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Bob Davidson’s Wikipedia Page Has Already Been Updated
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I assume you saw the shit show that was Bob Davidson last night? You know, where he acts as if he’s bigger than the game and assumes everyone bought a ticket to watch him insert himself into the storyline of the evening. Well, his call on Ben Revere is now chronicled on his Wikipedia page, which means that college kids around the world can cite this incident in research papers. I have to say, whoever did this has much more restraint than I do:

  • On May (Editor’s note: Yes, it’s June) 4, 2013 Ben Revere, of the Phillies, over-slid second base in an attempt to break up a double play. Davidson called out Michael Young at first base (a double play) for base runner interference claiming that Revere had grabbed the foot of Marlins second baseman Derek Deitrich during his slide. Replays show that no such contact was made.

Philadelphia Fans Are the Best

Big ups to the fans at last night’s game for not letting Davidson off the hook with a mere temporary meltdown. That douchebaggery represented much more than the play itself- it encapsulated a mindset that compromises the integrity of the game AND WE WOULDN’T STAND FOR IT. Booing EVERYTHING for the next two innings was precisely what the moment called for, and we rose to it.


  • MJphillies

    I felt revived as a fan last night with all that ruckus. Hopefully that energy continues and the Philly Phaithful start getting more wild at the games. It was great!

  • Muzz

    Davidson is a poopface

  • Eva Szmutko

    At 12:15 (eastern), this had been removed from his wiki page. I restored it, but keep checking back and make sure it stays put on his page!

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