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Boob Grab Guy: Unslapped
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WYSP’s Spike Eskin (does NOT eat cock) interviewed the Boob Grab Girl this morning, and he got every single little detail outta her from the scene of the tittywonkle. She seems pretty unaffected by the internet fame, so good for her. But I won’t give the rest away! (You should definitely listen to it a little after the  10 minute mark.) |(o)(o)|

  • Adam Eaton

    Good interview. Bless her heart…

  • Save Second Base

    Nice…I wondered how well she knew the guy since here reaction wasn’t an immediate slap across the face…

    I like the t-shirt idea…when can we see some ideas?

  • Save Second Base


  • Muscles

    her heart is on the other side

  • James Fayleez

    That’s great that he mentioned the site, but that interviewer sounded like a complete douchebag.

    Did he even write down anything to ask her or did he just wing the whole interview?

  • JayFraud

    More LOLMets fun (not to mention shameless self-promotion at its finest):

    Fuck the Mets.

  • Save Second Base

    Nice, JayFraud.


    Fuck the Mets!!

  • Sherry

    Slap in the face? If some guy I hardly knew grabbed my tit I would have went Gaby Sanchez on his ass.

  • Greenman!

    I’m not so sure Howard doesn’t eat cock

  • Tartan69

    She attends Atlantic County Community College. What a shocker.

  • phils phan 17

    well according to “boob grab girl”, we finall found the obnoxious whistle guy that we hear on tv. i freakin’ hate that guy. …anyone in to find him and beat the ever-lovin’ sh*t outta him?! i vote yes!

  • phils phan 17


  • Adam Eaton

    Fuck the Mets.

  • PhillyPhanInIthaca

    Oh I just hate the Mets. I get both SNY and YES networks here in central New York, therefore every Mets and Yankees game (just like CSN Philly and the Phils).

    So when the Phillies finally play the Muts I get pumped to watch a live game for once, saving me from another night glued to a boxscore.

    Well what’s on SNY tonight at 7:00 pm? BOXING!! Where do I find the Mets-Phillies game? MLB EXTRA INNINGS, of course! How could I be so ignorant?

    So in conclusion. I get the network the Mets games are broadcast on, have been able to watch said games against other teams (like the Braves), and they are not airing the game on any channel, not even the MyPHL counterpart they have here, except for the subscritption channel.


  • Save Second Base

    Is it just me, or does it seem that Doc has given up some big innings recently?

  • Bob77

    She was a good sport to do this interview and seems like she is fairly done to earth.

  • Bozo

    Someone should grab BBBBHP’s titties so we can find out who she is and masturbate to her on Facebook or something

  • On da Money

    Call me insensitive, but this incident is really not a big deal. Not a big deal at all. Cool chic. Drama queen interviewer. Over blown incident.

    There you have it.

    Oh, the violation of it all!

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