The Fightins'
An Epilogue for the Phillies
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Well, that’s it. It’s over. The Great Campaign of 2010, thought by many to end with a shiny Commissioner’s Trophy, is finished, wrecked by the Cinderella Giants.

It’s been over 48 hours since Ryan Howard stared at Brian Wilson’s offering that caught the outer edge of the plate, and like him, we are all still a bit catatonic, unable to comprehend what just happened. I suppose that’s why I didn’t write a recap of Game Six. There was no sense in writing about something that I didn’t grasp, and to try would have been an act of futility. It’s much different than 2009, where the season didn’t end with the looming question of Where did it all go wrong? It felt like the Phillies made it to a World Series in which they likely didn’t belong, with a less talented rotation, a questionable bullpen and an offense that had its share of problems.

It’s almost like that season it was a gift, a courtesy that was handed to the Phillies. We were fortunate that a team that had a shaky rotation and a shallow bullpen could even make it to the World Series and have a legitimate shot to win it.

It was a different story in 2010. It was their right. It was something that they not only earned, but were deserving of. With that rotation, that bullpen, and despite the offensive woes, it was theirs, all theirs. But that’s not how it goes. That’s baseball, is what we say. And now, Seven months after Roy Halladay and the Fightin’ Nine tuned up the Washington Nationals, we sit in our offices and our homes, in front of our computers in stunned silence, like Ryan Howard at home plate. It’s part of being a fan. You take the good with the bad with the disappointment with the elation.

Like Doc said, it’s bittersweet. Despite 97 wins, the likely NL Cy Young winner, and the best trio of starting pitchers in the MLB, the Phillies are just one of the 28 also-rans who are relegated to playing golf instead of playing baseball.

What’s worse is that we may never see a better Phillies team. By far, this one trumps all others that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, and perhaps everyone else’s. That’s the maddening part of this whole thing, because with the title of “greatest ever” comes “most frustrating ever,” as their inconsistent offense that plagued them throughout the season was ultimately their October undoing.

It’s a stark reminder of just how good this team could be when they were rolling, and how bad they could be when they weren’t. But maybe there’s more to it than that. Maybe the injuries to six of the starting eight messed up their mojo and prevented them from ever getting back on track. Maybe they couldn’t keep up the pace that they forged in August and September.

In the end, they made too many errors and didn’t take advantage of any of the opportunities they were given. Maybe they were tired, injured, beat down from having to battle back from second place for most of the season. Maybe one beat writer was right in that this team didn’t have the same feel as the teams of years past. Maybe the weight of being the overdogs had some effect, or maybe it didn’t. Maybe they just got beat by a team who saw the breaks go their way.

All that is into the ether now, as we make like bad sports talk radio guys in trying to breakdown he season in a hopeless attempt to make sense of the season that never was. But now, here we are, relegated to asking what ifs and how comes and speculating on the offseason as we eagerly await 2011, where we once again pin our hopes on 25 guys who we’ve never met, will likely never meet, but somehow have such a profound impact on our lives.

All that in being a fan.

  • Jon

    Classy as always, Dash.

  • TD

    dash this was fucking stupid baseball’s fucking gay anyway

  • Chuck

    Nice piece.

  • Nino Espinosa

    Eagles and flyers and obviously the sixers are all going to suck the rest of this winter. I cant take this. Time to take down the phillies flag from the house and hibernate. Even Howard and Utley on “Sunny” will likely piss me off.
    I am not even happy about thinking about spring training (yet).
    I still have visions of those beady too close together eyes and glarley shoe polish bearded freak throwing that last pitch that I could have made contact with….

  • J.J. Gittes

    Driving to work today, I had the same feeling: How did this happen? They were so good? How does the team that sweeps the Braves in the penultimate week of the season, the team that sweeps Cincy in the first round, lose, especially like this? That’s baseball. I tip my cap to the Giants. They played well, they deserved to win. But man… What happened?

  • Jdashdog

    The saddest thing in life is wasted talent

  • Tyson

    Great article to wrap it all up, Dash, and thanks for the great coverage all year long.

    I think you hit it on the head when you said this is the best Phillies team we’ve ever seen. You’re probably right. The core is only getting older and less productive, and the important pieces like Werth will be gone.

    Our only hope is to fill the gaping whole he’ll leave. Who knows, maybe Dom Brown will surprise us all next year. Could 20 HR, 80 RBI be out of the question for him?

    Looking forward to what the offseason brings, and come April, we’ll all be ready to do it again. With Cliff Lee back in the rotation.

  • Sweet Dee

    Heartbreaking yet up-lifiting. A great lookback and close to the season.

  • bigmyc

    From this man’s vantage point, I can honestly say that this didn’t sting very much. Disappointing, of course. But this stunned silence concept is one I can’t subscribe to.

    Much like last year’s exit, this one had a certain imminence to it. The Phillies clearly dominated the NLDS but solely on the strength of their arms and a little of what was left of that ’08 mojo (needed for game 2).

    The idea was that with stronger pitching from the opposition and continued sputterance from the Fightins, this series could present some problems. Well, I didn’t think that would be a problem. I thought Howard would finally come around and take Utley with him. Didn’t exactly play out that way.

    So, I was prepared for the inevitable.

  • Pedro

    I hope Ryan really figures things out over the off season, we need him next year.

