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If you don’t mind, I’m just gonna keep updating this post throughout the day with each spectacular picture of Jayson Werth’s new beard. Cool? I’ll start if off with the original Todd Zolecki pic, this is the one that’s gonna win all the major photography awards at the end of the year:

(via The Zo Zone)

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(last updated 2/23 at 7:30pm)

(Yong Kim via Phillies Zone)

(via Yong Kim)

(via Yong Kim)

(via Yong Kim)


From Ryan Lawrence on the tweets:

Werth on 1st question, of course, about his beard: “I’m not going to talk about that…am I going to ask you about that thing on your neck?”


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(via Miles Kennedy)

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(Preston and Steve via Hey Nick Murphy)

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  • Lynniemac


  • will.H
  • JB

    …forever and ever, amen.

  • Adam Eaton

    I haven’t been this excited since I recieved my first ever t-shirt in the mail. I can’t WAIT to see where this goes.

  • BringBackTelemauco

    Only Lidge saves more than Jayson.

  • Sal Fasano’s Beard

    Brilliant move by the phils not to resign park… he was one of our few consistently good relievers.

  • Jdashdog

    I’m going to let him baptize my future children

  • Lynniemac

    Sal’s Beard, it’s not that the Phillies didn’t want him, he wanted to start. Which is why, of course, he’s now been signed for the Evil Empire’s bullpen.

  • Tug Haines
  • Joe D


  • will.H

    from what i hear they offered Park some good cash.

  • will.H

    haha Tug, thanks for the real thing.

  • Muscles

    <3 all of you…. not in a gay way

  • Sal Fasano’s Beard

    I know that its not that we didn’t want him… i wasn’t aware that he wanted to start… but he wont start for the yankees.

  • Joe D

    @will…Park would have got $3M in arbitration.

    @Sal….Park is an idiot. He can enjoy being a reliever out there for less money. His country will be proud.

  • Lynniemac

    Sal, exactly, and this is why I hate pitchers (see: Franklin, Ryan).

  • GTO

    @ Meech

    +2 for a photoshopped Werth/Falkor via Neverending Story shot.


  • Adam Eaton

    Honestly, who gives a shit about CHOP? He’s gone. Move on. We have a man with a TRUE beard on the loose people, have some humanity!

  • Adam Eaton

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if they did Jayson Werth bobble head night at the Bank and his little doll had an actual fuzzy beard?

  • jupiter’s rings

    You’d think Tyler Walker’s beard would be more blonde than that…

  • Jayson Werth’s Beard

    I’ll be holding a presser later this afternoon to answer questions about the man attatched to me.

  • Flash
  • Joe D
  • maria

    How do you show up to Spring Training, and expect not to get asked about it. I want to know more!

  • evan


  • maxL

    Well, Jayson Werth’s facial hair has shown up to Spring Training in the best shape of its life, optimistic about this season.

  • Joe D

    Those BP hats are ugly as sin this year too btw. I’d rather wear one of those old school NFL sideline hats that looked like a bird shit on it.

  • Sal Fasano’s Beard

    Jason looks like the Emile Hirsch from “Into the Wild”

  • Eric Bruntlett

    Hey. Someone’s trying to imitate me!!


    Joe D, that is the greatest photoshop in the history of computers.

  • i cant stand joe morgan
  • Joe D

    Thank you, thank you meech.

  • bigmyc

    That second shot is exquisite. In it, he has the polished complexion and smile of a classically pedigreed Show Pomeranian.

    Simply exquisite!

  • bigmycII

    It’s gonna be a crazy scene when that guy hits a titanic shot to win a game or makes an insanely difficult catch to preserve an inning…you know, with the Jesus thing and all.

    Rightfield Messiah.

  • soul patches are so 2009

    still one sexy scruffy man.

  • That Guy

    Anyone already post about the crazy horse steroids David Wright did this off season?
    Too bad he’s still pussy.

  • dlhunter

    It’s official. After years of sporadically freezing Firefox, The Fightins now freezes FFox on my mac on every visit.

    Somehow it’s all Bruntlett’s fault

  • Johnny

    So jealous.

  • soul patches are so 2009

    no cast away photoshop?? RAWLINGS!!!! RAWLINGS!!!!!

  • HummerX

    oh my god

  • ChickPhilA

    These pictures made my day – so amazing – he better not shave that thing!!!

