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Bridge to Madson?
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While it may not be an appealing phrase, rhyme-wise, (just like how Lidge’s entrance isn’t appealing, musically) many people are suggesting that Madson be moved to closer duty, given Lidge’s recent suckiness on the mound. While the numbers may suggest this is an improvement, Mad Dog closing move could also totally fuck up the bullpen and leave a shitstorm after the 7th inning.

History tells us that Madson does not adjust well to new roles. I was one of the overly optimistic fools that believed Mad Dog would flourish as a starter. The man was a cotdamn monster when he first came up from the farm system! But whence he was designated a starter in ’06, he stank more than a Amy Winehouse-Courtney Love scissor session. Logically, one would believe that the adjustment fucked him up. Motherfucker forgot how to pitch after becoming so comfortable as a mid to late relief man. That is what’s worrisome about the thought of him closing.

As the moving picture box has told us lately, professional athletes are total pussies. Errr, I mean professional athletes suffer from anxiety and sociological problems. Some deal with it by taking anxiety medication, others choose to light farm hands on fire and machete the fuck outta them. Lidge being moved from a closer’s spot could affect the man some believe to have his fragile moments. So moving Madson to closer would most likely make Lidge the setup man. This can go one of two ways 1.) Madson is a successful closer, and Lidge is a decent setup man, or 2.) Madson shits himself again in a new role, Lidge cannot deal with the demotion, making the bullpen totally fucked.

While 6 blown saves are pretty sucky, I’m not sure if this is a risk you want to take. Madson could work as a closer, but I doubt B-Lidge would be a successful setup brah. If only the Phillies had another infielder with an oddly shaped head they could trade for a homicidal middle reliever…

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  • WB-Tony

    As much as Lidge is pissing me off lately, I tend to agree with you here. Unfortunately, I don’t think Lidge can pull off the setup role (see every game Lidge has come in the past two seasons that wasn’t a save situation.) Plus, I really don’t think Chollie’s going to pull him from the role anytime soon, anyways. Here’s to hoping Lidge can get his head together before we get to deep into the summer.

  • maria

    I don’t want to make an excuses for Lidge, but some of his 6 blown saves haven’t been that bad. The game in Washington, Ryan Zimmerman had an infield hit and Adam Dunn grounded out, but it was hit to slowly for a doubleplay. The first blown save against the Yankees, the homerun A-Rod hit barely got of New Yankee Stadium, which doesn’t say much. Obviously, the Friday night game against the Dodgers wasn’t so much his fault. If Pedro Feliz makes that play, we probably aren’t talking about moving Lidge.

    He’s given up a ton of runs but taking him out of the closer’s role is not going to help him. I think you have to let work through it.

  • ill

    The chick from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist? Nice call. I think she will have a nude scene soon enough.

    As for Lidge, I think it is very unlikely he gets pulled from the closer role. First, we are paying him too much. Second, 6 saves is nothing to get worried about. He can easily turn that around and me money. C. You start fucking with his confidence and he breaks. Lidge is fragile and that is why he got fucked up in Houston. I think we need to hold strong and let him do the damn thang.

  • Here Come Da Judge

    still hoping to see that scissor session…

  • Harry

    I think Lidge should stay as the closer also, but not because of the reasons you mentioned. He hasn’t pitched that bad lately and has had some unfortunate luck. Saying Madson can’t pitch in the 9th inning becuase he wasn’t able to make the transition into being a starter is stupid. The whole notion of a “closer” is also stupid. You should put your best pitcher in the game where it matters the most. For example, if your team is up 1 going into the 8th with the other teams best hitters coming up, the logical move would to put your closer in then. Too many people get caught up in only bringing your closer in during “save situations.”

  • Robert

    Mmmm… Kat Dennings.. Something about those pale girls just get me…

  • D.Whitmore

    scissor me timbers


    After a few more appearances and allowing him to find his groove, why not put Romero out there in the 9th? Yeah, maybe it’s a bit risky, but not more than putting Madson out there. He thrives under pressure and he’s got the closer mentality.

  • GenericFanGroup

    Charlie has already said that Lidge is his guy. Its not even worth talking about because he is not going to change his mind. Lidge won him a World Series and Charlie feels he at least owes him a chance to get right. Now people will say “well Charlie moved Chan Ho for Happ why wouldnt he do the same with Lidge?” well Chan Ho never helped him win a World Series. Charlie is sticking his neck out for Lidge in hopes he gets a big return in the longterm.


    This is a good point and surely one Manuel has mulled over time and time again. He needs to handle Lidge with care, and he has said publicly that Brad is always going to be his closer.

  • Harry

    “After a few more appearances and allowing him to find his groove, why not put Romero out there in the 9th? Yeah, maybe it’s a bit risky, but not more than putting Madson out there. He thrives under pressure and he’s got the closer mentality.”

    So even though Madson is a better pitcher than Romero, you would rather throw out J.C. in the 9th becuase he “thrives under pressure and has the closer mentality?” Makes perfect sense…

  • El Ricko

    The other bullpen pitchers could be the Bridges to Madson County…

  • ill

    Lidge to the DL.

    Bako up.

  • Andrew

    As of 2:05 PM – Lidge to DL. Hmmm…..

  • lebowski

    Always thought the Bako signing was to light a fire under Coste’s ass. Coste isn’t a very good catcher, which backup catchers typically are. His bad hasn’t been what it was the past two seasons, so other than being a good clubhouse guy, he doesn’t have a lot going for him right now.

  • lebowski

    *his bat


    Actually, Harry, I don’t know if it makes perfect sense or not, but what they are doing now doesn’t seem to be the correct solution either. I think Madson’s found his niche, and they need to leave that alone. Don’t F with a good thing, ya know? I’m not saying Romero is the answer, but they can’t worry about the 9th if they can’t get through the 7th or 8th. Leave Madson where he is and find someone who can close.

  • zach

    lidge is on the DL so it is likely madson will close untile he comes back

  • GenericFanGroup

    Bako was called up but nothing was done with Coste which makes me wonder why the Phils would carry three catchers. I thought for sure the Phils would have brought back Escalona before bringing Bako up.

  • How do you spell retard?

    @ill & Andrew

    Perfect timing for my post!

  • Gaze

    A third catcher… plus Werth as an emergency catcher. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Another arm in the pen (anyone) probably would have been a more valuable call up than Bako.

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