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Carlos Ruiz hosted charity bowling event last Sunday
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Philadelphia Futures is an organization that “provides Philadelphia’s low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college.”

This past Sunday, Chooch presented “Getting in the Game” to raise funds for Philadelphia Futures and 14 of his teammates joined him at North Bowl. Photographer HughE Dillon was there to capture the event for Philadelphia Magazine, and I was surprised to learn that Jimmy Rollins is a damn good bowler:

 Jimmy Rollins was killing it, getting a strike nearly every time he was up. On June 20, the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation is hosting its third annual gala, “Harlem Nights,” at Union Transfer.

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Not so surprised that he would wear sunglasses indoors at night. (Photo: HughE Dillon)

Read more about the local notables in attendance, the silent auction, and the rest of the evening at Philadelphia Magazine’s blog, The Philly Post.

[ HughE Dillon | Carlos Ruiz Hosts “Getting in the Game” ]

  • john matrix

    if chooch had a giant gold belt buckle, and a meximullet,this would be the greatest pic ever

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