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Are Y’all Ready For The Remix?
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It used to be, if you said ‘cock’ on television, you only had to worry about the FCC and heavy fines.

Now you have to worry about that and young men with computers and spare time.

Cheers, Muffin.

Rock Around The COCK (Remix)

  • Gonzo

    Tug, you deserve a Blogging Grammy for this.

  • fuck the mets


  • How do you spell retard?

    /glad to see the Fightins’ become even more Tug Hainesier

  • Diane

    I can’t stop laughing!! Chris Wheeler jokes never get old!!

  • Eminencegirl

    ♥ Tug you are one sick bastard ♥

  • PhiPhan5648


    **Tip of the Cap**

    …Well done sir. Well done.


    can’t… breathe. laughing… too… hard.

    Tug Haines — the internet is yours today, my man.

  • Jocksniffer


  • D. Whitmore

    hahahaha, good shit tug. good shit

  • rpetzar

    did you ever knoooooow that yoooooou’re my heeeeeeerooooooo

  • ericg

    this is going right into my MP3 player!

  • j_romes

    Tug, you are now Master of the internets.

  • twig

    *slow clap*

  • Puddy

    Someone please make up a sign for the next home game that says “Hey Wheels, Name That Tune!”

  • RIP Harry

    One word: RINGTONE!

  • Jdashdog

    Comedy gold

  • Drew

    Amazing… Truly amazing…
    Lest there be any doubt that Tmac/Wheels read TheFightins…
    Last night Wheels remarked that he would be staying away from songs in the future… Then Tmac laughed for about a minute, before collecting himself and remarking that it was a good thing it wasn’t “retro song night.”
    A definite shout out.. I was flipping between the LSU game (geaux tigers!) so I don’t remember the inning, but it certainly happened.
    Tmac- If you’re reading this.. a little less pitchman/carnival barker, a little more Scully/Uecker/Kalas old-timey class… we’re pullin for ya buddy (sort of).
    Wheels- Don’t you change a thing… ever.

  • Watrick

    Drew, I heard that too, and had to laugh, I think it was about the 7th or 8th inning, bottom.

  • Capt Murdock

    I heard it too! They were talking aobut some local Philly band. I think it was the bottom of 7.

  • Mr. Bryan

    ahahhaha, I’m dying over here!

  • Hummer

    The term ‘Phe-Fucking-Nominal’ doesnt even begin to describe my thoughts on this

  • Chris


  • Fran

    thats freakin hilarious

  • Shawn

    You are truly a genius. *bow*

  • Chris

    This needs a shirt.

  • Different Chris

    Any video-editing-savvy folks out there wanna try to fuse that gem with video of wheels doing ‘the wheeler’ from The Call?

    Just throwing that out there.

  • Beth

    OMG!! You are sooo wrong!! That is too funny!!! I too heard Wheels vow to stay away from songs, and immediately thought of this site.

  • AJ

    someone should give sarge the link to this post via his twitter

  • Amanda

    Hahahaha! This is great! Good work Tug!

  • TD

    OMG!!!! It was great!!!!!!!

  • Albert

    This does need a shirt. I would buy one


    Wheels has just become Mr. Gaffe lately. At least it makes for great daily entertainment.

  • Lynniemac

    You know those days that really, really, REALLY suck and you’re not sure whether to cry or go punch some random stranger in the nuts in the hope that letting off some steam MIGHT help a little bit?

    I had one of those days today. Then I came home and listened to this. I don’t even care that my stomach hurts from laughing so much.

    Tug, you are an Evil Genius and I am completely serious when I say: thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Tug Haines


  • D. Whitmore

    so after watching the rays put up 6 i came here to cheer me up.

  • Here Come Da Judge

    i nominate this for the fightins post of the year

  • Back 2 Front Special

    I haven’t been this excited about a song since i heard “I’m on a Boat”

  • Brandon

    This should be put on itunes. And when the phillies win, instead of playing the animal house song, they should play this song.

  • will.H

    brandon, dont they play the blues brothers song?

    and Tug, i know everyone else has said it first, but this song makes me laugh like a kid

  • Brandon

    Ah yeah thats what it is. I couldn’t remember what it was from.

  • Phils Phan

    Retire after this post. You have hit the pinnacle. I applaud you, sir!

  • WeHaveProblems09

    nothing to write home about

  • Tug Haines

    Tell you what, if somebody actually wrote home about this, I would send them an autographed Mike Proly card.

  • Diane

    I’m back for more…I need to hear it again!

  • yellowbird

    bravo, sir.

  • WeHaveProblems09

    don’t get snippy with me Tuggy

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