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As you can probably tell by the activated URL, The Fightins dot com is BACK, homeboy.

And not BACK in the “hey we got kinda bored and decided what the hell we might as well bring back that site about the Phillies” sense of the word. BACK as in prepare to be bombarded with meaningless Phillies news, player quotes taken out of context, active game threads, new writers, .GIFS (all blogs are required to have .GIFS) and the general nonsense that made people interested in coming here prior to shutting down in November of ’11.

There is one slight change, however. I will no longer be in charge of the daily operations here on The Fightins. I shall remain retired. That’s not to say I won’t be involved, it’ll just be on some Pat Gillick advisory shit. And perhaps if inspiration strikes or Ryan Howard manages to steal another base, I might contribute the occasional post. But for the most part, I’ll be a commenter/fan just like you guys.

Of course, I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting just any ol’ body take over this site if I didn’t feel that they were dedicated to “covering” the squad on a day-to-day basis all while producing material that is worthy of being published on this highbrow, award-winning webpage. And those gentlemen that I’ve handed over the keys to are very familiar among the Phillies internet contingent. They would be longtime The Fightins writer and South Philly resident, Mr. Tug Haines, as well as face-breaker extraordinaire, Zoo With Roy. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better people to take this place over, and I’m hoping you’re as excited for what they have in store as I am.

Not that I’m saying you are/will be, but don’t be disappointed that I’m not returning as a consistent contributor. After all, The Fightins was never about *me*. The Fightins is a cot damn state of mind. The Fightins was born out of a need to stay entertained throughout a grueling 162 game season even if your team doesn’t realistically have a chance to win it all. The Fightins are those of us who enjoy the little quirks and idiosyncrasies of our squad and can poke fun without malice. And there aren’t two people on earth who encapsulate the spirit of The Fightins better than Tug & ZWR.

So trust me, you’ll want to re-bookmark the site or put it on your Google Reader or sign up for SMS alerts or whatever the hell it is that you do when you want to keep going back to a site because it’s only gonna get funner.

And if you have any questions/complaints/tips/concerns/ideas/recipes/solicitations, please address them to Tug and Zooey, I’m sure they’re anxious to hear from you.


The Fightins dot com is featured as the blog of the week in this afternoon’s edition of Lunch Break.

I implore you to check it out. (FF to the 12:00 mark he hear Dan Roche and Greggggg Murphy talk about us!)

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A few days ago, dong-shot specialists Deadspin ran a video of Giants closer Brian Wilson doing an appearance with Chris Rose on his Fox Sports show Cheap Seats via satellite from his house when a man wearing a gimp outfit casually walked behind him mid-interview. Then later on, during a post-victory NLCS locker room celebration, Rose once again interviewed Wilson, but this time he referred to the leather-clad fella who mysteriously showed up at his house as “The Machine.”

Here’s some video to fill you in (wait until the :43 second mark):

So Deadspin asked, who is The Machine?

After narrowing down the suspects, they decided that the culprit was more than likely Pat Burrell, former left-fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies and Wilson’s current teammate. Now that’s some mighty fine investigative work by the Deadspin boys, because for the last couple of years, I have been sitting on a picture of Pat Burrell in all his gimp-outiftted glory, but never ran it because the guy who gave me the picture didn’t want to get caught.

Well, that was a few years ago when Pat Burrell was a Phillie, and since he’s now with the SF Giants, and it’s basically public knowledge anyway, I’m gonna go ahead and share the picture with everyone…

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Pardon the no posting since the Phillies were eliminated from the playoffs, but I’m taking a little break from internetting for the time being. Shit wears you out, man. I just threw this up because I can’t stand looking at that SAID guy anymore.

See you soon,

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The Phillies are currently tied at 2, but they WILL win. SAID.

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*This worked so well for Game 2, I’m not changing a thing. I’ll be at the bar watching, but I have another game thread set to auto-post at 10:15 in case this gets too many comments…

Game 6

7:57PM on FOX


Roy Oswalt (1-1) 3.29 ERA

PHILLIES: Little Roy wasn’t all that great against the Reds, but also wasn’t terrible. He shook off Chooch multiple times and kept asking for new baseballs. Something wasn’t right. Tonight he will destroy the Giants. Burrell will not homer off of him.

Jonathan Sanchez (0-1) 2.03 ERA

GIANTS: Whatever.

For anyone who is worried about the series now that we are down one game please press the panic button below:

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Sayeth James:

“Be out there, let ’em have it. LET THEM HAVE IT. All of ’em. For real.

Run tell dat.”

(via The 700 Level)


And if ya don’t know, now ya know.

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