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Ruben Amaro is looking to buy this year – that’s what we’re hearing from the rumor mill as the deadline approaches and the Phillies have taken 6 of their last eight games, including four from the two teams ahead of them in the NL East standings. It’s good to see, it feels good when your team wins, they are looking stronger lately, okay. Maybe they have a chance to put a run together and storm into first place with about half a season to play. We’ve all read about how the Braves and the Nationals have been playing around .500 ball since Atlanta won 12 of 13 to begin the season. Hell, the Mets collapsed in 2007 and the Phillies were hot enough to take advantage, right? The Rockies that same year got hot enough to force a tie-breaker, squeak into the playoffs after 163 games, sweep the NLD&CS before getting leveled by the Red Sox.


Crazy shit happens all the time in this game, so combining an enormous amount of luck with .600 baseball for the rest of the season, the Phillies have a chance to make the playoffs. To take care of the second part, Amaro is going to buy some pieces, probably bullpen arms, as he’s been raiding Lehigh Valley all summer like some nasty six year old with a basket of dinner rolls, touching everything and putting them back. The Yankees are pushing Joba and Phil Hughes out there, so maybe Michael Young is in pinstripes and Joba is in better pinstripes? The trade is stupid enough to happen. Utley and Chooch might get moved, but do we really want to trade someone like Chase Utley for bullpen arms, especially when Amaro hasn’t displayed any ability to put together a decent bullpen? And if these three are gone, who makes up for the loss of offense? And if they get rid of guys like Utley and Ruiz, it sounds like selling more than anything else.

It’s confusing. I’m confused. None of it makes sense to me. I don’t claim to be an expert – I’m happy to be a fan, an ignorant, obnoxious fan. I have plenty of other, more important shit to think about, I blog about the Phillies because it’s fun, even when it isn’t (and it hasn’t been lately).

But here’s the analysis that my very limited understanding can produce:

  • They’re a mediocre team that’s (currently) playing well in a weak division
  • Amaro is a smug asshole that’s pissed away contention
  • He’s going to be a “Seller-Lite” so he can spin his moves either way depending on how this season ends

I should be clear that I wouldn’t mind the “smug asshole” part if he was a smug asshole who improved my favorite team. He doesn’t even have to win a championship every year. Fucking guy doesn’t even admit to making mistakes, he just trades for Roy Oswalt and hopes we understand. The NL East is full of scrub teams and this guy drags a champion down to that level. Fuck him.

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  • Bombinic

    In this great game as with them all, just get to the playoffs. anything can happen after that and with a team of veterans, no matter how maligned they are anything is possible.

  • James_Fayleez

    Let’s see how he does when there is nothing to get from the Astros anymore.

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