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Blue Jays announcers make Roy Halladay’s wife cry
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Roy Halladay’s lovely wife Brandy is normally so jovial and bursting with charitable energy (pictured!) that I was literally stunned — STUNNED I tell you — when I heard she was crying on-air during the Blue Jays radio broadcast the other day.

Well it turns out, the asshole Blue Jays broadcasters made her cry.  From

On Saturday, during the fifth inning of Toronto’s 6-2 win over Boston, Halladay’s wife, Brandy, stepped into the radio booth to promote the Lady Jays charity food drive being run by the players’ wives and girlfriends. The talk eventually turned to the reality at hand — that the Halladay family could have a new home in the near future.

“This very well could be our last homestand,” Brandy Halladay said on The FAN590. “If something happens before the Trade Deadline, I won’t be back. That’s difficult. That’s more than difficult. I just broke into tears four minutes ago. … It’s very difficult for everybody. … You’re making me cry now.

Those guys in Toronto’s radio booth should be ashamed of themselves, making Brandy Halladay cry like that.  It’s a sensitive subject, fellas, and I don’t think Brandy wants to talk about her future while she’s doing her charity drive for the Lady Jays.  Show some cot damn respect for once.

Oh, and Brandy?  Did I ever mention the fact that the Phillies wives are also extremely charitable and put together numerous fund-raisers throughout the year?  I don’t have a definitive number, Brandy, but I’m almost positive that it’s more than the Blue Jays do.

I’m pretty sure that if you, your husband Roy, and that right arm of his would make Philadelphia (or the surrounding suburbs) your new home, nobody around here would make you cry.

I promise.

Get it done, Amaro.

(Brandy Halladay quote found on Big League Stew’s Morning Juice)

  • Dash Treyhorn

    If the Phillies do land Halladay, and his first appearance in a Phils’ uniform is at home, he gets a standing ovation before throwing a pitch, right?

  • Heese

    FYI the Wheels “Rock Around the Cock” clip was played on stern this morning. Howard kind of shit on TMac too.

  • Drew

    What brutes!

  • J.R.


    Roy Halladay gets standing ovations, drinks for free, and walks on rose pedals until he gives Philly a hometown discount like he did in Toronto.

  • Boothe

    *holds back tears



    Don’t worry Boothe, we’ll take good care of him and you can have monitored visits on the weekends.

  • Jdashdog

    @Meech, I just got my PANAMANIA shirt and it’s awesome. I wore it out for a crazy random Sunday Funday in Manayunk yesterday and long story short, I will be appearing in a speed dating commercial wearing said t-shirt. I think I play a significant role and the shirt should get some good air time. I even score a kiss on the cheek from some Macy Gray lookin chick.

    Let’s get Halladay and keep Happ. I think we can do it.

  • Harry

    “Oh, and Brandy? Did I ever mention the fact that the Phillies wives are also extremely charitable and put together numerous fund-raisers throughout the year? I don’t have a definitive number, Brandy, but I’m almost positive that it’s more than the Blue Jays do.”

    I don’t know the exact number, but I’m pretty positive it’s more… nice

  • Kruks left nut

    There’s no cry’n in baseball ,if poeple in Toronto can make her cry than she will be plenty moist in this hard ass town,

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    That’s nothing, TMac and Wheels make me cry on a nightly basis. Fuckin’ retards.

  • MJRiley26

    Sarge wouldn’t even need trade speculation to put her into tears

  • Kruks left nut

    Yeah! with one of those bbq rib farts!!!

  • GenericFanGroup

    good to hear Howard came home from vacation to talk about something that happened MONTHS ago. They played the clip on Opie and Anthony the day after it happened. BTW just got my Panamania shirt and will be wearing it proudly as the Phils continue there winning streak against my second most hated team…..The Chicago Cubs. Please Phillies fans stop throwing back the cot damn ball after a opposing teams homerun. Do we really want to be compared to the “loveable” losers. I wish the dummies would realize that it only means that some little kid on the 1st or 3rd base side is going to end up with the homerun ball.

  • Tug Haines

    I’m with you GFG.

    Also, I’ve heard that Cubs fans bring balls with them to throw back on the off-chance that they catch one, then they sell the shit on eBay or something. So, technically, not even Cubs fans do it.

    Why don’t we just sing Go Cubs Go after every win, too?

  • GenericFanGroup

    While we are at it how about we put some seats on top of the Holiday Inn, sit outside the park with our baseball gloves incase someone hits a homerun and have Wheels lead us in “Take me out to the ballgame.”

    That was why I was annoyed by the curse of William Penn. How about we just said “hey its tough to win a World Series”

  • Gonzo

    A new fan club idea…

    The Halladay Inn!!! A bunch of guys and gals wearing butler and french maid uniforms in the bleachers.

  • bigmyc

    Booo. She can keep her cozy set up in the Toronto metropolitan area then…unless Halladay gets sent to anyone other than the Phillies. If J.A. Happ is anywhere near the deal along with the name, “Drabek”, “Taylor” or “Brown”, I don’t want none.

  • Watrick

    Curses are just excuses for being shitty. I know, that’s why the Phils didn’t win. Not because of Billy Penn’s arrogance-he was a Quaker after all. It’s because Lee Thomas didn’t land Rnady Johnson in ’93, it’s because we traded too many people for Von Hayes, and it was also because we only got Omar Daal, Travis Lee[ve], Padilla, and someone else I can’t think of for The Big Mouth, and then we got Bud Smith and Mike Timlin with The Big Bubble Head in the Rolen trade. Not Billy Penn.

    As for throwing the ball’s back-save it for someone no one likes, then it means more. It’s not cool when you try to insult an Adam Dunn and a Carlos Beltran[sexual] homer? Save those kind of gimicy antics for when it matters. If I catch a Juan Pierre homer, I’m keeping it. If it’s Manny, maybe I’ll write, “Manny takes the same drugs as my Nanny” on the ball and throw it back. Actually, I’ll probably keep that too. Beacause, hell, it’s hard to catch one of those things. I still have a Francoeur foul ball he hit in BP one day. And you know what? I’m never getting rid of it.

  • maria

    I got a Panamania shirt too. Still haven’t gotten it but I plan to wear out in public as often as I can.

  • RRickwood

    Even if you get Roy, we still got 1993.

  • Lynniemac

    Well yes, RRickwood, and you hold on to that. Because that would be the last championship in Canada, right (excluding, of course, the Gray Cup and the Brier because really, who cares?)?

  • samm


  • Frankie Ballz

    Umm….he was just traded to the Phillies. wow… this actually came true…. Anyone still googling what Roy Halladay’s wife looks like and accidentally winding up on a fightins blogpost from the summer about Halladay? Because that’s not what I was doing or anything.

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