  • Mr. Bryan

    Zo’s interview is hilarious.

  • Muscles

    do I have to do somethign special to put a link to my awesome JW beard pic?

  • Cola Classic

    @ Joe D

    Thank you for making me spit out my mouthful of Diet Cola all over my keyboard at work.

  • will.H

    its amazing the natural wonder of facial hair can produce such hilariousness.

  • Sarah

    “You want to try to make as many runs as you can,” Howard said. “With the nucleus of this team, you want to try to consistently go out there and bang, if you will.”

  • Sarah


  • Joe D

    Ryan’s girl probably felt sore just reading that quote.

  • GenericFanGroup

    David Wright took steroids so his head will fit in that ridiculous helmet.

  • erk
  • soul patches are so 2009

    bahahahahaahaha thank you erk for making my vision a reality

  • GTO

    lolz Erk

  • will.H

    its getting out of hand and i love it.

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    Best beard in Baseball, no question about it.

    We should form a new Wolf Pack for Jayson!

  • BD

    anybody watching dnl? i just thought how hasnt the phillies lineup been a topic of discussion. its rediculous theres not really a weak link on the team. if polancos glove is half of what petes was then its gonna be a fun season.

  • Scott

    I didn’t know the guy from the “Spin Doctors” was signed in the off-season…

  • Phylan

    Weak link on the team: bullpen. Not really worried about anything else though. Maybe Polanco at 3rd.

  • Crane Kick
  • World Forking Champions ’11

    in case anyone else missed this


  • JB

    Really though, where is the WWJWD shirt?

  • will.H

    phylan i can see what you mean.. but no team is stacked in ever phase of the game. one of the leagues best defenses got a bit weaker and our BP i suppose lost a step. Although with a healthy JC and a seemingly healthy Lidge.. is Baez/Contreras really worse than Chan Ho? Eyre was pretty good too, but younger arms will replace him as well. I don’t see the BP getting that much worse.

  • James Anthony Happ

    HOLY CRAP JAYSON! He looks like Bruntlett! Not cool.

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    Will.H said “I don’t see the BP getting that much worse.”

    Much worse than what? 2009 BP or 2008?

  • I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay

    so happy i got seats in right field for season opener.

  • Watrick

    The front row of the Right Field stands should all wear white gowns and bow every time he runs out to the field.

  • will.H

    world forking,

    2008 BP was incredible. 2009 was serviceable. yeah i’d love for it to be dynamic again.. but the guys who made it dynamic are still here, just depends on what we get out of them: Madson, Romero, Lidge. So, the supporting cast could be Baez or Park, i dont feel like they got much worse.

  • joe wade

    this has the makings of a t-shirt all over it

  • Mark

    I bet it’s all shaved off by tomorrow.

  • game5

    If JDub keeps that beard into the regular season, I will bring loaves of bread and fishes to right field. I also at some time expect him to walk on water!

  • Thigh tickle

    Don’t they take baseball card pics during sprin training? Shit will be awesome

  • will.H

    thigh tickle they might.. but im sure they do the “ask the phillies” questions that we see every year between innings. might be towards the end though

  • JDoozle

    I officially declare to formation of the “Jews for Jayson” organization.
    Membership is open.

  • Brian

    Looks like he’s in Dr. Dog.

  • Phylan

    @will.H definitely, I know every team has its weaknesses, and I’m thrilled that the Phillies seem to have so few. Contreras was a good pick up for the bullpen, but I don’t see what Baez has ever done to make people think he can be effective. I think it’s probably slightly worse than it was last year, and I wasn’t a big fan of it last year either. I hope Madson gets a shitload of innings, basically, and that Charlie thinks about using him in situations other than the eighth.

    Anyway, they still have to be the favorites in the NL at this point.

  • Azzurri

    this may have been said already but, is that Forrest Gump when he was running across the country?

  • Gonzo

    Oh shit. Wouldnt you know I created the same Lebowski pic? Except one minor add-on.

  • MikeG

    Please get this to the Phanovision boys, stat:

  • Shane’s beard

    Jayson reminds me of Johnny Damon. If his contract isn’t extended, he’ll probably sign with the Yankees and shave his beard.

  • Jayson’s beard

    There we go, a new name. Oh and i jizzed a bit after seeing this.

  • TID

    Yo Sal Fasano’s Beard – the Phils offered Park 1 year deal for over 3 mil. Park’s agent thought he’d get more on the market. They thought wrong. The Phils rolled that money into getting Baez and the such. Be informed before you speak.

