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Another Day, Another Swipe At Philadelphia
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One of the challenges of being a baseball writer is having to keep things fresh over a 162 game season, especially when it comes to forming some sort of narrative about the team on a day-to-day basis. At a certain point, the games tend to blend into one another and there is only so many ways to describe Doc’s great outing or Cole’s poor run support or Werth’s struggles with runners in scoring position.

It’s all we can do to keep things original, but it admittedly becomes difficult when it’s the same thing every day. The players are not immune to that either, as they usually get asked the same questions after every game and respond with the same answers.

Point is, sometimes it gets really difficult to find new ways to say the same thing over and over again, something that apparently doesn’t bother one writer for the San Jose Mercury News, who took it upon himself to cast Philadelphians in the same pall as every other writer before him.

In his column, Bruce Newman rehashes the tired old stories about Philadelphia, including Santa Claus, J.D. Drew, Michael Irvin, the taser kid, and the vomit kid – all the old standards. Not to be outdone, Newman finds some new ways to put down the city.


Even the ballparks stood in stark counterpoint: The Giants play in a park named after a company that quietly drops your phone calls; the Phillies play in a park sponsored by a bank that forecloses on people’s homes.

You see, the Phillies are the villains here because the company that sponsors their ballpark is responsible for the current financial crisis and the thousands of Americans who were forced into homelessness after blood stained bulldozers demolished their houses because they were a day late on their mortgage payment, which makes as much sense as me blaming the Giants for the earthquakes during the 1989 World Series.

He goes on:

The contrast between Giants fans and their Philadelphia counterparts has been evident throughout the series. Bay Area fans waved their orange Homer Hankies at AT&T Park when their team was in the field, while in Philadelphia, the fans swirled white towels that made it more difficult for opposing batters to see the baseball against that background.

So, Giants fans support their team with their fall themed orange and black (it is after Labor Day, so I suppose the white rally towels are passe’), but the Phillies are only intending to distract the opposing hitters, despite the fact that they aren’t in the hitter’s line of site because the backdrop in centerfield is there to prevent such a thing? I guess?

He went on about booing Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton and cheesesteaks being unhealthy and low brow compared to San Fran’s sushi menu, but you get the idea. As Craig Calcaterra pointed out, this is pure provocation. And hell, I took the bait. Maybe we all did (just read the comments at the bottom of Newman’s column), but that doesn’t excuse the writer for shoveling this dreck into the mouths of his readers.

I’ve said it before and I’ll damn sure say it again, but what happened to writers actually writing about things with substance? Did Newman just need to fill 900 words on a Wednesday morning, or did he rub his hands spitefully as he thought of more ways to put down the Phillies as the hammered out a tired narrative? I’d accuse him of plagiarism, but I’d have to start with the other 1,000 folks who wrote the exact same piece before him.

Either way, it’s tired. Not only for Philadelphia, but for any fanbase of any team in any city. I could spend five minutes on Google and find a dozen stories related to fans behaving badly in San Francisco and use that as a diving board into degrading the Giants, but I don’t. Why? Because it’s unrelated to anything that occurs on the field and it only turns into a fruitless endeavor that is pissing contest to determine which city has worse fans (Hint: They all suck equally). Sure, sometimes stories need to be told – the Taser fan or the guy who tried wanted to attack A-Rod during Game Three of the ALCS, for instance – but to bring these things up almost arbitrarily because you have nothing else to write about is lazy.

  • Confused

    You are a baseball writer?

  • Cole Handsome

    Aren’t many Philadelphia fans drunk, nasty and abrasive? It’s unorginal but not unfair, as far as these generalizations go.

  • dUb-iLL

    Are you a Fightins commenter?

  • crazy4swayze

    your examples seem like a bit of a stretch. nothing worth getting worked up over. plus, frank fitzpatrick wrote a similar bullshit type of article for the inquirer recently. but as you said, it probably just gets hard to fill space after a while.

  • double yawn

    Who cares what writers think?

  • maria

    I personally liked it when he took Mitch’s quote about people mortgaging their homes for season tickets, way out of context. This is just like

  • maria

    TJ Simers and his article in 2008. It’s just tired.