  • Mookey

    Nice Dash

  • Farts McPoop

    This may have been the best Phillies team that was ever assembled, but they certainly weren’t the most compelling. They were very streaky and although they were hit by many injuries, they really didn’t show up in the end. They got outhustled, outpitched, and outplayed by a well-managed Giants team. I hate to shit on Charlie because I do like him, but when he is faced with tough decisions, I really think he comes up short at times. It is easy to manage when your team is crushing the ball, but it gets tougher when the hits aren’t coming and he struggles to make the right adjustments. Overall, a very good team that really should be playing for a title if they would have showed as much heart as the Giants.

  • diptronics

    Well put Dash.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained all season boys, catch ya next year.

  • Shitty McPuketank


  • Eric

    The next person that mentions platooning Ibanez should be pistol whipped. He had the second highest batting average on the team in the playoffs (not an impressive feat for sure). The guy is our 7 hole hitter. And sure, maybe he makes too much money, but he still gets streaky and does big things for us during the season. You guys make scapegoats out of the wrong players, its incredible.

  • Longtime Braves fan

    Welcome to my life.

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Mudville – mighty Casey has struck out.

  • LanceParrish

    I don’t think anyone is making Ibanez into a scapegoat. He is too old to be out there, esp with the kind of money he is going to be making this upcoming season.

  • James Fayleez


    Bring on the pistol.

    Ibanez was BRUTAL this season. I want more Dom Brown in the outfield/lineup. I’d rather have someone on the way up then someone on the way down. And who knows, if the platoon deal works, then maybe you can snooker someone into taking him at half-salray while we pick up the rest.

    Aside from that – the entire right side on the infield was brutal as well. Now we can’t even count on Utley/Howard to cleanly field ground balls?

  • The Worst Phan

    What a tough loss. EFF.

  • Eric

    The entire team was brutal most of the year. Ibanez isn’t supposed to be the one guy carrying the team. He contributes at times, like the rest of them do. If the first 6 hitters were doing their job, it would minimize Ibanez’s impact. If we’re worrying about production out of the 7 hole, we were lucky to even make the playoffs.

  • Bootsecks


  • Rich

    I’m still in a shocked trance. I feel like I was picked up by this car and taken into the woods and violently thrown out of it Saturday night. Now I’m just in the woods with nowhere to go and no clue what to do. The Eagles are mediocre, the Flyers are 4 months from anything meaningful, and lolSixers. Is it February yet?

  • World Outside

    Hey, Rich.

    Rember me? I’m that thing that you live in when you are not in your little enclosed world. The woods can also be your friend.

  • Bobby Payne

    Not really a prestige award but Polanco is a probable gold glove winner over at 3rd, which is nice, considering he’s also the best value of any of our players for cost to production.

  • George Brett

    Which one of you guys took my Tucks?

  • will.H

    Eric im going to have to disagree about Ibanez. Starting a guy who’s almost 40 every single day for 162 is pushing it. Maybe not a platoon, but when you face a hard throwing lefty who eats up left handed batters.. give Benny a start. It’s not unheard of to give Raul some days off so he can stay fresh for a stretch run. These guys looked exhausted… mainly Raul who was invisible during the LCS until the last game. An 8th inning double is a perfect time (in my mind) to use a pinch runner/defensive replacement. It worked when Pat was on the roster.. how much better is Ibanez? I like the guy.. but he needs to ride the pine a little more in my opinion.

  • Brian

    Well written post

  • Nino Espinosa

    @ Eric
    I too am far from trying to scapegoat Ibanez. To me, no one is a scapegoat as this was a great team that just did not seem to have the eye of the tiger this year. SF had it, we did not. We looked tired, old and lacking discipline at the plate and in the field.
    I just think Ibanez is getting older and has lost much of his edge. He can still do it occasionally, but he is not the same guy as his first season here…not even close.
    Someone is going to platoon next year in some fashion and Ibanez should be part of that bunch with his below mediocre performance this year. Who cares if he hits 7th or 8th if he is the weakest link. He flailed at lefties with the best of em this year, and vanished for about 3/4 of this season.
    As far as pistol whipping goes…save it for those who want to get rid of Howard and Utley and Rollins…that would be stupid.

  • James Anthony Happ

    Any chance I could end up back in Philly? Trade Sloppy Joe and make room for me!

  • bigmyc

    Really, the entire lineup should take the horns for that monstronsity they offered. Polly is probably the guy who gets the least amount of fire. Howard’s .300+ was probably the most hollow in any recent playoff series. Utley; showed flashes but they quickly simmered to embers and then out.

    Where did Chooch’s offensive prowess suddenly go? I guess he’ll get lattitude because of his effectiveness behind the plate, but everyone else had a major finger in the pie of offensive ineptitude.

  • beelove

    attaboy dash. bring it on home.

  • Ryan Howard

    Don’t get me to the plate boys

  • TomasPerez

    Look on the bright side, imagine being any other fan the past 3 years. especially nl east. phils have had the most success

  • Kenny Junod

    What sucks this was the year to do it & they came up small. The other powerhouses like NYY & Redsox are just going to get better this offseason.

  • Wayne

    Good piece.

    I have to agree with the Overdog statement. Whether it was Utley’s glove or Chooch’s bat being gripped too tightly, I felt there was an increased *expectation* in the minds of the team, whereas we’ll be watching two teams battle it out that appear much more positioned like our 2008 squad, with nothing to lose and a dose of magic.

