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And now, your obligatory YouTube video of a fight in the stands
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What happens when you start tailgating at eight in the morning for a one o’clock Eagles game and then head back out into the parking lot to drink some more before heading up to Section 427 to take in an NLCS Phillies night game?


UPDATE: Some eyewitnesses chime in on the comments and give backstory. Sic’d like a mutherfucker:

i was sitting 427 row 11…this all started when one troll looking girl stole a guys rally towel then later turned around and started cursing him out, everyone booed her and she eventually just walked away…then her drunk little boyfriend stayed, and started getting in the face of the guy and a few girls who werent involved to begin with..then he smacked one of the girls in the face and thats when the kid in the howard jersey jumped down two rows and got into his face and eventually fought

the dad and his daughter stood next to our row during this, he really did a good job keeping her out of it..i could hear you guys screaming YO DAD cause you had seats for him, but we were told they got relocated to another section

So there you have it. Another commenter recognized the kid in the Howard jersey from the Eagles game and said he was drunk by one o’clock, so I pretty much nailed it. See how good I am at drawing obvious conclusions? Way to go, me.

(Thanks to The Fightins reader Tom who captured this gem last night)

  • blackinmind


  • shaw james

    Hahaha. Philly >

  • Tony

    I heard this chant at CBP last night, didn’t know where it came from…

  • Nick

    Wow, what a bunch of Douche Bags.

  • Crane Kick

    I want to be that gray-haired security guard for Halloween.

  • maine mariner

    I thought I was watching the Blair Witch Project. If you’re going to film something with a phone have the courtesy to hold the damn thing still.

  • NickFromGermantown

    Hey, Meech, thanks for publishing this. Posting this video was so necessary! I can’t wait for ESPN and SI to pick up this story and remind us all of how Santa Claus was boo’ed.


  • Matt

    Brothers and sisters, let’s save that vitriol for Cowboys and Mets fans and not fight amongst ourselves! Can I get an amen?

  • blackinmind

    what would cause two phillies fans to start fighting? really? Did a giant fan have camo on?

  • b-burg

    This, unfortunately, is what you have to deal with when your team is winning. You get the dickbag low-life ‘fans’, the same retards that riot when they won the world series.

  • Nick Swisher

    Thank you, meech, for posting this.

    This is EXACTLY the shit I’m talking about. This is why you guys are clowns. It’s NLCS game 2. Your team is down in the series, 0-1, yet winning this game. This appears to be somewhere in the neighborhood of Section 425 or so, which means these clowns probably paid upwards of $200+ for their tickets. And what happens? A Phillies fan fights another Phillies fan. It’s not like some a-hole from San Fransisco was up there starting shit. You’re phighting your own phrickin’ phans. What gives Philly?

    Maybe it’s the dude who appears around the 16 second mark…yeah, the clown with the Eagles jersey and the Eagles bomber cap. Yo bro….you’re at an NLCS game, maybe you should throw on some red.

    And #6 (Howard) with the blue cap perfectly personifies Philly. Looks like white trash. Has white trash friends with Miller Light in hand, and can’t phucking wait to get into a phight.

    I love this video!

    Giants in 6.

  • loctastic

    We’re passionate fans, somebody’s got to get hammered.

  • Nick Swisher

    No, you’re just a bunch of friggin retards.

  • b-burg

    No, there are a few fucking retards.

  • photographerN

    At least they were all wearing legitimate jerseys.

  • photographerN

    And this is why, as a 14-year season ticket holder, I am happy to watch the post-season games from my living room.

  • Adam Eaton

    Jdash was there! He needs to give an account of everything not seen on camera!

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Swish is awfully comitted.

  • Swish Nicker

    When I’m not fantasizing about A-Rod’s centaur, I spend too much time obsessively dissecting video of CBP “phan phights”. And then publish an exacting, meticulous -and if I may say so myself -Pulitzer-worthy play-by-play of said video.

    One could conclude that I have no life, and sadly, I would have to agree. Such is the lot of the sociopathic loser. Thank you Fightins Blog, for providing the therapeutic sounding board that I so desperately require. It’s a necessary relief from my usual routine of compulsively arranging and re-arranging the toilet paper rolls in my hall closet.

