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Benches Clear, Nothing Happens
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Ugh. Baseball altercations can be so disappointing sometimes.

In case you’ve been out celebrating the Eagles win over the 49ers for the past 14 hours, here’s a brief Phillies update: The Dodgers whooped the Phillies’ ass and Hiroki Kuroda threw a 94-mph fastball at Shane Victorino’s melon. After Vic grounded out to first, benches cleared, people screamed at each other and the game continued. The End.

Here is video of the incident with Scott Franzke, Larry Andersen & Vin Scully’s voices replacing those annoying fellows in the FOX booth:

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  • bigmyc

    That’s almost too bad…I kinda wanted to see the Ramirez/Romero UFC show down. Torre and Charlie don’t think that’ll will carry over (or at least that’s what they say), but as Sarge said, it may only take one participant to rekindle it.

    Blanton throws inside as it is so….

  • FuquaManuel

    Oh c’mon. The Dodgers know first hand that Rudy Seanez will fuck all their days up. Don’t mess with that cat.

  • ryan g

    Please upload Victorino’s post game interview. I need to know how many times he quoted, ” Like I said”.

  • Robert

    Honestly there Vic looks like a total badass… I wouldn’t want to mess with him there.

  • BIG T

    Manny is just like Brett Myers didn’t come after him.

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