  • rdog11

    Bruce Newman 408-920-5004
    Bud Geracie, Sports Editor and Bruce Newman’s boss (408) 920-5389

    Bruce and Bud aren’t picking up their phones. Bud’s voicemail directs you to call Darryl Matsuda at 408-920-5830. Darryl’s actually got the balls to answer his phone, so give him a ring…

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Homer Hankies? My wrist goes limp just typing that.

  • meerkat

    But it’s okay for SF Giants fans to embrace and cheer for Barry Bonds, known creep and juicer?

    Funny how that wasn’t in the article.

  • C

    They are told to “Wave Your Rally Rags” via displays all over the park.

  • ScottGraham

    Who the hell cares? Don’t call and bug the guy, IGNORE IT. Otherwise it’s “Philly fans are threatening me over the phone! What a classless fanbase!”

    The truth is that fanbases need a personality in order to help the commentators tell the story. This is the character that the national media has given Philadelphia. We could spend the next 20 years applauding the efforts of opposing teams players and sitting silently so they can catch balls in play, and we will STILL be the crazy fanbase that throws batteries. It’s just like how Boston is still a “tortured fanbase” even though the Sox started outspending the Yankees and won those championships. It’s not exciting enough to just call the game or talk about the players to the common bandwagoner that’s just watching because their team is winning, they need that element of “Is this crowd going to stab somebody?”

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    No babies or puppies or kittens were raped during the making of this video. Go Phils!

  • Bobby Weenus!

    Hack writers always resort to bullshitting their way through articles, Newman needs some new tricks.

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD
  • Joe D

    Stop giving jokers like this the press. Just ignore it.

  • zeke

    Right, because philly fans and writers have done a fine job of avoiding hackneyed stereotypes of San Francisco. Say, did you hear that the city has a sizable population of homosexuals an unkempt young people with long hair? Not that anyone has mentioned that…

  • Brian

    some guy from the Inquirer did the same thing to Cincy, so it’s not really new or against PHilly only…bashing the opponent’s city in the playoffs has a long long history

  • Phylan

    But it’s okay for SF Giants fans to embrace and cheer for Barry Bonds, known creep and juicer?

    Funny how that wasn’t in the article.

    It’s probably not in the article because that’s a dumb fucking sentiment. Of course they can cheer for Bonds, why shouldn’t they?


    Dash – This article sucked even more than your generic & pointless game recaps.

  • TBOH

    Wait, wait… homer hankies? Are you serious? Who came up with that concept? The guy who watched Ninja Turtles and then “invented” the Battle Toads?

  • Bobby D

    BRB throwing batteris at Santa.

  • BoB smith Sucks

    go suck A-ROID’s dick

  • Moose

    Exactly, Dash, lazy. It’s like the standard text messages replies preloaded into my phone. Dude didnt even take time to come up with the majority of the attacks himself. The attacks on our stadium, to me, seemed like pure jealousy. “Our stadium is named after a stupid phone service while they have a company that GIVES PEOPLE MONEY” “We serve sushi at our ballpark but its not the best sushi/vegetarian menu because Philly doe sit better WAAAHH” Dude’s a straight up faggot.

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Philly gays can kick San Fran’s gays asses any day.

  • Maera

    “Writers” write about the Philly fan base because they’re passionate, unapologetic, and unafraid. They know Philly will respond unlike other city fan bases that would stick their heads in the sand or apologize and promise this was no a fair representation of their fan base. If you want a lot of hits and responses write about Philly fans. Then you not only get the Philly fans but bitter fans from other cities chiming in about what a hellhole Philly is and how much the fans suck.

    I honestly think people like to write and read bad stuff about Philly and it’s fans because they’re jealous. Our reputation (good and bad) sets us apart from every other city. They are all just dying to be us because while our fans and our sports teams are getting all the talk and attention no one gives a shit about their team or their fans.

  • ScottGraham

    TBOH, they’ve had “Homer Hankies” in Minnesota for about 25 years. They became “rally towels” when other fan bases started using them.

  • randy ready

    You realize that by linking his article you are doing what he wants: Driving traffic to his site.

    and by the way, the reason why throwing at the SF players does not work is that in SF they are used to balls coming at their face.

  • Howard Eskin’s Kneepads

    Wait…. I should stop using AT&T?