    If I ever get to see a Phils roster stronger than 2010’s, I will be elated. This team was a great team that gave us a tremendous season, despite the injuries and our binoculars being taken away.

    The NLCS was 6 of the most brutally painful games I’ve seen in my 34 years as a Phils fan–even the wins. Lotsa hindsight skippering going on in our minds still, but I’m slowly reaching closure that this is what happens when teams put good pitchers on the mound. Runs are hard-earned, can come through quirky plays, and games are tight. Just like Lidge’s ’08 season, everything had to go perfect for the Phils to win the WS. Didn’t happen that way in ’09 or ’10. Plain and simple.

    Werth’s imminent departure and some expiring contracts will bring some re-tooling, but let’s all chill the eff out with calls for anyone’s head at this point, esp. if their AVG’s were among the top through the playoffs. Each player did more than less to get us to the NLCS again, and these are the Fightins. The FIGHTINS.


  • Jerry Manuel

    Hey, Cholly, maybe I’m just what you need? I used to run a little. Isn’t Lopes bailin’ out?

  • runners in scoring position

    I guess that old adage is right and Bon Jovi is wrong. You really can’t go home.


  • Wayne

    Edit: I’d like to exclude Baez, Dobbs, and Chollie’s PH decisions in the playoffs from my above Spadaro levels of praise.

  • jimmy

    Stop bringing up Cliff Lee returning to the Phillies.

    1. the yanks will offer C.C. type money/longevity
    2. Texas will be the team he wins a world series with – strong liklihood of resigning
    3. The Phillies have bigger needs than starting pitching

  • Tim F.

    Nice article. Not to harp on the negative, but I can’t move on just yet. My biggest two beefs with Saturday’s loss:

    1. Bottom of the Sixth. Ibanez doubles to lead off the inning. With a guy on second and nobody out, and keeping in mind we are not a small ball team, we decide to sacrifice bunt with our only clutch hitter so the runner can be moved to third. In other words, we sacrifice an out, an greatly decrease the odds of the kind of big inning that our success is built on, to enable a pinch hitter in the pitcher’s spot to bat with a man on third and one out. This becomes an even worse decision when you consider the fact thatthe Phillies have to have set the major league record this season for striking out with a man on third and one out; a situation in which the only unforgivable sin is striking out. You put the ball in play and a run will likely score. We struck out in that spot ALL SEASON. So what happens, Francisco promptly strikes out and Rollins (you’ll never guess) pops out. We had to let Ruiz swing there.

    2. Rollins has to score from first on a two out double. I’ve heard the excuses: 1. Bum leg; and 2. Perfect hop off the wall. I’ll address them in turn: 1. His leg was healthy enough to steal a bag in Game Four which is the most phsyical stress the game of baseball can put on that particular body part; and 2. Bullshit. With two outs Rollins is getting a good lead; especially considering the fact that you usually get a bigger lead when you’re NOT stealing because you’re only focus is getting back to the bag in the event of a pick off attempt and you don’t have to concern your self with getting a good jump. Again, with two outs, and being a speedy runner, his secondary lead once the pitch was thrown should have carried him pretty close to half way between first and second. With two outs the second the ball hits the bat he is gone. When that ball lands he has to be around second and opn his way to third. By the time the throw gets off he should be rounding third. None of the camera angles showed his jump from first. It HAD to be terrible. Huge play in that game.

  • chen

    Classy, Dash, well done.

    @ 2, Fuck you, TD, go rape your mother.

  • will.H

    Tim F.

    1. fans screamed and cried when Charlie did the exact opposite after a leadoff double in San Fran. They yelled bunt, waaah, bunt. Both schools of thought are correct.. they’re only wrong when they don’t work out. A pinch hitter and leadoff hitter need to bring that run in by a simple contact play.. but they didn’t. You take a chance with 3 batters trying to get a basehit, or just 2 of them to make decent contact.

    2. The ball was hit as hard as you could possibly hit it and it bounced off the wall ever so nicely into Torres’ glove. The ball was being relayed before Rollins even touched third. No player in the history of baseball could score on that ball. I wanted him to score as much you did.

  • Tim F.


    1. Nevertheless, it was the wrong choice in this instance.

    2. I disagree. Watch the replay and see where Howard was as Rollins rounded third. There is no way Howard should have made up that much ground on Rollins.

  • halfofJJ

    I don’t think this was the best we had to offer, honestly. We need some shuffling in the offense. We still have the best starting line-up in pitching. We still have a very solid bull-pen.

    We have half a year to heal all the injuries, work on all the mistakes that happened this year and then move forward with our chins up.

    I’m sorry, but right around May-June-July, I was wondering if we’d even make it to the postseason, that’s how BAD the offense was. With an offense like that, it was all up to the pitching to get us where we were. Look at the Reds games. We were lucky in game 2. Game 1 and 3 were won by the pitchers which continued to do an awesome job even against the Giants.

    We need a good solid offense. And we need time to figure that out.

    Just like losing unpredictably to a Gaints team is baseball, let’s not forget, baseball isn’t just about making it to the World Series every year. We all had our share of fun throughout the season and we’ll have more soon.

    For now, I’m gonna cheer for the Rangers and wait for the next year – my loyalty intact!


