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A Greg Luzinski Beer Commercial From 1988
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bull miller lite

Using a little bit of online forensics, The Fightins has uncovered a 25 year old Miller Lite ad featuring our beloved Greg “The Bull” Luzinski hitting a golf ball to China, where it lands amidst a foursome of allegedly Chinese people  playing somewhere near the Great Wall (万里长城), reminding all of us that Miller Lite is available for purchase. Video after the jump:

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It also reminds us that for all the people who complain about our society becoming too concerned with political correctness, maybe there’s a reason that concern started in the first place. It’s not on the same level as Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but it’s only slightly more imaginative than a guy pulling on the corners of his eyes and yelling “Why you no buy Miller Rite!



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  • chilly

    oh come on, its only racist cause of the hat, right?

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