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @Cole Handsome: Being drunk, nasty & abrasive does NOT make Philadelphia fans measureably different from fans in any other city.

    I grew up in the midwest, have family in the south & in Philadelphia, I’ve lived in LA, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, NYC, & spent a lot of time in Boston & Baltimore. I also worked at a large arena on the east coast that has its own tv station & owns the basketball & hockey teams that play there. You can not convince me that fans are different from city to city. There are drunk abusive fans everywhere. Some get televised, some do not.

    Look at the video evidence of the poorly behaved fans at last night’s (and the night before too) Yankee game. They have their own versions of drunken, foul-mouthed (and fat) fans who interfere with players trying to field balls. They also have stalkers of Cameron Diaz who jump onto the field during the game, running around, leading “NYC’s finest” on a 5min goose-chase. The only difference is the majority of the national sports press is centered IN NYC. Oddly, they chose not to talk about these fans, or show the video ad nausea they way they seem to do when these things happen in Phila. It wasn’t Phila so it wasn’t interesting.

  • Lynniemac

    Wait…would AT&T Park be the same one that’s had three different names because the companies with the naming rights keep getting swallowed by larger ones?

  • James Fayleez

    “One of the challenges of being a baseball writer…”

    thank you Dash.

    You write on a blog. Not for a newspaper.

    I drink Tang. I’m not an astronaut.

  • BobSmith

    thank you Dash.

    You write on a blog. Not for a newspaper.”

    Not very well add you. Now go home and getting your f@cking shine box.

  • Vegetarian

    @ 24

    Actually, CBP is the most vegetarian friendly ballpark. I know that’s not your point, but it is still better than SF

  • PhilEPhan

    No offense Dash, because I enjoy your thorough recaps, but you’re a contributor to That makes you as much of a legit baseball writer as the guy from Talking Pigeon.

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    you know what i would want after getting high as shit on cali bud? a cheese steak, not a fucking tuna roll.

  • James Fayleez

    Since I post on here, I’m now a “Sports Commentator.”


  • readthearticle

    Reread Dash’s post. He isn’t saying that he is a sports writer, he is saying that he’s assuming that guy who wrote the article (i.e. the SPORTS WRITER) is the one that needs to keep things fresh. Hence the reason he took the opportunity to bash Philly fans instead of writing anything that was legitimate NEWS.

  • Lynniemac

    I believe that people are assuming contributing to this blog is the only thing Dash does, and I’m not sure that’s the case.

  • James Fayleez

    I agree Lynniemac.

    Dash also draws pictures of Carlos Ruiz as a Mexican Liger and gives them to girls that he likes.

  • Muscles

    Bruce GayMan just responded to’s rebuttle with a video of eagles fans throwing snowballs at 9ers fans

  • Old Pee-Stained Urinal From Veterans Stadium

    James Fayleez —


    You actually LIKE that shit?

  • PHLinPDX

    Remember the first commandment from internet Moses.
    Thou shall not feed the troll.

  • don

    I don’t get the Irvin one. If I found out tomorrow he’d been hit by a bus, I still might cheer. Does this make me a bad person?

  • Lynniemac

    No, don. Being a Philadelphia fan does.

  • nick

    well at least tom krasovic(west coast bias and aol fanhouse) isn’t a douche bag

  • Sixto Lescano

    San Fran smugness is not breaking news—That’s why you can hardly see the GG Bridge…and it’s miles of steel cables…Thanks for informin’ us ignorants McCarver

  • Joe D

    Francisco starting tonight.

  • mel

    Blanton gets to pitch. Ibañez gets to sit.

    And oh yea, dumb article.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Who the fuck cares?

    Guy’s a writer in San Jose. That’s like being a writer in Altoona.

  • Talking Pigeon

    Did someone say my name?

  • Chuck

    CBP is “vegetarian friendly”? So those cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s are really fake meat then.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?


    Crab fries.

  • crazy4swayze

    hahaha…did anyone else just hear them say that cj wilson “grew up with what he calls ‘the straight edge philosophy'”?

  • Vegetarian pain in the ass

    Technically, crab fries aren’t vegetarian. It’s more about the “vegetarian sandwiches” I think.