  • Tim

    That Game 6 hurt a bit, but here’s what got me through it all: Phillies since 2007: 371-277, 4 division titles, 2 pennants, 1 World F. Championship. We’re living in the golden age of Phillies fandom, and I’m enjoying the hell out of this ride. It sucked losing to the Giants this year, because we were the better team, but if the better team won all the time, baseball would be a pretty boring sport.

  • NickFromGermantown

    Thank goodness the Phillies won in 2008. Since then I haven’t been able to get overly down about stuff like this. I found the 2003 NFC Championship Game infuriating. The 2004 Super Bowl was not as bad, but it was still pretty bad. 2008 was a game-changer though. When the Eagles lost in the 2008 NFC Championship Game, I was actually happy that they had made a game of it and I was strangely okay with the outcome. I realized they shouldn’t really have been there. When the Phillies lost last year, I was sadder about that since I think they could have won, but the flaws of the team finally played a deciding factor. When the Flyers lost last year, I was sad, but at the same time they really exceeded expectations given their season.

    To be honest, the Phillies this year have given me a familar feeling now that I think about it. I haven’t felt this way since the Eagles lost to the Buccaneers in the 2002 NFC Championship Game. Not mad. Not angry. Just shell-shocked and sad. This was SUPPOSED to be our year of all the ones we have had so far. Just goes to show that even though this may be the best Phillies team ever, our expectation of having a parade a year from now could be just as likely as it was the past 4 years. All you need is a ticket to the dance. What you do with it from there is a totally different matter altogether.

  • DBloc

    How does a “brutal” team win 97 ballgames???

    They will have the best 1-2-3 punch into next year and I’m sure Ruben will sure up the bullpen/bench. Stop being whiney little bitches. Would you rather go into next season with the hope that maybe Desi Relaford could develop himself into a solid everyday shortstop??

    I’m pissed as hell they lost. I want Francisco off this team for that brutal at bat but don’t be an idiot and call this team “brutal”

  • mad Dog

    brutal my ass….this team will be a top 5 team again next yr….as Phils fans , that’s all u can ask for going in – have a chance!

  • Greenman!

    aw looks like the Yankees “classy” fans may have pissed off Cliff Lee’s wife. I thought they were so high above us. I’m looking at you Swisher.

  • kirk g

    couple things.

    1. i know howard is the big man out there, but 2 on vs. a lefty, get the runners over. give up yourself for the benefit of the team.

    2. i didn’t mind bunting with chooch. i might have pinch-run with brown or fransisco and let gload bat.

    3. i would rather see j-roll thrown out by 10 feet with 2 outs then left at 3rd. ridiculous. you’ve gotta be thinking anything in the gap that you’re going.

    4. i was at the game and utley/howard looked disinterested.

  • bigmyc

    Did they really? Man, those cro-mags are dopes.

    What a bunch of ass nugget monkeys. To treat someone like that over a game. A damn baseball game….I really hope Clifford takes this into consideration. I don’t know how much some epithets and spittle could sway someone from the large payday but it’s not like another team won’t throw a bunch of money at him either.

  • mad Dog

    Oh No They Didn’t!!!!

  • Bozo

    Great write up Dash.

    Ibanez haters can go away, Phillies aren’t in the playoffs if he doesn’t get hot and go on that 17-game hitting streak.

  • Offseason Guy

    Now lets get to the best part of the season…THE OFFSEASON.

    We’re gonna totally kick ass this offseason. I’m predicting a victory parade come the end of March. Looking forward to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during the cat-nights of January.

    Ahh, it’s here. Finally. The Offseason. Who’s with me???

  • IMO

    Too many instances where the situation called for working the count just to try and get on base, like down by 1 run in this series (Ross G in) game 6, Jimmy and Shane all the time, all season, first or second pitch pop-up’s…. hard to watch all year long. Not being respectful of the game situation pisses off the baseball god’s…….

  • Raul’s Big Tobacco Cheek

    I hope I don’t get traded. I know I can contribute again next year.

  • Raul’s Big Tobacco Cheek

    Wait a minute. I have a no trade clause. i forgot about that.

  • The Mighty Giants

    HELLO FIGHTINS, we kicked your booty’s can’t wait for the rematch next year.

    ~ Don’t forget to root for the Giants bwahahah ;-(

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Only a Giants fan would say booty’s. Actually the proper usage would be booties since it’s a plural and not a possessive. Rangers in 5.

  • mad Dog

    Looks like the Phils declined the option on Romero…………It’s Ol’ Dirty time for 11′!!

  • Greenman!

    I’ll watch project runway before I root for the Giants.

  • Mike Zagurski

    You got room on the roster for me now guys???

  • IncBomb

    Carnac prediction:

    “watching project runway before I root for the Giants”

    “What the average San Franciscan will be saying on Weds night”

  • Chuck


    Project Runway isn’t so bad with Heidi Klum. What did Fred Flintstone say?….va va va voom!!!

  • Chuck

    -Project Runway
    -Orange Pom-Poms
    -Cody Ross’ gay-ass voice
    -The City of San Francisco

    See a common theme here?

  • Bobby D

    See ya Juan Carlos.

  • Bobby Payne

    We can finally close a chapter of our lives, ladies and gentlemen: As of 2011, we are no longer on the hook for the salaries of Adam Eaton and Geoff Jenkins.

  • Chuck


    Knowing that, I can sleep tonight.

  • Nikita

    “I’ll watch project runway before I root for the Giants.”

