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Carlos Zambrano now a man of God
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“It’s me, Carlos.”

David Murphy has written something today about Carlos Zambrano prosthelytizing to a clubhouse visitor in Clearwater, and it’s an amazing read.

“Have you read the Bible?” the hulking pitcher asked. The visitor nodded. They were alone in a far corner of the clubhouse, one occupied locker in a sea of vacants. Zambrano was seated, his broad shoulders spanning the width of a black leather office chair. “There was a guy who was outside the church, and he was looking for money,” Zambrano said. “Do you remember that story? Do you remember that?” […] Zambrano does not give you an easy out. There is no break in the conversation that might allow for a, “Well, on another note, how did you feel about your sinker?” It isn’t even a conversation. Rather, it is a monologue, a sermon, an outpouring of emotion from a man who truly believes that he has been born again…

While reading I’m picturing this person alone in a room with Big Z, El Toro, this hulking, intense dude preaching the Bible and I can’t help but think of the caddy that Bill Murray corners to tell about caddying for the Dalai Lama.

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 [ David Murphy | Zambrano’s newfound faith ]

  • thisfreakinguy

    “Thus far, he has been a model employee. In his final extended spring training start, he stopped outside of the clubhouse at the Carpenter Complex to take pictures with the five or six fans who had dropped by to watch him pitch. After his first start for Class A Clearwater, he waited in the dugout to exchange handshakes and fist bumps with his young teammates before departing for the training room.”

    This sounds much more like a guy I want pitching for the Phillies. Now let’s hope he can still be good at the major league level, if he gets there.

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