  • Swish Nicker

    aha, TonyIsDynamic,

    FRIGHTfully clever play on words, there. Contrary to what you may believe, I have not yet been involuntarily committed to psychiatric treatment – this year.

  • Howard Eskin’s Kneepads

    It was great to watch the caring parent move his child to his other hand. Sure, a better parent would have left the area, but it isn’t like he can’t have more kids or anything.

  • Adam Eaton

    Wait… since when did Albert Einstein become an usher for the Phillies?

  • 85

    Hey Nick Swisher, a simple YouTube search of “Yankees fans fight” would tell you to shut the fuck up. And shouldn’t you be curled up in a ball rocking back and forth? Cliff Lee’s coming tonight.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    That’s not Einstein, Einstein.
    That’s Doc Brown back from the future to place a few bets on the weekend’s games.

  • sarah p

    The guy in the Howard jersey was sitting in front of me at the Eagles game. He was drunk and annoying by 1pm.

    Nick Swisher the player is an asshole, so it’s not surprising that’s the name the commenter chose. I know it’s shocking, but people get drunk and do stupid things. That doesn’t reflect on an entire fan base. I have been to over 20 games this year and never got into a fight, but that might change if you were sitting next to me. You probably don’t go to the games to support any, though. Even your own.

  • Muscles


    We tried to get the dad and daughter into our section away from the fights. Thats why people kept yelling DAD, YO DAD.

  • Captain Awesome

    I…I really don’t get people sometimes. Spend $200 to act like dickheads and get thrown out of a game? That just doesn’t jive.

  • Howard Eskin’s Kneepads

    That’s good to hear that others cared, #26.

    I know that I go out of my way to make sure my son, Spike Eskin, has an easy life. He doesn’t even need the kneepads (he just likes them so he can be like his dear old dad).

  • Tailgater

    i was 5 rows behind this, the guy started yelling in a the girls face, total ass hole. The two guys who beat his ass were protecting the girl, and didnt even know her.

  • James Anthony Happ

    Wow… what a bunch of morons.

  • Cola Classic

    sidenote – anyone have a .gif of roy oswalt saying “Roy Oswalt – pitcher” while rolling his eyes and sighing? Or just the audio/video of all the intros last night?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Just as we have trolls among us on our Phillies blogs. There are trolls among the crowds at our games. They’re too afraid to reveal themselves as a nonPhillies fan.
    Recognizable traits are:
    1) Loner (has no friends) dressed in Phila. garb so as to blend in.
    2) Does things at inappropriate times to annoy those around him.
    (feels he best serves his team’s cause by not allowing Phillies fans to enjoy themselves.)
    3) Starts his confrontational final play with a female hoping that she hits him so that he can be escorted out without much physical damage.
    4) When being pummeled by an obviously bigger individual he cowers and falls into the fetal position.
    5) When saved by security if he is still consciuos he will make some inane gesture giving himself a sense of victory.
    6) Usually will be found jerking off in the holding cell celebrating his day.

  • Joe D

    Oh hey look, more white trash at a Phillies game.

  • cole35hamels

    i was sitting 427 row 11…this all started when one troll looking girl stole a guys rally towel then later turned around and started cursing him out, everyone booed her and she eventually just walked away…then her drunk little boyfriend stayed, and started getting in the face of the guy and a few girls who werent involved to begin with..then he smacked one of the girls in the face and thats when the kid in the howard jersey jumped down two rows and got into his face and eventually fought

    the dad and his daughter stood next to our row during this, he really did a good job keeping her out of it..i could hear you guys screaming YO DAD cause you had seats for him, but we were told they got relocated to another section

  • Jdashdog

    Yo Adam I actually appear in this video! I am the dude in the red hoody (not the one fighting with the jersey on top, just red hoody pulled up). The dude in the Howard jersey and his buddy in the track jacket were maddd wasted to the point that I knew something was going to happen at some point in the night. Actually, this all started between some chicks though. Not shown in the video, some broad that was with the jersey/hoody dude that ended up getting pummeled started it. She was just talking shit and then attacked the 2 chicks behind her. It seemed kind of unprovoked.