    Aren’t they both the same thing?
    Tim Gunn says: MAKE IT WORK Vagiants… (Tim always feels incorrect after verbalizing lady parts.)

  • Captain Awesome

    So wait, is this blog going into hibernation mode?

  • AFN

    I honestly think a lot of these guys really didn’t care either way. They played, they were out there, but they didn’t feel an immense desire or NEED to win.

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    I’m guessing that in terms of dollars, Adam Eaton + Geoff Jenkins<Jayson Werth?
    Considering that, plus the fact that J-Roll and Ibanez are likely off the payroll in 2012 I'm having a really tough time understanding why we can't afford him. Structure a deal where he takes a little less in '11 and gets paid more starting in '12. It ain't rocket science.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    How would we like to have a left fielder next year who over the course of 162 games has stats like these?

    Runs: 88
    Hits: 184
    2B: 44
    3B: 4
    HR: 22
    RBI: 99
    BA: .295

    Not too shabby. Right?

    Well average out Raul’s stats from July 4th, 2010 to the end of the reg. season and that’s what he would have had.

    If he is over the effects of the hernia and I would think he is, a good offseason of conditioning should produce a decent 2011 especially if he is looking for another contract.

    Oh yeah and the 2009 stats before the hernia if you’re interested.

    Games: 83
    Runs: 64
    Hits: 99
    2B: 23
    3B: 2
    HR: 26
    RBI: 75

    Pretty damn good when the guy isn’t playing with a hernia.

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    On a side note, anybody read about this bullshit:

    MLB talking about expanding the playoffs (making Division Series 7 games or letting more teams in the post season). That is just stupid.

    The post-season is long enough as it is. Do we really want baseball to be like the NHL where the playoffs take FOREVER? Where more than half the teams in the league make it into the playoffs? That’s the worst idea ever. One of the things that makes baseball the most satisfying sport to watch is that it takes so much to make it to the playoffs – you don’t have to worry about some middle of the pack team getting streaking in the playoffs and winning it all. If a team is in the playoffs, they earned it.

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    People always talk about how the ’94 strike damaged baseball’s reputation. I could live with a 7-game division series, I suppose, but expanding the number of teams that make the play-offs? That would be worse than the strike in terms of my opinion of the league.

  • Watrick

    I’d like them to keep it the way it is, but if greed is going to help make decisions, I hope it only seeps into the 7 game series idea. I like the short series long series format. Look at how well it worked for the Rangers and Rays series?

  • Bud Selig’s Statue

    I want to do everything in my power to give my beloved Brewers an chance to make the postseason. Even if they are a lousy sub .500 team.

  • Watrick

    Also, thanks for another season with the fightins dot com. Can’t wait to see how it changes for next year. I like the Larry FN Bowa posts, recaps, the photoshops of pitchers, and the screen captures of the strange things that happen during the telecasts.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I don’t like best of 5 series. Never have. Never will.

  • Frankfurt CSI

    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP)—Paul the Octopus, the tentacled tipster who fascinated soccer fans by predicting results at the World Cup, died Tuesday. Police suspect foulplay.
    Recently Paul had expanded his prognastication prowess by successfully picking the underdog San Francisco Giants to win the National League pennant over the favored Philadelphia Phillies.
    While there are no suspects police are interested in a man seen mulling about Paul’s tank acting suspiciously. The police are looking for a man captured on video wildly clapping and muttering “said”,”said”.

  • Eric

    74 – numbers lie! He sucks!

  • Bozo

    Again, Phillies are not in the playoffs without Raul Ibanez this year. He was scorching hot in the 2nd half and it was right around when Howard was hurt.

    Btw, the Brewers have a pretty damn good lineup. When they were here in Philadelphia I think they had a few good bullpen arms as well, do they have any really good started besides Gallardo(sp?) though?

  • Bozo


  • SherryW

    Shit, the team that we had in June never should have made it to October baseball. I’m thankful and amazed we had the best record this year. I wish things had been different, but I’m not really that horrified over this. Imagine what we can do next year if everyone is healthy and hits just a LITTLE better.

    Go Phils. SAID.

  • Greenman!

    Bozo the Brewers are screwed always, the Cardinals and Reds make a normal habit of stomping all over them. The Cubs even love destroying the Brewers some how, they love dominating Wrigley North as they call it I suppose. They basically need to hire a last minute ace to even have a shot at the playoffs. But yeah I think the line up is still pretty good. Braun and Fielder are really good but we’ll see how long they stick around in the often mispronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”

  • Davey Lopes

    So looking back at how 2010 played out does anyone think I might have been speaking the truth about Utyley’s knee? Sure he played a little better after he returned from the thumb injury but as the season progressed he definately seemed to have a problem playing ball. Why would I just throw it out there if it wasn’t true?

  • Davey Lopes

    *Utley’s knee* derp.

  • Show Me The Money!!!!!

    Arbitration Eligible:
    Andres Torres Ben Fransisco
    Mike Fontenot
    Ramon Ramirez
    Cody Ross
    Santiago Casilla
    Jonathan Sanchez

    Free Agents:
    Aubrey Huff
    Edgar Renteria Jayson Werth
    Juan Uribe
    Pat Burrell
    Jeremy Affeldt

  • Greenman!