  • Chuck

    Crab Fries are potatoes and Old Bay Seasoning. How is that not vegetarian?

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    The writing world is very different than it was 5 – 10 yrs ago. The same thing that’s happening with banks & phone companies has happened to magazines & newspapers. The largest co’s bought the little guys. Most magazine & newspaper writers are free-lance. The big owners don’t want to pay benefits for full-timers.

    So not everyone at the large publications is a great writer with brilliant credentials & big experience. A lot of the better writers left to write books. The larger pubs provide editors, an actual payck that give that writer more time to research, & a research dept to cover the pub’s ass legally (sometimes, maybe). But it doesn’t make the writers better than blog or website writers.

  • Vegetarian pain in the ass

    Oops, I’m just a dumbass that doesn’t know that crab fries aren’t really made of crabs

  • will.H

    crab fries aren’t vegetarian?

  • will.H

    haha ok, that’s what i thought. Just fries and a lot of old-bay like stuff. I like ’em.. but not at the park. Who wants to miss 2 innings to get a bucket of fries?

  • Chuck

    Nothing pisses me off more than people paying good money for seats and then wasting a whole bunch of time waiting for Crab Fries.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Okay, I fess up – I’m vegetarian. I have been for a loooong time. I went to school in DC and sometimes a bunch of us would go to the Inner Habor in Baltimore. One of my friends would let the soft-shelled crab legs dangle out of his mouth, 2 & 3 at a time. He’d make them dance around while we were all eating. Of course one of the girls would always yell, “Eww, stop it!” I thought it was hilarious. It still makes me laugh and I haven’t seen him do that in yrs. Old Bay seasoning always makes me think of that.

  • Tyson

    Kyle over at Crossing Broad had a good point. If this were written by a random douche blogger, these comments wouldn’t even warrant response.

    However, this was published by a large newspaper for national syndication.

    Therefore, all credibility and respect goes out the window for the San Jose Mercury Times.

    I’m really surprised, given how “classy” the SF people bill themselves as, that the newspaper’s editor allowed this to run.

    Sure, it generated a lot of web hits for them today, but you might as well say the newspaper sold out to grab attention.

    Hey, at least San Francisco is selling out something!

  • Tyson

    Can you imagine Joe Blanton’s disappointment the first time he found out Crab Fries aren’t actually made of crab?

  • San Francisco Giants leading 2-1

    lol, yah mad brah!?

  • The Ghost of Harvey Milk

    All my gay friends in The Castro think that you Philly boys are just a bunch of hoodlums and such.

  • Crab Fries Vendor

    Did I miss something?

  • bigmyc

    Dont’ ya guys get it with this muckracking?

    Places like San Fransisco and other notoriously hypocritical enclaves as such just point to a town like Philly to divert attention off their cities’ own boorish behavior. There are warts and slugs all over the civic sprawls of the entire nation. It’s just that Philly has become the, “in case of emergency, break glass,” city for others to lambaste when it’s convenient. This rep may or may not be earned, but it is clear at any rate that the crap that gets spun by rags like the San Jose publication are born simply of it’s own fetid ignorance and nurtured in it’s own laughable irony.

    It’s easy to make Philly the bad guy simply because of it’s status as a cliche. It’s usually the pussies that have something to hide under their own floorboards that need to stir up such irresponsible and in most cases, unprovoked attacks.

  • bigmyc

    And by the way,

    The Liberty Bell.

    The Declaration of Independence.

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The Cradle of this nation’s Liberty and Spirit.

    Your welcome, San Fransisco.

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    I guess 750 is the threshold….

  • Name (required)

    Imagine if this happened at a Phillies game. I don’t think anyone would ever forget it…

  • Nino Espinosa

    @71 Something like this did happen at a phillies game…apparently it is already forgotten

    Point is it happens everywhere. These writer dooshes from other cities just need a story to fill space and Philly becomes a punching bag. F him.

  • Brian Fantana

    Dash, you say you don’t write about bad Giants fans because it’s unrelated to anything on the field. But how is writing about a San Jose sportswriter related to anything on the field?

    His goal from this article was make a few people chuckle and make a few Phillies fans’ blood boil. Not win a Pulitzer. Mission accomplished.

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