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About last night: Dodgers 6, Phillies 4
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Can I write something about the game that this expression doesn’t already say? (h/t @BckwoodsPayback)

Ryan Howard squandered opportunities and killed a rally, and De Fratus got Puig’d on an 0-2 slider and that’s pretty much the end of that.

Lost in Zolecki’s recap was Greinke’s perfectly executed backhanded compliment to the Phillies’ aging core:

“I guess I didn’t face them much in their prime, but going over the game plan on them they still are really tough,” said Greinke.

We get it, dick. Hit the showers.

Also, Utley hit a go-ahead home run to right field but didn’t realize it until he was inches from home. It was pretty funny.


  • Bombinic

    Those bat boys are supplied by the home team right? Because he sure looks like a LA doober.

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