    Lets all chuckle and sign Pat after he loses the world series and let him slowly run around in RF

  • http://huh? Arena

    how could something so terrible be so beautiful. it rips my heart out to read that, but those were the best words ive heard since the lost. thank you much, only a select few will ever understand what those words really man. Go Phillies!!

  • Philiminator

    Phillies Suck! fuck philly and you overrated fans!

  • http://huh? Arena

    almost started a internet fight with you philiminator, but ill just say if i was drinking and you said that to my face i would most definitely be introducing my fist to yours. fruitcake, get off a pro-phillies page if youre not pro-phillies. i hope your a giants fan whos still gloating about your win. youre gonna get trashed in the series. hope you enjoyed your luck while you had it. Go Phillies!!

    P.S. 100+ straight sellouts isnt overrated, youre outta your mind. i bet you queers in sanfran had a hard time selling out in september

  • i don’t like jokes

    did you guys read what boras had to say about ruben’s comments about werth? i think it sounds like jayson definitely wants to stay and boras knows it…they think philly is just being a cheapass because everyone knows they have sellout games&are making such a profit. whadu ya think?

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Philiminator… You make it down to Sarasota, Florida, and I’ll punch you in the fuckin teeth! Seriously, I’m not a big guy but I will kick your ass one day.
    Can’t you see it’s played out? It was only funny when I was doing it on talkinchop.
    Seriously, come fight me.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Also fuck you with your election frauds and your homeless problem. If only it could be 1906 again.

  • Mike Sweeney

    I still haven’t taken off my jersey… All I want is one more at-bat. MAYBE IF I FUCKING HAD ONE THIS SERIES I WOULD BE OK AND WE WOULD BE PLAYING FOR THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!

  • Mike Sweeney’s Locker

    Can someone please tell Mike to get his shit out of here. It needs to be emptied out to make room for some other stiff that won’t get any playing time.

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    Thanks for the read, Dash.

    Oh and 92 – go suck it. Or how about you go to your team’s non-existent fan page and talk to yourself, since we’re so overrated and have fans THAT CARE.

  • In Mike Sweeney’s Arms

    A wonderful place to be.

  • Charles Fuqua Manuel

    You know that Matt Diaz guy is a neighbor of mine.

  • Mike Sweeney’s Tears

    Phils would have won the series if Sweeney/gload playing 1st b & Valdez were playing everyday.

  • Pizza Bagel

    The “said…SAID!!” guy is making me feel a little bit better. Anybody know what he screams at the end? It sounds like “groin pain!”

  • mad Dog

    anyway we can trade Shane away for “true” leadoff guy…..and re-sign Werth…..that would make me happy :)

  • NJJim

    I’m surprised that we are all surprised. From mid-2009 on, the league pitching had caught on to the Phils’ hitting weaknesses: i.e., Rollns and Victorino forgot they are in the league to hit line drives and ground balls; Howard can only hit pitchers’ mistakes; Ibanez’ bat is too slow now to pull the ball; Utley invites the pitcher to get ahead in the count and then is not the threat he was…; Werth….etc.etc. When that is coupled with the team’s disdain of situational and contact hitting, the result is the Phils do not match up with any team with good to excellent pitching.

  • Steve Jeltz’s Jerry Curl Juices
  • Jayson Werth

    I’m gonna go bang Jeter’s girlfriend

  • Nick Swisher

    Yankees 27 Titles > Phillies 2


  • Greenman!

    You only won 2 against the Phillies so the other 25 don’t count Swisher. And that means we have the same amount of titles.

    /Yankees Fan’s Logic’d

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @I don’t like jokes: RAJ said unnec things to the press & Boras, kind of rightly, shot back. What kind of agent would he be if he didn’t? The sides always talk smack before they sit down. RAJ’s been talking smack all season – no money, etc. My guess – It’s prob in the best interest of the club to re-sign Werth & they both have their 1st compromises ready for the table. It prob won’t be one either will accept, but I guess we’ll see. In ST Werth did a couple interv’s saying he wanted to stay & he always thought he’d finish his career in Phila, so he never wanted to leave. He hired Boras b/c the FO refused to speak to his old agent. Chutley’s his best bud, his wife is bf’s w/Chutley’s wife & his kids are bit older & prob don’t want to move. Werth’s also said a “big market team” is out, which in most ppl’s heads is Yankees, Mets, & maybe the Angels. That narrows the field & means it isn’t just the money.

    Eaton, Jenkins, Romero & prob Moyer are off the books & there will be others. Come on, a compromise is do-able.

    I’m dead sure part of the negativity is that RAJ & Boras don’t like ea other, but they know they need to respect the other’s job (truth is anyone in the same position would hire Boras). They have to continue to work w/ea other b/c Boras is Madsen’s & Brown’s agent too.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @Greenman: #109 Made my day. HA!

  • Nick Swisher

    wow….philly fans are dumber than i thought bwwwaaahahahaha

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Is Swisher allowed to use SAID? Seems like sacrilege to me.

  • Bozo

    Eh, I thought Ruben’s comments about Werth were pretty fair. Werth got off to the torrid start then kind of sucked for 2 months. He could easily have 120-130RBI if he didn’t slump so horribly. That’s not to say I don’t want him back, cause I do.

    Btw, you idiots begging for a “true” lead off hitter, go back to the first week of the season when Rollins was on base pretty much every other at-bat then how Polanco moved him over/got a hit/1st-3rd/whatever. Then the injuries came and pretty much brought that to a screaming halt. I’m glad the coaches and front office probably recognize this and none of you are managing the Phillies.