  • Muscles

    I didn’t know we were so close to eachother Jdash

  • Nick Swisher

    congrats on not getting into a fight this year. Mad props, girl.

  • Joe Buck

    Just a disgusting event from a group of disgusting people. I wish Fox had the ALCS so I could be in New York instead. You’re all a bunch of animals.

  • youstayclassyphilly

    These phans:

    A.) Lack class.
    B.) Were beaten with an ugly stick inside a burlap sack as children.
    C.) Have a small penis; which probably started the whole argument to begin with.
    D.) All the above

    You stay classy boys AND at home so the rest of us can enjoy the game at the park.

    A phillies phan…..

  • Jdashdog

    Muscles, I am everywhere! Besides the fight I really enjoyed this section.

  • JohnMatrix

    i garuntee every fight at CBP involves at least one punk with a half backwards hat on. god damn punks

  • Chuck

    Nick Swisher, you’re somewhat of a dick (after all, you’re posting under the name of another dick)..


    You actually make some good points in your #11 post. Two Phillies fans fighting each other at an NLCS game makes ZERO sense.

    Still…this isn’t indicative of our fanbase as a whole.


    I’ve seen some pretty crazy shit up there in the Zoo…so it’s not just Philly.

  • SantaClaus

    Philly was more fun when all they did was boo fictional holiday figures. Last year the Easter Bunny got raped in the Linc bathroom at the Dallas game.

    Merry Christmas.

    Oh yeah, Ryan Howard jersey-wearing guy… you’re now on the naughty list, bitch.

  • Joe D

    @cole35….I couldn’t understand a word you wrote because I just kept reading it as white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash.

  • 85

    Exactly Chuck,

    It’s not like this is a Cardinals fan talking. We’ve got Yankee Boy of all people preaching to us about Phils fans acting like animals.

    Stay classy, clowns.

  • Tim McCarver

    Interesting bit of trivia Joe, Philadelphia actually means “fighting in the stands” in Dutch. Dutch just happens to be the nickname of Philadelphia great Darren Daulton.

  • b-burg

    @29 protecting her? Or just looking for a reason to fight?

  • The Matrix

    Actually it was John Matrix. He is a hardcore Eagles fan and loves gettin drunk on the reg and fighting with chicka’s on the reg. I know it was him because I put him here there. He is in my Matrix

  • Nikita

    @85 –

    a bunch of old fat white guys doing CHOREOGRAPHY to demonstrate that the opposing fans are gay…no irony there, nope.

  • Bud

    I watched this from 330, sounded bigger than it actualy was I guess.
    We had a drunk older guy take a header down the stairs, lost 2 teeth, bled all over. It was a mess. One of the attendants/ushers went over to the major blood pool and fished out the 2 teeth with his bare hands. He was holding onto them like a lucky pair of dice.

  • Ron Burgundy

    You stay classy, Philadelphia.

  • Chuck

    Nothing more nauseating than those lily-white Cardinals fans.

    @85 – that video is terrible.

  • Muscles

    or trying to get laid by

    1)Demonstrating value
    2) Engage physically

    the first two steps in the D.E.N.N.I.S. system

  • NickFromGermantown

    lol @ The Matrix for plugging YouTube.


  • dougie

    This is a disgrace. I love this website but there is no reason why this post would have to be included. First of all, people read this blog that are not from the city and probably already have a poor opinion of the way Philly fans act and this isn’t helping at all. As a proud Philadelphian and a Phillies fan I really wish this was never posted because the majority of the people in the stands know how to act like adults and control themselves in public.

  • steph

    seriously. you people suck. and you have no idea what happened. and the guy with the howard shirt was not drunk, he was the one that pulled them off of us. whoever recoded the video started it late so you dont see that part. seriously though if you plan to come to a phillies game leave all the hate at home…that girl was mad at the world to begin with.

