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Brett Myers Issues A Playoff Guarantee
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In the midst of the post-game celebration yesterday evening, Brett Myers took a break from the division winning festivities to sit down with Michael Barkann and Mitch Williams of Comcast SportsNet. It was during this interview where Myers issued a guarantee for this year’s playoffs.

“We will NOT go three and out this year!”

Okay, so it’s not exactly on the level of Joe Namath or Mark Messier, but it’s a start…

Here’s the proof:

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  • JMS

    I took this as “Brett Myers’ Issues [are going to be] A Playoff Guarantee” and got scared. Eesh.

  • PhiPhan5648

    I swear to god… if he loses us the Playoffs, I will find him, and beat him like he beat his girlfriend!

  • JMS


  • Gigi

    I guarantee that the eagles will either win or lose tonight.

  • PhiPhan5648

    Well Gigi… you were right in that guarantee… ugh… Hopefully the Phillies can have a good Playoff Week.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    “We will NOT go three and out this year!”

    I wish Reid and McNabb could make that same guarantee.

    [slams head repeatedly in desk drawer]

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