  • chen

    I am so goddamn sick of hearing about the 27 titles!!! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! WE DON’T CARE!!!

  • mad Dog

    @114……speaking of idiots. So Rollins got on the first week of the season. Are you freakin kiddin me…I’m not saying we can’t win with him leading off, because we can and did, but he’s aging….if you can’t see that you’re effin blind.

    He had a .296 OBP last year….. .320 this yr ugghhhhh

  • Tom Gordon

    This team needs more Tom Gordon.

  • Bozo

    I’ve rarely seen you on here mad Dog and maybe you missed the part saying “Then the injuries came and pretty much brought that to a screaming halt.” If you seriously want to give up on a former MVP/All-Star then you’re a jackass. I’m sure you will probably reply to his “bad” 2009 but his 2nd half of ’09 was really fucking good and he still finished that season with around 70 extra basehits.

  • Greenman!

    well you know how it goes guys, if we trade Rollins he will go to another team and bat .700 against us and steal 3 bags every game.

  • b12

    It kind of seemed to me more that Boras was trying to hype of Werth’s worth (heh) in a PR way. I don’t really read it as saying that Werth really wants to stay in Philly. In fact, in his press conferences he basically said, “Philly is one of the cities I’ll consider.” Oh. I’m so flattered.

    On the other hand his family did just build a house in the Philly area.

  • Bozo

    There’s just going to be this back and forth between the Phillies and Werth till somethinig happens, the media has been asking the same questions over and over. Their politically correct answers and nothing more. That could easily mean that he wants to stay with the Phillies but he’s also leaving the door open should they not get a contract worked out.

  • Bozo


  • http://huh? Arena

    114 i think you hit the nail right on the head. 116, age doesnt mean as much in baseball as it does in football. how about jeter turning 36 this year? or jamie leading the team in wins for most of last year at 112 years young? i think that baseball is more about the individual rather than his age. anyway, back to 114, i think if we can stay healthy like we did in 08 well set the major league record for wins next year. i dont say that in spite, i say that bc i seriously feel we have a very special group of guys right now. i said the same thing before this season, and that was before we had little roy. i mean look at what we did this year and how banged up we were. man if we can get everyone on the same page, well be very dangerous. the rest of the mlb knows who the team to beat in the NL is and who the team to beat in the AL is. oh yeah, how about CC getting knee surgery? just thought id throw that out there : )

    P.S.- RESIGN JAYSON!! and in a dream world, quit being penny pinchers and try to get cliff back. make the yankees take a back seat to us! X )

  • jimmy

    breaking news: Nick Swisher’s vag is all sandy.

  • Steve Jeltz’s Jerry Curl Juices

    I wish the big piece would have kept his nose on the ball

  • Greenman!

    I guess Mike Sweeney and Roy Halladay just aren’t allowed to win. Maybe thats why we lost, the MLB has declared no championships for them.

  • Greenman!

    Also Brian Wilson has a leather fetish, I’m surprised Fightins hasn’t commented on it yet

  • Bobby D

    Brian Wilson is going as The Gimp from Pulp Fiction for Haloween. Complete with a baseball gag.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @Arena: Cliffee’s quote this wk re: the Phillies: “It’s weird, when a team gets rid of you, you kind of want them to lose.” I don’t think HE WANTS TO COME BACK. Uh, maybe move on.

    @Bozo: My point wasn’t whether or not RAJ’s comments re: Werth were legitimately warranted, it’s that as GM dealing w/press he should have the discretion & class to not say these things about a player you CLAIM you “want to keep”. Save those statements for his agent at the table. That’s all. He was classless & wrong, flatout.

    @b12: RAJ is surely playing like he has Werth over a barrel w/the house, etc. But I doubt that a guy like him who tends to be a smug type, would come out swinging like that if he didn’t think he had to. — And it’s a matter of opinion whether or not Boras was “hyping” Werth’s worth to the press. I don’t think so. Frankly, I’d like to see where the team would’ve been w/o him through late Aug, Sept, & the playoffs. Only 2 series during that time in which he did not hit: the Marlin series in Florida (for some bizarre unknown reason he never hits them), & the 3 NLDS games w/the Reds when he walked a number of times, had a sac fly w/an RBI & was effective on def.

  • Bozo

    Ruben saying he wants to keep Werth to the media prevents the media and fanbase from screaming if things don’t work out.

  • mad Dog

    @118 –

    Give up? who’s giving up on him moron. I just said move him down in the lineup, or didn’t you read that part dickface? You are telling me that J-roll is a good leadoff guy? ha! whos give a fuck about 2007 when the 2011 starts. Should we sign effin Barry Bonds because he had a decent 2007

  • BIX88

    Phillies Game Plan for 2011.

    Trade Howard for an 18th round pick.

    Resign Werth.

    Release Ibanez.

    Let Brown start.

    Sign Adrian Gonzales.

    Win World Series.

  • Greenman!

    Go go! Texassss Rangers! Mighty morphin Texas Rangers!… Sorry that’s all I can think of today when I’ve been reading “go rangers”…

  • Bozo

    Anyone else have MLB 10 and have a really hard time locating pitches when playing vs the computer?