  • Crocks

    dougie = Fansince09

  • Adam Eaton

    @Steph “though if you plan to come to a phillies game leave all the hate at home…”

    You ever heard of Mike Sweeney?

  • chen

    LOL@46. Thanks for the trivia, Tim! You’re so knowledgable.

  • Chuck

    @Crocks —

    dou-gie also = dou-che

  • Muscles

    Steph, in your own words, tell us what happened and how it made you feel.

  • Jdashdog

    steph – were you the blonde one or the curly haired one? My one buddy was totally going to try to bang one of you until all that cock-blocking/fighting went down.

  • Cole Handsome

    There’s nothing wrong with this post. People want to see it. This website isn’t responsible for the reputation Philly fans’ have and deserve. I don’t think it glorifies this behavior at all.

  • Bobby Weenus

    Saw a couple of close calls up in 233 at the Linc for the Eagles game, I had a pretty good feeling that the Phils game was going to turn into Boxing After Dark.

  • Chuck

    It’s off-the-wall stuff like this that makes me come to this site. If I want intelligent discussion, I go elsewhere.

  • BroadnPattison08

    jdash, are you mr. sec 418??? sttrrikkkeee eeeiimmmmm ouuutttttt?

  • Brett

    Anyone got a video of the lineup intro where Roy shakes his head in response to FOX’s cheesedick question

  • Jdashdog

    Nah I was right there in 427. My usual seats are 310 though.

  • BroadnPattison08

    alight, thought you were someone ells. yeh i was 427 row 11. gray Rollins jersey

  • Eisenreich’s Third Leg

    LOL at the Giants game thread being cut off at the end!!! LOL LOL LOL

  • WorldEffingChampions

    the dude in the Howard jersey is the freaky guy in Fargo that stuffed his buddy into the wood chipper….looks like the mouthy little douche got off easy

  • Captain Awesome

    @56 – steph, post your side of the story.

  • Nick Swisher

    @45. So we sing homophobic songs at Yankees games, so what? Different than fans fighting fans because Our Lord Jesus Christ hates gay people.


  • Dutch Daulton’s Leftover Hair


  • Muscles

    go stab a red sox fan you worthless pile of scum

  • Chris

    We were in section 424, several over from the ruckus. I have a request for “fans.” If you’re THAT far away, you can’t SEE ANYTHING. Sit the heck down and watch the game you spent a good amount of money on. I missed several plays because the idiots in front of me tried to get a glimpse of the fight…which NONE OF THEM DID!

  • Nick Swisher


    Halladay lost.



  • Cliff Lee

    Hey Nick Swisher,
    Shouldn’t you be on a Rangers blog trolling about how terrible I am?

  • Chuck

    Nick Swisher–

    Like I said in my post #42…

    “You’re somewhat of a dick.”

    Actually, I’ve changed my mind…

    You’re an ALL THE WAY dick.

  • Greenman!

    Cole Hamels wouldn’t let this happen during one of his starts.

  • Brian

    LOL at a fucking Yankees fan trolling a Phils site–we’re note even playing you for Christ’s sake. Get a Life.

  • NicciG101

    why do pieces of shit like that get to go to these games? and i’m stuck at home watching it because i cant afford it? MAKES NO SENSE

  • chen

    @ Nick Swisher, hide behind your moniker a little more you chicken shit coward.

  • FanSince09

    If we still had Cliff Lee, the fans would be too mesmerized by his performance to even leave their seats, let alone fight! This fight was Ruben Amaro Jr’s fault and I hope he paid to any kind of medical treatment that this kid needed.

  • Muscles

    If victorino wasn’t on the field at the time I am sure he would have broken that fight up NQA

  • Chuck

    Where’s Matt Diaz when you need him?

  • Chuck



  • Ben
  • chen

    still waiting, steph…

  • PHLinPDX

    i was conflicted about this post but i think it’s good to say “hey look at these assholes, don’t be one”.

    Also “Nick Swisher” is a 37 year old south philly fetal alcohol baby living with his parents and waiting for them to die so he can get their rotting house for free. He became a yankees fan in the mid 90’s because it wasn’t cool to wear phillies hats .

