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Burrell Bids on Boyd’s Barracuda at Barret-Jackson
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Prior to passing away from complications that were brought on from a surgery mishap, legendary automobile designer Boyd Coddington of American Hot Rod fame and his crew were working on building a custom black-on-black, super-charged, 1967 Plymouth Barracuda. Unfortunately, because of his untimely death, this project never even got off the ground.

Now, nearly a year later, the HEMI’d ‘Cuda that Coddington visualized was finally completed when the ride pimping crew over at West Coast Customs took over and brought Boyd’s concept to life.

So why the fuck am I explaining this on a Phillies site? Fair question.

Because when that same car was up for sale last week at the world famous Barrett-Jackson auto auction, ex-Phillies slugger Pat Burrell (I’m still not used to typing that) was smack dab in the middle of a bidding war for it:

I’m not too hip when it comes to this car auction nonsense, but by the looks of it Pat and his stylish Santa Cruz t-shirt bid as high as $190,000 before eventually losing out to some overly excited jaggov in a suit.

You can watch the clip, along with the nauseating vocal tones of the auctioneer, after the jump.

(Alliterated headline was an obvious homage to perhaps the finest baseball site on the web, Walkoff Walk)

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  • Get Me outta Cleveland and back to Philly

    Pat thought he was bidding for the woman in the red dress. He stopped bidding when he realized he was only getting the car.

  • GM-Carson

    Season hasn’t even started yet and I already miss The Bat.

  • Walklett

    This post was packed with astounding alliteration.

  • The Juggernaut

    Shane “No questions asked” Victorino just signed for 1 year 3.125 million

  • Pete D

    What I want to know is, what Phillies fan is sitting here watching auto auctions on the Speed network and says, holy shit thats Pat Burrell!

  • The Juggernaut

    Oh and the Phils and Ryan “Black Lava” Howard are only $4 million apart

    The name “black lava” is property of this fine site

  • How do you spell retard?

    @The Juggernaut

    I knew it would catch on (catch on=only you and I use that name).

  • grill

    i was at a bar saturday nite and for some reason they had the speed channel on….i walked in right when they showed pat and i started freaking out.

  • Humer


    I call him Black Lava when talking about him with my friends, and they have since started calling him Black Lava, so it is catching on a bit. I credited you & the Fightins, of course.

  • Hummer


    wow i cant even spell my goddamn name right…balls

  • How do you spell retard?

    Awesome. Thank you, respected commenter, Hummer. And you as well, Humer.

  • PhillyCuban

    ive seen the speed channel on casino TVs during the middle of the afternoon on weekdays when they need something other than the same shitty sportscenters constantly on every TV

    /gets rivered

  • LC

    I’m pretty sure The Bat won the auction and the Jaggov in the suit is the Bidder’s Assistant who gets a cut of the proceeds. Pat looks a heckualot slimmer than he did this past season. Hope it helps his game.

  • Vince Gironda

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