 2 stories as i don’t want your citizens to jump when they lose this azzwhuppin…er, better close the bridges too while you’re at it ;-p

  • mplant

    Taco. American Taco

  • DA-MAN

    to BigMyc, your team is a one-shot wonder and you’re talking smack…crawl back under your fishtown rocks cause the Yanks aren’t some poor schmoe who are part of a bridal party and this certainly won’t be a bar excursion. we’ll be the ones administering the beatdown this time tool……ROTFLMAO

  • DA-MAN

    for Filthyfans to chew on:

    Fun Phildelphia Phillies Facts…. 80 out of 126 seasons below .500 ! (64%)…….. 10,183 losses. No other team in all of sports history has 10,000 losses…….. 49 last place finishes. More seasons in last place then the Mets had seasons. (40%)……. 15 seasons with 100 plus losses…….. 11 seasons in the playoff in 125 years. (.08%)…….. Only 2 WSC in 125 years. (.016%)………. “Philadelphia Phillies History, Catch it, Because they Couldn’t !”

  • Darkwing Duck

    The Math skills and hip name of DA-MAN are both rather impressive for someone who has CLEARLY been alive since 1883 and was able to follow every Phillies game while still rooting for the Yankees. May your vitality and mental sharpness become the thing of Legend good sir.

    In all honestly, get a life.

    Phillies in 6

  • will.H

    TheYankeesRules, thanks for the business model lesson. Dont you have an accent to fake?

  • will.H

    DA-MAN, if the phillies are a one-shot wonder, what are they doing in theird ‘2nd’ consecutive world series? Will they be a two-shot wonder next year? All i know is.. watching your overpaid liars take the field will be entertaining. How can you posers even root for a guy like arod?

  • bigmyc

    The answer to your queries is quite simple, William H.; It’s because the Yanker fans simply aren’t smart enough to know that they are the worst of the “led by the dick” fans.

    If Idi Amin could hit a fastball, they’d sign him for big dollars to bat fourth and they’d call him, “Big Despot.”

    You see, the average Yanker fan is gonna have to look that last word up…only half of them will have the motivation to actually do so.


  • will.H

    haha, Idi Amin. yess

  • RicoBrogna

    Chan Ho Is da man! That is y i am rockin a cool world series beard like chan ho! Pop champagne bitches!

  • YuckTheFankees

    yah mean jew york? it fuckin sucks

  • VICTORYno8

    I love yankee fans that think they’re “classy” because their team is all about the money and that a team like the phillies, who are all about winning, are “classless.” Philly is a tough town, but that doesn’t make it classless.

  • lovemyphils

    Any chance we can get an “American Taco” Chan Ho shirt?

  • DA-MAN

    i’m back to laugh at all of you tools. btw Big macandcheese, right numbers, wrong team LOL…at will h. the same way you cheered for that steroid relief pitcher from your championship year. how many games was he suspended at the start of this season….i believe the number was 50 but hey, who’s counting ROTFLMAO

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