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I’m not going to lie to you, kids, I was rooting for Carlos Zambrano to make it to the Phils because: (a) he’s a lunatic who cracks me up and (b) I hate John Lannan’s face. The odds of that happening took a serious hit last night in Lehigh Valley, where he left after two innings with “serious pain”– Ruben Amaro’s words– in his shoulder. Here, read a real journalist’s report.


Photo: Kevin Mingora, THE MORNING CALL

Two things to note: Of course Michael Martinez started the inning that potentially killed the dream with an error. Zambrano’s deal with the organization included an “out clause” if he wasn’t with the big club by July 1st. Obviously, the injury impacts that, as well as his general ability to, you know, throw a baseball effectively. Stay tuned, but do so with a somber heart.

  • Phil E. Moose

    He probably just didn’t want to be seen for another second in that jersey

    • Beck

      The jersey is so loud, it gave him tinnitus in his shoulder.

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