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Big Brown Avoids Arbitration; Signs for 3-years, $54 Million
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Thank you, Ruben Amaro.

Howard agrees to $54 milllion contract |

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  • ray

    where are the amaro haters now

  • JaysonWerthHisWeightInGold

    seriously guys, after this and the signings of Cole (a fuckin steal at twice the price) and (my personal hero) Jayson Werth can we admit that, while sad about the loss of “The Bat” maybe amaro has a clue afterall.

  • yellowbird

    i r happy

  • Hummer

    damnit meech, its Black Lava, not Big Brown

  • Sundar

    I prefer ‘The Ninja Turtle’ personally

  • MikeY

    @ sundar:

    The Ninja Turtle?

  • Tony


  • How do you spell retard?

    $54 million = 10,093,457 Five Dollar Footlongs
    (although I was apalled to realize that $5 dollar footlongs are $5.35 footlongs).
    /sandwich rant
    //who’s with me!?!

  • Joey Wade

    fucking A, seriously? if i knew about that i would’ve thrown a shit fit in subway.

    … oh yea, Howard.

    Its a good deal. They gave him the money he deserved, but the years aren’t too many, which is smart.

  • Gaze

    It’s pretty much the perfect deal. His remaining arbitration years are most likely going to shape up to be the prime of his career and we got him at a price that was equal to what he wanted this year. Had we gone year to year, chances are this would have cost the Phillies another $8M in the long run.

    Plus, I’m not all but guaranteed that my Howard jersey will have a shelf life of three more years!

  • PhillyCubano

    yeah, amaro really did a solid job this offseason. It was really Pat’s fault for turning down the offer.

    The way the market turned out, he couldve waited out the ibanez signing, but he handled the boatload of arbitration guys very professionally

  • GenericFanGroup

    Bravo Amauro! now get us another lefty to fill in for JC and a utility fielder to fill in if Utley is out for any time. Why Cant Us….again?

  • Matt


    I don’t know that Pat turned down any offer. He said that they never actually made him a formal offer. It was like Amaro had his mind made up from the start that The Bat was done in Philly.

    A good deal overall, I’m satisfied. If Howard continues to hit 45 homers and 140 rbis a year then this deal was very good. If not, we may end up overpaying a bit. It’s a risk, but at least there won’t be all this talk every offseason about it any more, and that’s worth the cost alone.

  • Amanda

    I think it is a good deal for the Phillies.

    He’s getting $18 million a year (technically, the 15, 19, 20 breakdown).. Yes that is a lot. But it buys out all 3 of his arbitration years. If he went to arbitration next year, he’d probably ask for $20 or $22 million or more. And because HR and RBI are the sexy thing, he’ll end up getting that money. So in a way, the 3 year deal is saving money for the Phillies.

    Even though he strikes out a ton, he is a big part of this team.

  • PhillyCubano

    yeah i guess amaro probably didnt make him an offer on his own, but i think the phillies made him an offer at some point before the offseason started

    i could be wrong

  • Gonzo

    I give props to that photo. It’s beautiful.

  • Gigi

    now we should focus on signing nomar, but then offer his roster spot and a prominent seat in the dugout to Mia Hamm

    WHO’S WITH ME!?!?

  • Tug Haines


    You’re right, the Phillies did make him some kind of two-year deal. The conventional wisdom was that he wanted 3 or 4 years and more money per year. Didn’t happen. I still wear my Burrell shirt, wearing it today in fact (he’ll ALWAYS be a Phillie), but…

    HA-ha Pat.


  • Matt

    Well, I trust Pat the Bat when he says the Phillies never made an offer. I have a hard time believing that if the Phillies wanted him back, they couldn’t have easily kept him. He wanted to stay in Philly, but it was clear to me that his time in Philly was over early on.

  • maria

    I agree with Gonzo. That is a quality picture.

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