  • Phylan

    If Park took a worse deal, which is what seems to be the case, I have to think his thought process was simply “Yankees won World Series –> I have to play for the Yankees to win a World Series”

    Which is fine I guess, and the Yankees are probably better set up for a short playoff series, but they’ll have more competition within their division than the Phillies (no offense Braves). Kind of a questionable decision.

  • gregotto


  • Crane Kick

    Macho Man just made me laugh into a cough. Well done.

  • Jay

    Looks like somebody got tired of being called vag beard.

  • TheWhizKid

    Haha, macho man was such a killer idea. props to all, this was mad funny.

  • will.H

    shanes beard,

    one of the best signs i ever saw was in Boston during Damon’s return. It said “Looks like Jesus, Acts like Judas, Throws like Mary.” I dont know maybe im the only one, but i though it was hilarious.

  • Lynniemac

    No will, you’re not the only one.

  • Matt

    Get that beard locked up for the next 4 years.

    And no, I’m not referring to David Wright’s girlfriend.

  • NCLowe

    When did Forrest Gump get signed? Hopefully he “just feels like runnin!”

  • jupiter’s rings

    Looks like JDubb took Manvember to a whole new level. Same goes for Mancember, Manuary, and Manbruary. Let’s see if he can truly live up to the (soon to be earned) name Mr. Mantober.

  • Tug Haines

    He looks like he’s ready for the month of “Rape-ril” too.

  • Barry Bnods

    Jayson, you’ve got the kind of beard that I’d like to set up camp in & sleep there for weeks. Let me love you long time.

  • FoodStuckInJaysonsBeard

    I want to vacation in Jaysons beard.

  • FoodStuckInJaysonsBeard

    @Matt – good one! LOL

  • Urscum

    I love how the “jews for jayson” comment totally fizzled. Go home jew.

  • Tom

    What’s the ground rule when he loses a ball in there?

  • maxL

    Jaysus Christ Superstar.

  • Joe M
  • Watrick

    Hey Tug?

  • Watrick

    Where are you? 100 baby!

  • Tug Haines


  • Nelson Muntz

    Ha Ha!

  • WoweeZowee

    i bet he feels like this with that beard

  • jwbeards

    ps i hope you don’t mind if I repost the gemz made by you fine fightins folk, let me know if its a problem!


    No problem at all, jwbeards.

  • Dave

    Nobody messes with jason christ

  • Brandon

    Hahaha these are all hilarious. The forrest gump and castaway pictures are so damn awesome.

  • That Guy

    @ Joe M – Love the Buddy Christ pic. Fantastic.

  • Erin

    GOD LORD THIS IS GLORIOUS! HAHAHAHA If this phillies go all the way this year, THIS is going to be the reason why!

  • Heese

    @ Joe M – Nice work, you need to put the Phillies P on Buddy Christ’s heart though.

    Meech, here’s the one I told you was coming:

  • Ted

    i dunno what the dude would say about the lebowski mock-up…

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    @Tug +1 for rape-ril

  • Amanda

    Hahaha, nice. The Fightins got a shout out on Preston and Steve this morning about JWerth’s beard.

  • Brandon
  • Andrew

    Jayson has gone expressionist with the Werth Scream:

  • Dan

    I J-Dub thee Jaybacca, Chewy’s younger but more talented brother.

  • JB

    The “Buddy Werth” is glorious.

  • Jay

    Can’t believe nobody’s done this yet

  • The Scott Rolen/Rico Brogna “Hot Corners” Poster
  • Jay

    Very impressive, Corny!

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    That Werth Beard drawing is absolutely EPIC!

    If Jayson’s beard ever gets that long, Billy Gibbons will probably ask him to join ZZ Top…on Kazoo and Banjo no less!

  • Weems
  • Sarah

    yeah, the drawing? holy shit.

  • 3r0ck

    Yo – you need to make some Beard shirts mang ….

  • freddie.the.k

    Can we a get a JW silhouette on some Che Guevara “Viva La Revolucion” type shit?
    I been trying all night to turn it into this-> with no luck.

  • maria

    Kind of like that but a little sloppy. Someone can probably clean it up.

  • freddie.the.k

    @Maria – You are the business. I could not do that to save my life. From that I may be able to work out what I was trying to do with my limited computer skills.

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