  • Matt Diaz

    I got here as fast as I could (cough cough).

    You need me to “get involved”?

  • will.H

    I dont think you guys get it.. No one will ever stop responding to Nick’s fake baseball opinions. Even if we did, he wouldn’t go away. He likes the Phils more than the Yanks based upon how much time he spends on us. We’ll just have to deal with his love for Philadelphia’s passionate fanbase. Yanks couldn’t even pack the park on Where’s Steinbrenner night. 89.5% capacity to honor the guy, priceless.

  • Cody Ross

    will.H sucks

  • bigmyc

    This Nick Swisher guy is just gonna be negative about anything that will happen. I don’t understand why people allow him the pleasure of twisting everyone up.

    The guy’s an obvious buffoon who has nothing better to do in his life but critisize a baseball team who has done nothing but succeed in the last half decade or so. How’s that for irony?

    He’s a nobody and should be treated as such.

  • will.H

    Cody, did you do an awkward little hop after your comment?

  • Muscles
  • Chuck

    @ Muscles — he looks like a little sissy in a schoolyard.

  • Wes Chamberlain

    There was a huge brawl in K lot before game 1. There were like 3 simultaneous fights (including one chick fight) going on with at least 20 participants. I tried to record it on my phone, but I had already drank like 20 beers up to that point, so my footage was terrible.

    My night really wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t get to see a fight.

    And it’s a shame that the little wiener in the video didn’t get stabbed in his chest.

  • Joe Buck

    That is a disgusting act!

    Over the MIDDLE!

  • Joe D

    I like the way Ross puts his bat down real quick after a walk. Who the fuck does he think he is? Rickey Henderson? You are still a fucking white trash scrub Ross, understand that.

  • will.H

    he hit chooch with the bat on Saturday night during his sweet little bat flip.

  • Joe D

    I’m just laughing to myself thinking about how foolish Doc is going to make Ross look in game 5. He’ll probably spin that dirtbag right into the ground.

  • bigmyc

    Guys, give Ross his due. He’s an equal opportunity NL East spoiler guy. He did the same to the Braves and the Mets for the last few years.

    I don’t understand why he has to be Public Enemy No. 1. I mean, I’d be fired up too if I was owning some of the best pitchers in the game and in post season.

    If anything, Doc and Oz should be ashamed that they threw that same fateful pitch like they were Bill Murray on a pitching mound on a baseball field in Puxatauney, Pa.

  • bigmyc

    Jdog, I saw you were drinking Miller Lite, but by the looks of you, I’d have you down for a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale guy…no wait, that’s too retro….no, maybe a Fat Tire man, eh?

  • Joe D

    Hey bigmyc….if I want to hate Ross I’m going to hate him. So he ran into a couple of fastballs down and on the inner-half. Good for him. But he’s STILL Cody Ross. He’s acting like he’s Babe Ruth. If I’m him I’m sprinting out of the box after home runs thinking “holy shit I suck and just went yard off Halladay…AGAIN! OMG! Let me touch the plate before I wake up from this dream!”

  • IncBomb

    I was watching the game at a bar in Austin and a major drunken brawl broke out between an SF fan and some other guy (not a Phils fan.) The guys next to me knew I was in town from Philly and were super apologetic, like, “this never happens here,” etc. I told them I was used to it being from Philly and all. They looked at me like I was insane.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Save it for the Giants fans man! Come on. The War is out THERE man!

  • BMull

    this was our section, we were row two, i missed the whole fight cause we were standing below, i watched the cops and security interrogate these fucks, and the let them stay. also BUD comment 50., i heard another older man was carrying food face planted lost his whole front row of teeth.

  • I’ll puke on you if you tase me!

    This just convinced me to sell my game 6 and game 7 tickets. (Not that those games will be needed. Phils in 5)

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    Bunch of fucking tools.

  • Nick Swisher

    white trash clowns….like the rest of the city.