  • Werth’s Beard (Knows All)

    @ Bozo

    I can locate my pitches pretty well in MLB 10. Occasionally, I find that the pitcher is struggling for control, and sometimes I have to compensate by either tapping the button early or late. Sometimes there’s just a pitch that hangs and the computer punishes you by smacking a HR. Just be really deliberate in your positioning and timing and if the cursor disappears, step off the mound and do it over.

    You may have problems with pitching, but I find hitting to be the hardest part of that GD game!!!

  • Bozo

    I pitch pretty well online but for whatever reason it’s harder vs the CPU. I’ll try the step off thing.

  • http://huh? Arena

    129, i dont expect well get cliff back. thats why i said “in a dream world.” i was just making a hypothetical funny, nothing more nothing less. forget about not wanting to be here, wed never shell out the money to get him here. and as far as letting go, im not one of those “we should have kept cliff lee and picked up doc!” guys. more than happy with our rotation how it is and definitely happy that we have these guys under contract

  • http://huh? Arena

    @ bozo and werths beard. that game is great, i too find pitching to be hard and i think werths beard said it well “by either tapping the button early or late.” hitting on the other hand was so hard for me at first, but than after a while i got more comfortable and started killing the ball. all of this that im talking about is in franchise/dynasty mode by the way, playing on level 2/5. (equivalent to pro in madden, the standard difficulty setting) but anyway, what helped me the most was using the guess pitch to my advantage. for example, im down 0 2 in a count and the pitcher has confidence in his curve, ill guess the curve down low. after that, if dont guess them both right, and for example, i only guess the pitch right, ill look for the curve outside. very rarely do they give you that inside breaking pitch, if you know what i mean. if i get the location right than im lookin for the change up or the fastball (which is a so tough to adjust to, its like real life lol!). and than if you dont get either right you know theyre most likely not gonna be hanging the change up in the zone, so look i look for the fastball. obviously theres so many different circumstances and all that its kind of hard to explain via keyboard. hope you guys can follow what im saying

  • i don’t like jokes

    lets all have a moment of silence for first pitch…

    fuck i wish luck would’ve been a little more on our side….we played like complete shit and almost beat them. arggggh. ok go rangers…go cliff lee…go get your ring buddy.

  • Moose

    I’m watching the World Series andI feel so dirty. Hopefully Cliff gets his ring and realizes he wants to win won with Philly and signs a cheap deal

  • Keegan

    It still hasn’t quite hit me that this time the last two years we were watching our team, and this year with [arguably, of course] the most talented team of the past three, we’re at home watching someone else…

  • Watrick

    Watching Vlad Guerrero in the first inning at plate, I was reminded of days past in the Big O in Montreal and facing the Expos. Man, is he still entertaining to watch. And it looks like he still has a gun.

  • FanSince09 now Former Fan

    Phillies should of kept CLIFF LEE!!!

  • will.H

    i still think the Giants are fucking garbage. edger renteria.. juan uribe.. cody ross? These are the guys who beat the phils. That’s baseball. C’mon Rangers, fucking sweep ’em

  • shipsass

    I wish I could quit you, Baseball!

  • The Cat in the Phillies hat

    I will not watch it in my house

    I will not watch it with my mouse

    The Series only brings me pain. The series only brings me rain.

    I have no care to view and share. I have no care to sit and stare.

    The games this year are played for thee. the games this year are not for me.

    No I will not watch them in my bar I will not listen in my car.

    My baseball season is now at end. No balls no bats no games with friends.

    I’m sure that some from far and near will find it keen will stand and cheer.

    But those emotions I leave to others to root on their team to win amongst brothers .

    My Phillies lost and play no more my heart is heavy mypassion torn,

    Winter’s nights and bitter winds offer only gloom and dread.

    But soon the buds of spring warms hearts and we are hope renewed

    And if you listen closely while the soft sprig breezes rustle You’ll hear the voice of Chally Fugua urge his charge to hustle. The day is new the season nigh a reclamation promise beats. A season fresh and steeled to carry promise to it’s city’s streets.

  • Cliff Lee

    Can I come back guys?

  • Watrick

    Well, Oswalt can play Left, can you play Right Field and bat Right? Oh, and want no money?

  • KruksLeftNut

    ^^ Interesting watching Dr. Seuss transmogrify into Lord Tennyson like that. Well done, thar.

    I will not watch it in my house

    I will not watch it with my MOUSE (great Fightins inference)

    No I will not watch them in my bar I will not listen in my car. (oh, for one more Franzke shout!)

    Winter’s nights and bitter winds offer only gloom and dread. (hackneyed and trite — boo)

    . . . and then you kinda lost me completely, frankly. But hey, I couldn’t do any better.

  • Cliff Lee

    I fucked up this game on purpose to lower my value Watrick

  • i don’t like jokes

    looks like he lost velocity on his fastball…he didnt have good stuff tonight. and i’m pretty sure the giants are stealing signs…molinas gotta pull a ruiz and switch it up a bit.

    +1 to the poem dr seuss

  • FanSince09 now Former Fan

    Lee still pitched better than Hammels did in the postseason.

  • Cliff Lee

    Guys who’s that Taliban looking guy in the other bullpen?

  • mudflap

    I’m still so upset I can’t watch the World Series. It’s kind of like when the Giants played the Cowboys on Mon. night.
    Is there any way both teams can lose?

  • Kenny Fuckn Powers

    Why are people even hating on Brian Wilson? Its not his fault Howard was scared to swing the bat….

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