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Carlos Lee Fan Puts Rollie Fingers To Shame
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During the Phillies roadtrip to Houston, I’ve been hipped to what is now my new favorite fan group in the majors. “Los Caballitos” is their name. Their mission? To constantly root for “El Caballo”, otherwise known as stocky left fielder, Carlos Lee.

Per wiki:

The club convenes in Minute Maid Park next to the Conoco Home Run Pump in left-center field, where they wear large straw cowboy hats, Carlos Lee number 45 jerseys and ride stick ponies when he hits a home run. He is also known affectionatly [sic] as Fat Carlos.

And if this guy right here is not the lead Caballito, they need to rethink their hierarchy pronto:

  • Arnita Dary

    did you hear that a drug smuggler was found out betting against his own filly. I didn’t think that was ilegal but there you go! Still he only got fiver hundred!

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