  • Keegan

    Fuck Nick Swisher. I was at a game with my aunt, my sister, and my mother, and both my sister and my mother came decked out in Phils garb, I had a hat on and so did my aunt. They had seats up in where the 400 section would be for us, except higher, pretty nosebleed stuff. My aunt and I had seats field level.

    My mom and sister come down after four innings. Fucking Yanks fans poured beer on them. Called em dumb sluts, c**ts, bitches, anything you can think of, absolutely ripping them apart. Mind you, this was the game in which Doc was getting hit around and CC had our number, game 1 of that 3 (4?) game series at the tail end of interleague. So its not like they were up there cheering cause we were kicking the Yanks ass. I’ve never been so angry in my entire life.

  • will.H

    keegan, nick swisher is too much of a coward to address your post.

    Not to mention that’s a little fucked up. Picking on women needs to be stopped by the men in the section (see phillies video above). Obviously New Yorkers didn’t care.. it takes courage to stand up to people who harass women.

  • ScottGraham

    Only time I ever got into a fight with a Phillies fan was at a local “philadelphia bar” out here in Los Angeles. It’s mostly where the transplants go to watch football. I was there for an WS game in 08 and this dude just wouldn’t shut the fuck up with his Eagles chant. Phillies score? E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! Yankees score? E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! Commercial? “DALLAS SUCK! DALLAS SUCKS! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” I was drunk and had enough of his shit so I threw hands. Guy was ruining everyone’s World Series experience. Totally justified.

    Fuckin’ saw him on the local newscast once the Phillies won the series saying “Well, the Eagles are still our number one team, but go Phillies!” as a response to the reporter saying “A Dallas Sucks chant broke out after the final out of the game.”

  • Mike P

    I’m still kind of shocked about the “YMCA” business going on at Yankee Stadium. I thought the “you’re gay!” insult was something that died off after the age of 10 or so, when it becomes clear that it’s generic, lame, and uninteresting. Most normal people could come up with any number of more interesting insults that would avoid being interpreted (properly, I should add) as hate speech. I guess there’s an intimidation factor–surrounding the person from all directions, pointing down at them, and screaming slurs in their face–but that doesn’t make it any less pathetic.

  • ScottGraham

    Mike P, it’s a problem with most sports teams. Hell, look at the Dirty 30 crowd back at the vet. They were truck drivers and garbage men with middle school educations who spent thousands upon thousands so they could go make idiots out of themselves for 3 hours on a sunday for 8 weeks because they felt like celebrities for doing it. It’s the idiots that are usually the loudest, most obnoxious people at games, so doesn’t surprise me that guys who spend half their salary on yankees partial season tickets have chips on their shoulders when it comes to gays, and aren’t bright enough to realize they probably shouldn’t be singing gay epithets.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    White trash clowns, just like the rest of the city.


  • JOe

    @Nick Swisher
    AT least we werent running on the field(last night)

  • braulio castillo

    One thing the CBP doesn’t have that the Vet did was room to fight. Those lower level walkways around the retractable seating….

    Got to watching some good stadium fight videos and came across this. Vintage fight footage before cellphone cameras. Caught by the tv guys. The Vet at its finest.

  • Mike P


    Sure, I get that harassing other teams’ fans is typical. It’s just that, for some reason, I found that one particularly disgusting, and I don’t think it’s just because they’re in New York.

  • steph

    Haha geeze this video is everywhere…but seriously let’s get this crap straight. So the canadian fellow to my right was twirling his towel like the rest of the stadium when the chick in front of him turned around and grabbed the towel out of his hands screaming about how he keeps hitting her with it…which he wasn’t doing on purpose. So after a couple of innings listening to all of us behind her talk about how messed up it was she got pretty angry and turned around and hit m in the face and grabbed my hair. Once we got her off of me she fled and tried to leave I guess security grabbed her. But her boyfriend was in my face about how we wouldn’t stop talking about it (we would have if she game him back his stuff) and was trying to provoke me to hit him, that’s when the guy in the howard shirt got involed to get him away from us. The scrawny dude hit the guy in the howard shirt first that’s pretty much where the video picks up. Enough of this crazy drunken philly fan crap, that girl (who you don’t see in this video was obviously not happy to be at the ball game since she was starting fights. I paid plenty of money to be in that seat and have a good time, do you think we were there looking for a fight? Geeze be realistic and yeah they did let us stay why would they kick us out?

  • steph

    @jdash haha really? Cock-blocking fight? How sweet…

  • BobSmith

    There was lots of white trash at that game including in section 132 where I was sitting. Two guys dressed in Eagles’ gear showed up after the 1st inning, proceeded to get beers sold to them every inning even though they appeared drunk & very slurred speech, yelled incoherent shit including the one guy yelling ‘Throw the Cuuuttteer!” often when Oswalt pitched. The capper was when he belched/threw up in his mouth in 6th and proceeded to get some on the lady in front of him. Before the lady’s husband figured out what was going on, these two guys high-tailed it out of there.

  • BobSmith

    The capper was the idiot was the 24-year old idiot from MA who rear-ended me after the game when I was stopped at a red light on Pattison Ave. He tried to flee the scene which wasn’t a good move on his part since a bike cop saw him & pulled him over. Started yelling initially but he wasn’t so tough when he was crying after he got arrested for DUI and was headed to jail last night around 11:45.

  • ryan

    Hey Steph, I was one of the canadian guys in the seats next to you, glad you guys got to catch the end of the game. Lol wow I didn’t expect to find this video online, and much less find a huge comment thread dedicated to it.

    The girl in front was definitely a psycho, my friend was waving the towel above his head like everyone else, even if he did hit her it was obviously not on purpose but she flipped out completely and just ripped the towel out of his hand while screaming her head off. At first the boyfriend was apologetic for her and tried to offer his towel to my friend (to which she promptly screamed ‘no’ and snatched his towel from him) but then I guess he decided to flip out after his gf turned into an even bigger psycho later on. We weren’t very happy when security made us leave but understood and didn’t make a scene, they have a tough job trying to figure out what’s what in these situations and I’m sure the crazy chick told them all sorts of crap. I think a few of them felt bad when they saw our IDs, realized how far we had come and that we hadn’t done anything besides one of us accidentally brushed someone’s hair with a towel.

    Oh well, at least it was the 8th inning and the game was almost over. Still a very fun trip overall!

  • steph

    @ryan I felt so bad you guys got kicked out! Once they realized she flat out assaulted me they calmed down and let us stay but said they already told you guys to leave! I’m glad you didn’t let it ruin your trip because0 I know we were all having a great time :o)

  • muscles

    Thanks steph and Ryan…. I will update the the video description accordingly

  • will.H

    its a shame the canadian guys got kicked out. CBP security employs a hand full of retards. I’m sure they do a great job most of the time.. but they often get it wrong and kick out the wrong people because they think they’re defusing some type of situation. What if it was a serious altercation, you think old head doc brown lookin dude from the video is going to stop anything from happening? No one noticed there was a problem for what.. 5 minutes? They were 9 feet from the tunnel stairs.

  • Muscles
  • bigmyc

    well, the flair on his hat alone should have been enough to diffuse the situation.

  • will.H

    haha muscles. Ronald Reagan, the actooor? Who’s the secretary of state, Jerry Lewis?!

  • Bobby D

    1.21 jigawatts!!!!

    Marty…..The Libyans!!!!!

  • Epifania Osby

    hey there i read your web logs all the time, you have some tremendous things to say. My subscribers would like your style, do you imagine you could be a invitee blogger for me?

  • ryan

    @Steph: Yeah no worries at all, made for a good story back home! You could tell some of the security guards felt bad, but there was one dude (I think the head one?) who was pretty amped up and wouldn’t let us get a word in to explain, just that we were leaving right then and there and to give him our IDs to copy down.

    But you and everyone else in the other rows (besides the towel-snatching psycho) were friendly and a lot of fun, was a great crowd and great game! Oswalt was amazing.

    And yeah I felt bad for the Back to the Future guy, he was the only employee up there for a little bit until the guys in blue arrived, there was no way he was going to try and break anything up by himself haha

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